Murder of Mahatma by the Church

via By Ashok Sahu, IPS (Retd.), Former Addl. Director General of Police. published on August 30, 2008

On the 23rd August, while doing pooja on Janmasthami, the most sacred day for Hindus, militant Christians entered into the Ashram premises at about 8.00 p.m. and pumped bullets from an AK-47 assault rifle on the frail body of an 84 years old Swamijee (Vedanta Keshari Swami Laxanananda Saraswati) at Jalespata Vanabashi Kanyashram in Kondhmal District of Orissa. After killing him brutally the Christian assailants have cut various parts of Swamijee’s body by chisel and axe, it appears. Along with him others who tried to rescue Swamijee got killed are Sadhwi Bhakti Mata who was in over all charge of the Kalyan Ashram, Kishore Baba, Amritanand Baba and a visitor guardian of an inmate of the school. The dead body of Matajee was also defiled by cut injuries which was most brutish and nasty.


Swamijee had received a threatening letter which he could read only the previous evening on his return from routine tour for religious preaching. He had sought security from the local police against imminent danger to his life by a written prayer to the authorities including the District Magistrate on 23rd August. The media had broadcast on apprehensions to his life during morning news bulletins on the very fateful 23rd August.


Hardly one month back, at Tumudibandh, two kilometers from his Jalespata Ashram, there was armed attack by a group of Christians when he was protesting against Cow-slaughter in the area. In the violence one of his disciples Madhu Baba had sustained fatal cut injuries. Following the incident the State Government had deployed one platoon of armed CRPF personnel to guard his Ashram round the clock. Swamijee, in addition to these arrangements, had an armed security person to protect him during his tours who was mysteriously absent at the time of attack.

It may be mentioned that the personal security man Bhubaneswar Jani who was replaced by an emaciated, cowardice constable by the local S.P. only five days prior to the attack, was serving Swamijee for more than 10 months most sincerely jeopadising his own life. During armed attack by militant Christians on the 24th December 2007 at Daringbadi for which he was hospitalized along with Swamijee with fatal injuries. In that connection, though the Police has registered a case vide 83/07 u/s 147/148/353/323/324/307/426/149 IPC the culprits are still at large with impunity. Prior to this there were nine more attacks on Swamijee’s life and consistently the assailants were all recently converted Christians in the area. It is evident that the Catholic Church and the Baptist Church by conversion was gradually criminalizing the local youth. Few of them were also encouraged to join the Maoist group of terrorists which was proved by the way Bamunigaon Police Station was attacked and the subsequent raids in non-descript Sikarama village during December violence there, that led to recovery of more than 20 guns in a single tiny village.


What is surprising is that similar raids were not conducted in other villages where there is pillage of fire-arms. More suspicious is the withdrawal of the CRPF from the Ashram and replacing the PSO to the Swamijee only five days prior to the murderous attack on 23rd August. Danger to the life of Swamijee was mounting every day since the abortive attempt on his life in last December.According to reliable sources, there was a secret meeting on 9th August 2008 in the Community Centre at Raikia attended by activists representing Church based NGOs like the World Vision, Jana Kalyan Samiti, NISWAS, ASHA, Sahara, Palli Shree, Jana Vikash etc. who regularly receive huge funds from abroad. It was also attended by Nakul Nayak, former M.P. from the ruling BJD, Krushna Para Seth the former Block Chairman from Tumdibandh, Alfansoe Baliyar Singh a notorious militant Christian from Raikia, advocate Manas Singh who was to bring activists from Bamunigaon and Daringbadi in a vehicle specifically provided by Archbishop C.Raphel. It was resolved in the meeting to eliminate Swamijee who was ‘an insurmountable obstacle against conversion and cow-slaughter in the area’.Simultaneously, they felt that by philanthropic activities among the Kondh tribes in the District he was dissuading the vulnerable poor and illiterate tribe and Panas in the area from falling prey to the allurements and fraud by the Church authorities.


Sources reveal that on the 13th August a letter purportedly written by ‘Pahadia’ group of people was circulated addressed to the Swamijee that his life would not be spared, that too, within a week. Copies were supposed to be sent to the State Chief Minister, DGP, District Magistrate, District S.P. etc. besides the Swamijee and some other targets. A similar closed door meeting was reportedly held on 20th August in the Jana Kalyan Samiti at Jatani (Khurda) attended among others by Father Bijoy Nayak from Baliguda Church and Ajay Singh of Khurda, where it was decided to eliminate Swamijee, come what may. On the 23rd August night they succeeded in killing him as per their planned conspiracy.


