Now, the Turn of CPI MP to Shower Praises on Prime Minister Modi

published on June 18, 2014

In what seems to be a season of u-turns, the latest to have changed colours is the Communist Part of India, with its sole Lok Sabha MP CN Jayadevan praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the skies. The praises he showered were part of his speech, while inaugurating the remonstrations of government contractors at Trissur.
There is a general opinion that the best speech made in Parliament in 10 years was rendered by Modi. In fact, Modi can take the nation leaps and bounds ahead in the path of development if he is able to implement all that has been said. He does not talk of Kerala or Gujarat or Chennai model, but of his ‘Own Model’,” saod Jayadevan.
The MP also did not spare a chance to prick the UDF’s claims of having set up a model. “Kerala has now become a role model, when one talks of suicide and alcoholism. With the exception of Thomas Isaac, no other UDF finance minister has been able to contribute positively to the financial sector,” he added.

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