Nothing wrong with George! Everything wrong with Manmohan!

via B.R.HARAN published on August 19, 2007

“What should I apologize for? What I have said is that, the way our PM has spoken lies, had an American President done that he would have been removed and had it been China he would have been shot dead by a bullet. I stand by my statement”, said a rock solid George Fernandes when the Congress party demanded an apology from him for hurting the dignity, honor and respect of the Prime Minister by his statement. Talking of Dignity and Honor, we are compelled to introspect the conduct of our Prime Minister right from the day he was ‘chosen’ for the job.

After becoming Prime Minister, he had said that he was indebted to his Party President and thanked her for providing him with an opportunity to serve as PM. Then during the press conference after completing one full year in office, he said, “I will give 60% marks for my performance and for that performance, Soniaji has been my source of strength”. What a credible statement from such an experienced & qualified politician!

True to his statement, in the last three years, we have seen many instances, where in, things have happened without the knowledge & consent of Manmohan, and in many other instances he had remained as a silent spectator watching his cabinet colleagues both from his own party & the alliance parties, going ahead with their own agendas of governance. We have seen events like dismissals of Goa, Jarkhand & Bihar governments, attempts for a Muslim Head count in the armed forces, Minority status for AMU, Reservations for Muslims on religious grounds, IMDT Act in Assam, reservation for OBCs in elite institutions, ugly ‘Quattrocchi’ episode, infamous Volcker report episode, Office of Profit issue, etc. etc. by subverting the Constitution and abuse of power through Ministries of Law, External Affairs & Defense. He has not exercised his authority even once and he has never projected himself as a ‘decision maker’. The whole country knows that the office of the PM had lost its dignity, respect & honour, the day he was ‘chosen’ to head it and the day he said that Sonia was his source of strength. Notwithstanding his subordination to Sonia, he has always been bullied by the Left front on one side and the other allies like DMK, RJD, PMK & others on the other side. He could not have his prerogative even for the appointment of his own cabinet colleagues. His cabinet has been decorated with political novices, criminals & criminals’ spouses to the extent that a minister has been awarded life imprisonment for murder. 

In the aftermath of every terror attack, he had said “I strongly condemn this act of cowardice and we will not allow the terrorists to destabilize this country and the government cannot be cowed down by such terror attacks. I appeal to the people to stand united and defeat the communal designs of the terror elements”. The terror attacks are continuing and his statements too. Immediately after the Malegon blasts, while on board the flight to Havana, he had said, “The role of Hindu fundamentalists cannot be ruled out”, but finally ate humble pies when the involvement of Muslim militants was proved later. Then, after the (in)famous hand shake with Pakistan President Musharaf in Havana, he said, “Pakistan also being a victim of terrorism, we have agreed to have a joint terror mechanism”. Since then a few terror attacks have happened on our soil, but the so-called ‘joint-terror mechanism’ is not to be seen at all. Recently, he showcased his ‘humane’ side even towards the terrorists by saying “I lost my sleep after seeing the plight of Dr.Haneef’s mother & sister on the Television”. How insensitive! He had never lost his sleep on the plights of the families of terror victims, but he had lost sleep for the family of terror suspects.

While accepting the Doctorate from Cambridge University, he appreciated the British for their Rule over India, a remark no patriotic Indian could digest!

When the Volcker Report was made public, he gave a clean chit to Natwar Sngh only to find him out of the ministry within weeks. After the exit of Natwar, he was reduced to the level of a foreign minister and the nation had never felt the absence of a Prime Minister!


In course of the government’s minority appeasement policies, he said, “Muslims have the first claim on our resources and they will get priority in the getting loans from banks. The Madarasas will be modernized and special schools for girls will be started in Muslim dominated areas”. None of his predecessors have taken such bold initiatives!

Very recently, he had said, “The BJP wishes for my early death. They didn’t even believe that I would last as PM and some leaders even did ‘havans’ that I should die on a certain day”. How childish!

The recent statement of George Fernandes was not intended to hurt the Prime Minister, as projected by a section of the media, but to highlight the ‘false assertions’ the PM had repeatedly made in the floor of the parliament, ever since the negotiations for the N-deal started. It must be noted that after the completion of the negotiations, whenever our PM and his mandarins blew their trumpets, their music was evenly and more vociferously contradicted by the US authorities, which goes to show that our government has insulted our parliament & nation by telling lies, white lies & damned lies.

His conduct & comments in the last three years have showcased a weak, powerless and frustrated Prime Minister to the Nation. The financial wizard, who had earned name & fame through his brilliance, intelligence, professionalism & hard work in the last thirty years, had lost them in just three years for the sake of his party president, a foreign woman, by being her loyal subordinate. Mr.Manmohan has paid a heavy price for being the Prime Minister of this country. What a pity!

Talking of George Fernandes, he has has an impeccable track record of more than 40 years and he has been one of the very few honest & upright politicians of this country. Fernandes is considered as one of the best Defense Ministers of independent India and during the NDA regime Sonia and her Congressmen insulted him by boycotting him in the parliament for years on the never existent corrupt defense deals. Sonia had called Vajpai as “Gaddar” (Traitor) during the Kargil war and the congressmen had also insulted Vajpai & Adwani. The media, which is so concerned about the remarks of George Fernandes now, had never shown even an iota of courage or inclination to question Sonia and her party men then. Even now on the ugly ‘Q’ episode, which has put the entire nation on shame, the media doesn’t have the guts to question Sonia. While a section of the media is perturbed by the statement and writes editorials & columns condemning George Fernandes, the people of the country feel otherwise, as evidenced by an opinion poll conducted by a daily, where in, 82% of the people have opined that George’s statement is justified!

Therefore, there seems to be nothing wrong with George and everything wrong with Manmohan.

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