Muslim Riot is not about Tasleema, It is about Hindu civilization

via Kalyanaraman published on November 23, 2007

Muslim riot in Kolkata is not about Tasleema, it is about hindu civilization; it is about hindu civilization’s response to the festering muslim problem

CPI-M’s muslim appeasement has led to the situation of cries in the city of joy.

CPI-M has created a monster and has no clue on how to contain it

The killing fields of Nandigram will not go away. Every raped child crying there will come to haunt the marxists and Antonia who has acquiesed in the killings of Nandigram by marxist criminals called cadre.

Shahjahan Laskar and Selim Laskar of such a cadre in Nandigram, do not represent the muslim face of the marxists. They just represent the criminal gangs (imported, paid goons, mercenaries and) engaged as the party cadre to seek revenge against the ‘others’. After all, Buddha has clearly shown who are ‘ours’ in his lexicon; the ‘ours’ are CPI-M members. Rest are lumpen to be criminally assaulted by criminals as the state law enforcement apparatus is kept aside as silent idiots, mere paid servants of the state party combine, where the distinction between the party dada and the state authority operating under the figleaf of the idiot ‘law’, which is an ass, is totally erased. Constitution? It is scrap in the marxist book.

The next step is for Buddha to quit and yield power to the chosen few among the muslim bandhu, like the All-India Minorities Forum, Maulana Toha Siddiqui of Furfurasharif Muzaddedia Anath Foundation, Qaumi Awaz Welfare Society, Milli Ittehad Parishad, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind or even the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen’s MLAs of distant Hyderabad who tried to attack Tasleema, whose self-appointed role as guardians of islam is what will dictate their priority issues and the CPI-M’s ideological subservience to the shariat.

When the lumpen rule, the lumpen call the shots using Buddha’s of the world as blundering idiots falling deeper and deeper into chaos losing the fig-leaf of the so-called power won in the ballot.

Remember history. West Bengal is broken off from Bangladesh — both are bangla-bhaashi. The area where the city of joy started weeping and held in terror requiring army marches is full of voters from Bangladesh who are captive vote-bank for the marxists.

Where Buddhas and Karats goofed up is in not realising that 46% of the population of Nandigram was muslim and many Nandigrami-s including muslims, were thrown out of their homes.

Muslim problem will continue to haunt Bharatam. None of the politico-s have any clue as to how to resolve the impossible problem of many ongoing attempts at positing islamic nation vis-a-vis democratic bharatam.

Will the Buddha start telling the muslims crying for Tasleema’s expulsion that both Tasleema and criers are descendants of hindu pitr-s? Yes, pitr-s who existed much before the Prophet (PBUH)? Even Pakistan proudly claims in archaeological circles that it has a 5000 year history from Mohenjodaro (not mentioning that it was part of Sarasvati Hindu civilization). Of course, a fatwa may be issued on those who claim that muslims had a history before PBUH. Is there a way to transport the muslim psyche beyond the Prophet chronology into the mists of history where all were hindu?

Once the muslims realise that they have common bonds with the hindu though of a lineage running back into more than jnaati or 7 seven generations, that the people of Bangladesh and West Bengal, for instance, speak the same sonar Bangla language, maybe there is hope? If hopes are dupes, fears are liars. Maybe, a civilization has to restore its identity based on some hope. The problem will not go away, by thinking it will cease to exist by just turning a Nelson’s eye to it.

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