The government had clear knowledge and the authorities had detailed information, but instead of reinforcing the security arrangements, it appears that they colluded with the killers. What has failed to convince is the glaring gap in alacrity with which the Orissa Police had rounded up 63 suspects in Graham Staines murder case within 24 hours of the alleged murder and their utter failure to arrest even a single culprit even after four days of the murder of Swamijee.People of Orissa expressed their ire against the government during the dawn to dusk bundh in the most unprecedented manner for the government attributed this murder to the Naxal Maoists within minutes of the incidents. They were reminded of the callousness of the Chief MinisterNaveen Patnaik who had made a similar statement accusing the Maoists when DIG Jasvir Singh was killed but later it was revealed by subsequent investigation that the DIG was killed by his own PSO from Orissa Police. When there was prior information on danger to life of Swamijee, so much so that, the local TV channels trumpeted the whole day urging the government to save the Swamijee from imminent attack, the government apparently colluded with the killers and in order to prove his self-claimed ‘secular credentials’ the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is over active to safeguard the Christian minorities from the onslaught by the enraged Hindus whole over the State. Now the question is, why should the government first create a situation by a series of ‘omissions and commissions’ later in order to prove his ‘secular credentials’ try to protect the endangered minorities. There can not be a greater embarrassment for the ruling alliance BJP who can not escape the moral responsibility of being a party to these omissions and commissions on the part of the coalition government.


It is a ghastly incident and a challenge to the advocates of pseudo-secularism that the majorities are discriminated against, to keep the minorities appeased. The pseudo secularists have proved more Christian than Pope in upholding Christianity in India.
The unprecedented response to the bundh called by Hindu organizations in Orissa indicated the shape of things to come. No government how powerful it may be can function with out the co-operation from the people. Peoples elected representatives in Orissa have legislated for the first time in independent India, the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act, 1967 to prevent conversion by fraud, allurements, cheating, bribery and misrepresentation. It was challenged by all the Churches in the country in the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Bench of the apex court upheld its validity and said that right to propagate does not include right to convert.


Swamijee was only insisting that the Act should be strictly followed in the State. He came to Kondhmal District because there was utter poverty and illiteracy in the district with more than 70% of its population as tribals who are below the poverty line. He came there in 1967 and continued till his murder by Christians on 24th in August 2008.

Similarly, Orissa was the first to enact against cow-slaughter in 1964 as per Directive Principles in the Part-IV of the Constitution. Swamijee had made the motto of his life mission to make Orissa free of conversion as well as cow-slaughter. These two Acts legislated by Orissa Assembly reflect the sentiments of Orissa people for implementation by subsequent governments.

So long as these Acts are in the statute book, it is the constitutional responsibility of the government of the day to execute strictly. But the government has miserably failed. The government did not co-operate, rather criminally neglected in saving the life one man who preferred to lay down his life for the common cause.


The Church supposed to preach The Gospels, ironically criminalizes the youth and with foreign funding indulges in conversion by-passing the law.
Hindus in Orissa are not against any particular community or religion. They do not want any other religion to disturb their faith and social harmony by taking advantage of poverty and illiteracy in their society. Irate Hindus when, as a last resort react, at times, with violence; the advocates of ‘secularism’ cry for protection. Is it not time enough to stop conversion and cow-slaughter as a respect for the majority living in the country as a lasting measure to ensure peace and harmony in the society?


As this brutal murder is directly linked with the series of incidents right from December 2007, until and unless the State Police detects the right culprits and bring them to book with out further loss of time, peoples already shaken trust on the government can not be restored and peace in the civil society can not come back. Should the government at the centre and the state want a permanent solution to these types of communal repercussions in future, they must concentrate in stopping illegal conversion, put a check on the church based NGOs, stop cow-slaughter strictly in Orissa and manage the forest land and tribal land problems with tribal welfare as the sole yardstick.This would also serve as a fitting tribute to the departed soul of Swamijee who has immortalized himself by laying down his life on the altar of the motherland.

By Ashok Sahu, IPS (Retd.)
Former Addl. Director General of Police.

