NCERT is tinkering with our education

via Dr. Babu Susheelan published on December 5, 2005

The United Progressive Alliance government at the Center headed by Italian born Catholic Antonio Maino and supported by Communist Party and Muslim League has taken several steps to change Indian education system. It is an attempt to indoctrinate young minds with Communist, Islamist, and pro-Christian values as a legitimate replacement for India‘s traditional Hindu values.


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in New Delhi dominated by Communists and Islamists are busy rewriting India history, interpreting cultural events and distorting independence movements.  Now NCERT is working around the clock introducing new syllabi in an attempt to brainwash young minds and malign India‘s traditional, life sustaining value-based education. In high school political and social science curriculum, NCERT is planning to introduce new economic policy,consumerism, and struggle for social status for Muslims and converted Christians, labor movements, alleged Hindu communalism, the Godhra and Ayodhya incidents. The purpose is to introduce Communist, Islamist values,and class struggle and present Jihadi terrorism as social protest movements. The proposition is to malign Hindus and to shape the thinking of young minds. They have a sinister motive and hidden agenda to remove Hindu values Communists and Islamist find uncomfortable.


Most Indians have no idea how anti-Indian the hard core Communist and Muslim NCERT members truly are.  The majority has never understood the agenda of the NCERT’S communist/Islamist alliance. The unholy nexus has always been directed to attacking all aspects of Indian life, including the undermining of our education, social life and tradition. Their attempt to tinker with educational curricula is an example of their naked hatred of our sacred society, heritage and citizens that functions within it. These contemptible people, hiding behind NCERT wants to misdirect students and seduce into acceptance of what otherwise would be abhorrent to the majority. NCERT packed with phony liberals and pseudo secular communist academicians has now taken a new role of doctoring the contents of prescribed schoolbooks. This is a sinister attempt to willingly fulfill their ideological needs in a more inexplicable and covert manner.


NCERT’S attempt is a calculated, blatant act in cold blood to distort or strip or embroider historical events and to stifle the truth. Rewriting school and college textbooks is to shift the foundations of Indian history to lend legitimacy to Islamic invasion and British colonialism.


Academicians and nationalist leaders have warned that NCERT plan to tinker with school curricula will produce spineless, luxury-loving, spiritless characters out of our schools and colleges. Instead of moral lessons,students are encouraged to participate in field trip to the market, “social living” and “commercial arts”. Students were never told little about our values, spiritual heritage or national heroes. Even the panchatantra,Hithoupadeshakatha, and nursery rhymes beloved by generations of children were pronounced too communal for children. NCERT and CBSE are deconstructing these traditional moral stories to neutralize its moral impact. NCERT’S psychological warfare experts are introducing subtle mind manipulation techniques to force students to turn its back upon India‘s national heroes.  Kindergarten and primary school textbooks are replacing Sri Krishna, Bhishma and Arjuna with three little pigs, and jack and Jill.


This is a deliberate attempt to capture young minds and to produce dull and apathetic, slob and lackluster students with no patriotism. The present pseudo secular government and Communist/Islamist academicians want to teach students that patriotism is absurd. It is a cunning strategy to abandon India‘s heritage and intellectual freedom and settle for slavery. The whole project of NCERT to rewrite history and adulterate school textbooks is shortsighted, dangerous and misleading.


It is time for the majority Hindus to join together and introduce to the children the wonderful, sharp-edged, glittering sword of national pride and patriotism. We have no alternatives. We have no time to spare. We have to preserve the land of ours-serene in the knowledge of our past.


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