Nobel peace prize – an IGNOBLE recognition for fooling Indians.

published on October 13, 2014

On May 16th India voted to come out of the Autopilot mode and select the path of development. But there are still those .. who wish to remind her, put her back and showcase her as 3rd world country.

I got this feeling when a Christian Missionary “Mother Teresa” was awarded the NoBALL peace prize, for working for the poor in Calcutta

WHAT THE …. ???

The west loot , impoverish other countries, ensure they stay that way and then pop a Christian missionaries and award them for “Uplifting” the poor.

During the time when she says she got a “Call from Jesus”, there was a Huge famine in parts of Bengal (Present Bangladesh), but she chose India.

Aaahh Keep aside the above.

HER OWN BIRTH PLACE – Albania in the year 1940’s to 1950’s was stuck with Stalinist Communist rule, Agricultural uprising, needed aid from Yugoslavia, there were massive uprisings .. but she chose India, and India of all nations.

Look at the timings of these Noble Prize
1979 – Mother Teresa – for uplifting the poor? (Remember Congress failed elections badly)
1998 – Amartya Sen – for some welfare economics ?? (Remember Congress failed to form govt)
2014 – Kailash Satyarthi – for working against child labour?? (Congress decimated in 2014 elections)

I do not want to talk more on the failure called Amartya sen, the ECONOMIST who spent crores yet could only build up two storeys of Nalanda university. The welfare associate who sits in Air conditioned rooms n preaches “Welfare Economics”

But… hey hey .. lets welcome Kailash Satyarthi, the crusader of Child Labour who was striving for the Nobel prize ( Price?) for 6 Yrs. Just 5 quick points.

-There was a report of 455 Children rescued from a Train in Kerala which were otherwise meant for Muslim Orphanage’s (I am no ACT-TV-ist but my heart burned ) We didn’t hear so much as a Whisper from Satyarthi ? who but… prompt people to vote for AAP in the recent elections. Pretty neat! huh ?

-There is a Religious festival that forces Children to observe fast, OW … ok …ok …. (secularism … Hick) its meant for muslims, but what about NON MUSLIMS who were forced to fast in many schools
? Isn’t this Child torture? Doesn’t your heart cry out for those small children, Starving ?

-There are thousands of reports where children are abused in Muslim Orphanages and Chirstian “Home for children”, and this Nobel Prize claimer went behind some children who were working on manufacturing carpets? Hello ???

-There are scores of Reality shows in TV, which pressurise children to perform. Isn’t this just another sophisticated for of child labour ?

-What about Adult Labor in Inhumane condition ? We do not see much activism for the old who toil day and night for meagre wages , do we ? Looks like Child issues and Women issues are a good means of Marketing .

Yeah yeah, i am jealous for not getting Noble piece prize and ranting.

I lost faith in awards the moment a trash movie called “Slumdog millionaire” won awards.
I found it fishy when Medha Patkar, Arundathi Roy, Ar-WIND Kejriwal win awards.
I call it ignoble peace (or whatever) prize, awarded to select and predictable people.

Footnote :-
So can we expect another Nobel prize by 2019, maybe for Kejriwal / or Binayak Sen for “Uplifting” the naxals against the corrupt? Or perhaps Yasin Malik or Arundathi Suzanne Roy ? for “Welfare” of “Poor” and “Innocent” “Kashmiri-Indian-Peace loving-downtrodden –suppressed Muslims”?

Lets wait for the election results 😛

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