Namo Namah!

published on September 14, 2013

Sri Narendra Modi is now officially BJP candidate for Prime Minister and soon to be official Prime Minister elected by people of India.

He worships Shakti as Amba, May she, mother of all who gives energy to entire universe bless him, guide him and protect the nation and make the long suffering people prosperous and happy through out the world with renaissance starting wih India. As we go forward towards a goal, it is like marching towards horizon which keeps receding further and further as we march towards it. Once nation’s aspirations are fulfilled, focus may be shifted towards even higher goals . India never chose to be cloistered. Always sought to uplift peoples of other nations and the world in general. Hence well known exhortation by  Veda, Vasudaika Kutumbam-world as one family.
India has the potential strength to bring end to hunger and poverty not only to her children but to the world in general. Also another long neglected great asset is timeless civilization and culture, Sanatan Dharma that is preserved by people of India at a great sacrifice and cost. Once this was widely prevalent through out the world.
But  even now enemies of this civilization are sparing no effort to eradicate it further with encroachment into what is left of greater India which not too long back extended from Attock to Cuttock and Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Attock is lost, so is Kashmir to Indian civilization and culture.
Despite such setbacks we are the last people on earth to complain over this loss had the lost parts despite blood spilled to achieve separation made progress, achieved decent life for themselves and made peace with others.Sardar Patel said on eve of partition, “let each, India and Pakistan, develop according to their own genius” Well he meant it differently,  but his words did become true. While India almost made it to world stage as foremost in information, satellite and other technologies and is still regarded, respected for her civilizational qualities, Pakistan also developed according to its genius which was seen in riots, bloodshed and molestations that preceded its formation. And they still continue with in Pakistan as well as exported  out from New York to Mumbai.
Pakistan however is successful in  its main purpose for its formation as designed by departing colonialists, which was to keep India down. And it is doing this with cooperation from Indian side which still extends unilateral most favored nation treatment, a Nelson’s eye towards its depredations , repeated attacks and proxy war through out India. Its AK47s have turned up even in Mujaffarnagar, UP. Its strategy of making India bleed through thousand cuts is palpably obvious.
But Indis need not accept such a situation nor any Indian leader see no alternative other than keep talking to its Prime Minister.
Unless consciously a choice was made to keep India always down in accordance  with Pakistan’s wishes and  there are many in India who want India to go along with Pakistan in this regard, there is no reason for India not to look beyond Pakistan, beyond the period when it ceases to exist.
In this regard example of United States vs USSR holds good. Writing in Foreign affaris Journal in 1948 , US diplomat and historian George F Kennan wrote about Soviet Union with which together as allies US fought II world war. Yet Soviet Union was perceived as challenge to US and Mr Kennan advocated a policy of ‘increasing pressures on USSR until it breaks up’.  Every thing was used against USSR including what appeared harmless Helsinki accords about human rights. And decades later USSR broke without a single shot fired at it by US.
The reason Pakistan survived even this long is due to indulgence shown to it by successive Indian leaders from day one  instead of putting it under pressure. For instance as promised, one of the very first act of Mohammad Ali Jinnah was to invade Kashmir. Soon Pakistan was running out of ammunition. Indian army was giving a good account of itself. So weapons and ammunitions by train loads were being sent to Rawalpindi from New Delhi. And even this failed when it appeared Indian troops were going to get entire Kashmir free of invaders, another life line was thrown to Pakistan in the form of ceasefire. So it continues to date to keep Pakistan safe. With an enemy like India, Pakistan does not need friends.  And India got in return 26/11, attack on Parliament and so on. So It is high time that there should be change in policy towards Pakistan.
There is no reason for India’s first Hindu Nationalist Prime Minister to continue to follow same failed appeasement policy towards Pakistan which is a hurdle in the path of progress and development of India. More over without an entity called Pakistan acting as  mill stone around the necks of people who inhabit the area, truly, an end to it will be liberation for them as well.
In domestic arena as well  the new Prime Minister  to be should not give himself to typical soft approach of victorious Hindu. There are big time thieves who carted away tons of money, Indian Rupees converted to Swiss francs and other such foreign currency any where upto 2 trillion dollars worth. Hence fall of Rupee.First all passports of the crooks be held or cancelled and force the offshore banks to reveal the names of holders of accounts which the banks are willing to give but UPA Govt refused to accept . Let the names be made public along with amounts. While getting money that belongs to India back, the crooks should be strictly punished. Sure India is not China where they shoot such corrupt highly placed ministers and officials. Still India can still be strict but considerate. Tihar Jail may be expanded to accommodate ViP prisoners and consideration may be shown by appointing an Italian Chef as well.
Thus Sri Narendra Modi will have plenty of things to do once he becomes Prime Minister of India, there will not be a dull moment. While doing things right he need not bother about howlings of running dogs of Pakistan agents,fifth columnists, useless analysts who equate RSS with Indian Mujahuddin or Hindu protestors against nude paintings of MF Hussain with Islamic terrorists placing bombs in Mumbai or Delhi . Like royal elephant carrying picture of Durga during Vijayadasami let him march majestically carrying responsibility for India who is personified and adored as Durga herself.

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