Muslims want to build a big Mosque upon Hindu Worship Land

via Courtesy : Hindu Samhati published on September 5, 2010

Gangasagar Island, 1 Sept’ 2010 : As per Hindu belief, you may visit other holy places several times, but you must visit Gangasagar Dham at least once. But the fundamental Muslims of Bengal under different Jehadi organisations now want to capture this Hindu Pilgrimage by a sinister design of uncontrollable growth rate of Muslims in this island along with influx of outsider Muslims in the Gangasagar island with the help of various Muslim Organizations very much active in their area of operation. When the Muslim population of this island reaches 12% in 2001 from a low of 3% in 1951, in the last 3 years it has records of at least 100 registered and other un-recorded cases of harassing the Hindu pilgrims, teasing of Hindu women in their bathing places, dacoity in Hindu villages, attack upon Hindu temples, Communal attack upon Hindu Volunteer groups, ransacking  Hindu Ashrams and Institutions, collection of ransom from Hindus by Muslim miscreants and fundamental groups in various occasions .

In the event of Makar Sankraman, last day of Paush month, lakhs of Hindu devotees come to this holy place from every corner of India and abroad to take a holy dip in the confluence of Ganga river and the Bay of Bengal, where 60000 sons of King Sagar once got rebirth with the flow of water of Ganga so navigated by Bhagiratha from Himalaya to the Sagar Sangam (confluence), near tha Ashrama of Kapil Muni. But this Holy Pilgrimage of Ganga Sagar is now under the very threat of Islamic seize, where they want to erect Muslim Mosques, Madrashas, Muslim Rest Houses, Islamic Academies, Islamic Business Houses, Muslim Habitations etc. totally disproportionate to the present ratio of Muslims in this Island. Successfully, the Muslims of Gangasar have captured various places of Hindus and proved their majority and extreme influences to those places, just before complete Islamization of the Gangasagar in near future.

In the month of March this year, Muslims tried to forcibly build a Mosque at the site of the Hindu festival of Durgapuja run by local ‘Ahalya Club’ near Rurdra Nagar Market Place. Hindus protested in large numbers. In retaliation Muslims looted and destroyed the Hindu shops and police ironically arrested the Hindus. Muslims are deliberately trying to create disturbance in this famous Hindu pilgrimage Gangasagar.

Today 1st September thousands of Hindus came to the street  near Rudra Nagar and stopped all movements of vehicles in the whole of Sagar island (West Bengal, India) in protest of atrocities on the Hindus by the Islamic fundamentalists, as in the morning Muslims severely beat up Nirmal Mandal, a Hindu at his own house. Mr. Mandal cultivates on a piece of land which he owns by the order of the government court. The puja place of ‘Ahalya Club’ is connected with the land of Nirmal Mandal and Muslims illegally claim this land as their proposed Mosque, where not a single Muslim resides at all in the place of Rudra Nagar. Hence they want to spread  a fear psychosis in the Hindus by  torturing Nirmal Mandal. The torture upon Mr. Mandal took place at about 7.30 in the morning.

But the Hindus stand united immediately to rescue Mr. Mandal and thrashed the Muslim attackers to flee from the place. But about 1.30 p.m. a gang of 15-20 Muslim armed men  with sharp weapons and sacks of bombs reached Rudra Nagar all on a sudden on motorbikes from the direction of Khansabad, a high concentration of notorious Islamists. Immediately they charged three bombs and threatened to vacate the market place, perhaps to loot all the Hindu shops easily.

But, the Hindus there gallantly chased those Muslim armed persons and tried to catch them with their motorbikes. But the police on duty, who reached the spot after bomb-charging, restrained the people to indulge into a direct clash with the Muslim attackers and ultimately the attackers went away.

Getting a clear picture of favourtism by the Police and Administration for the Muslims, the Hindus from nearby thronged in thousands to Rudra Nagar and blocked all the conveyances and gheraoed  the Police contingent present there as a mark of protest. Every Hindus with a large number of Hindu women came to road with possible type of object to teach a pungent lesson to the Muslim who ever cross the spot. This affected the hole island and jeopardized the normal life up to 6.30 in the evening, when a negotiation held between the protesters and the administration.

The main and central place of Gangasagar island is Rudranagar. There is a club named ‘Ahalya Club’. Just beside the club, annual Durga Puja (a Hindu religious festival) is held every year. Near that spot, Muslims from a far-off locality are forcibly offering Namaz (Muslim prayer) every evening during this Ramzan month (This is a well-repeated tactic of scaring the Hindus and taking away their worship areas through out West Bengal and Bangladesh). In spite of several complaints by the Hindus, he police have taken absolutely no action on this issue. The reason is because an extremely corrupt and inefficient Sub Divisional Police Officer Mr. Jayanta Banerjee is still in charge of the Kakdwip sub division of South 24 Pargana district, under which the Gangasagar island comes. Mr Banerjee is also known to be very anti-Hindu.

Local people complain that Muslim leaders and supporters of both the ruling CPIM and opposition party TMC joined hands to achieve this aim. These allegedly communal attackers from Khansabad are Seikh Saiful (S/O. Rahaman),  Seikh Fareed (S/O. Ashadul), Seikh Mashikul (S/O. Makshed), Seikh Shamsul (S/O. Azabuddin), Seikh Farhad (S/O. Unknown), Seikh Saibul (S/O. Unknown) and others. Seikh Shamsul is the leader of this gang who has various criminal records and close connection with two most communal leaders of this island viz.  Seikh Ismail of CPIM and Abdul Kahar of TMC Minority Cell. Sk. Ismail and Abdul Kahar have joined their dirty hands well before to islamize the Sagar island as a part of Pan Islamic design.

Hindus of the island could not tolerate the communal misdeeds of Muslims. So, today they blocked the main road of the island and protested. At 6 pm the corrupt and infamous SDPO Jayanta Banerjee and other senior officers came and assured the Hindus that they will arrest the Muslim culprits. Then the road block lifted. But it is difficult to believe that under political pressure and under the influence of bribe, police will do justice to the Hindus.

In Sagar police station, the Officer in Charge is Mr. Anirban Bhattacharya. A persecuted Mr. Nirmal Mandal put a diary ( G.D. No. Sagar P.S. 28 dt. 01.01.2010) against the Islamic torture upon him. Police imposed Sec. 144  in the 200 meters areas of  “‘Ahalya Club”’, so that no illegal Namaj can be offered by the outsiders upon a disputed land in a Hindu Majority area. However, the Hindus of the area have erected a “Tulshi Mancha” and planted a sibling of  holy basil there on the very spot of offering illegal Namaz.

As the issue of Islamization of Ganga Sagar is becoming critical for the Hindus and obviously for their future day by day, Hindu Existence Forum hereby requests the Shakaracharya of Govardhanpeetham His Holiness P.P. Swami Nischalananda Swaraswati (Gangasagar Dham comes under his holiness jurisdiction), Pujya Swami Pradiptanadaji Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangah (His Gangasagar Branch of BSS was attacked by Muslims for several times) and Sri Tapan kumar Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati (The first training camp of Hindu Samhati  at Gangasagar was vandalized by the Islamist some years back) to take joint effort to save the Hindus of Gangasagar at any cost. Gangasagar is strategically important as it comes under the Sundearban delta areas and nearer to Islamic Bangladesh coastal border.

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