National Shame – Army head forced to ‘apologise’ to Omar Abdullah

via Aron published on December 2, 2010

BJP should call for probe into Omar Abdullah’s government creating hindrances for the Indian Army and inquest of covert fostering of Seperatism

In yet another instalment of national shame, this Government of creeps have seemingly forced the Northern Command head of the Indian Army to apologise for criticising Omar Abdullah of Kashmir was never a part of India fame– to issue an apologise to this scion of subversive clan of Abdullahs.

True to the doctrine of Taqia and the various other ways of ‘striving for the supremacy of Islam’ such as Love Jihad, Omar is now taking on the Indian Army that stands in the way of the completion of his heart held belief- that Kashmir must secede from India since it was never a part of it- by arm twisting the Indian Army misusing his position as the Chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir and taking advantage the spineless Central Government which is a Hall of infamy.

After having placed all kinds of hurdles on the way of resettlement of Hindu-Sikh minorities, by successfully enabling the Separatists to have a free run of the State to recreate a Terroristan on heaven in the place of the paradise, which the father son duo accomplished, his Jihad is venturing to complete the mission statement.

Omar had been crying for the repeal of the Armed Forces Act and the withdrawal of the army and security Forces so that Pak sponsored Jihadis could take over Kashmir.

On November 29th the army units under northern Command ran into an ‘encounter’ or ambush, on the outskirts of Sri Nagar-which the Army Chief at Udhampur later in a Press release squarely blamed on Omar’s covert jihad- by having the army pressurised to remove the bunkers there.

The press release claimed that the encounter had taken place only because of removing of bunkers by the Omar Abdullah government, who was “compelled to give in” and that it could have “pleased a few hardliner separatists and their ISI handlers”.

Now this earlier Press Release, the pitiable state of Indian Army being forced to fight with its hands tied to its back, has been all set by the pressure from the creeps at New Delhi to be withdrawn.

As if this isn’t enough, the chickens who run the show in New Delhi who didn’t have the bones or spines to sack him for stating Kashmir was never a part of India, had asked the Northern Command to go in person and apologise to the Traitor.

This perhaps one of the most stunning national shame to be ever heaped on the world’s foremost professional Army and one of the last of two Pillars – the other being the Judiciary-left standing in the ruins of a valueless shibboleth that India has been turned to was a follow up on the whining of this foundling of high treason-

A letter that Omar dashed off to the PM complaining of ‘interference’ from the Army of his governments’ policies – which are plain enough to see are in lines of ‘Kashmir being never a part of India ‘ and towards such ends.

The Udhampur Army head had bluntly stated in the statement that the Government had forced the Army to retract and ‘requested not be published by media’ – that he had indeed been ‘compelled’ by the State government of Kashmir’s unhelpful policies and decisions “that could only have pleased a few hardliner separatists and their ISI handlers”.

Omar had further slandered the Indian army by accusing it in his complaint that the Army command was working at several levels and trying to create a fear psychosis in certain quarters that if Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) was revoked in few areas, the situation in the state would deteriorate.

The BJP should call for a calling attention motion in the Parliament immediately, demanding a full enquiry into the lay on the line under which the Army is placed to make vulnerable operations- by the Omar Abdullah regime and a free enquiry conducted by Indian security experts to assess the level of hurdles that Omar had been placing on the way of army’s duties of securing the integrity, peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir.

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