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  1. Save yourself from Christianity and Islam Reply

    August 30, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Nazi POPE!
    Nazi POPE’s lips were SEALED when the barbaric
    Christian-Maoist butchers murdered Swami ji and his disciples and instigated violence. But the same Nazi Pope has the gall to raise his voice when Hindus respond – and mind you, Hindus don’t get upset easily – just check the shocking statistics in North East India – 80,000 innocent Hindus butchered by Christian barbarians over the years – Has Vatican ever spoken up against that? No. In fact, they are secretly supporting the violence against Hindus. POPE is the biggest HYPOCRITE! Do not support any Christian charities, Christian NGOs and boycott missionary schools. Christianity and Islam are the biggest curse on humanity. Save yourself from these two world conquering, spiritually devoid cults. 5

  2. what a shame Reply

    August 30, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    shameless missionaries
    the missionaries killed swami ji because he was doing real charity work (unlike them). he was genuinely working for the upliftment of the poor and imparting the message of dharma – the phony missionaries could not stand that. so they and their buddies (moists)came up with a plan to get rid of the “thorn” that was in their way! 5

  3. BCS Bhat Reply

    August 31, 2008 at 9:35 am

    Protest Pope’s action
    Hindus should protest Pope’s action. We should also seek Pope’s explanation for Hindu genocide in North East. 5

  4. menon Reply

    August 31, 2008 at 9:50 am

    Evil spirits
    Evil spirits will show their strength at the last end of their survival….

    Swamiji’s mission in this world is reaching the end… His soul will guide the humans further….

    We have seen many stories about Rakshasas winning smaller gains in the past and Krishna eventually remove them fromthis earth… It is just another incident…. 5

  5. nathan Reply

    September 1, 2008 at 12:22 am

    Stop christians agenda on conversion
    Let hindus just remember the bomb
    blast occured in ISKCON temple in manipur which killed 2 people.this
    is the handiwork of christians militants. christians are licenced
    people to hold SILENCER GUNS as they kill hindus by silent while
    islamic jihads kill hindus by
    RDX bombs with explosive. so both
    are dangerous to hindus and hence
    hindus must wake up now before it is too late. hindus must talk to other hindus about the danger awaiting to their own survival and should not feel shy of discussing this in public and keep circulating all the news reports to friends,relatives and ask them to circulate to others
    and every corner news of christian
    convesion agenda should be informed to all hindus.this is the only way for our survival. 5

  6. M.N.S.Nampoothiripad Reply

    September 1, 2008 at 1:24 am

    CBI probe
    The bishops and the central government now want a CBI enquiry only in the orissa murder. The same CBI which dragged on its investigation for the last 16 years in the sister Abhaya case is the best investigating agency in their opinion. They think they can scuttle the investigation at every stage if it is CBI. The proceedings in the Abhaya case in the Kerala high court is ample testimony for this . They are sure Sonia and the UPA will come to their rescue after the most henious murder in recent times. All hindus in India must be vigilent. 5

  7. Hindu Reply

    September 3, 2008 at 10:37 am

    Christain Church is a big corporate management with all modern amneties, manpower , money and political patronage. The unorganised, money starved hindu canot compete with them and there is no level playing field. Hinduism is alive only because of it’s inner strength and ideological supremeacy. This country is secular only because of Hinduism.If the nation want to survive as a single entity, we should stop missionaries from converting poor hindus. 5

  8. SeaLion Reply

    September 4, 2008 at 5:43 am


    Party seeks ban on VHP, Bajrang Dal

    Pioneer News Service | New Delhi

    For the first time after violence broke out in Orissa, the Congress party has formally demanded ban on VHP and Bajrang Dal for their communal activities.

    “The way Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad are running their operations is detrimental to the unity and integrity of the country. Of course a ban should be imposed on them along with some other organisations associated with the RSS,” Congress spokesman Manish Tewari told reporters on Wednesday while answering a volley of questions posed by reporters at the AICC headquarters.


  9. MOHAN Reply

    September 6, 2008 at 1:32 am

    Sahuji Article
    Respected Ashokji, First of All take my pranama from core of heart. At the same time I would like to draw your attention that, I belongs to proper cuttack(Jagatpur P.S) and residing at maharastra.Yesterday I go thorugh the comment given by our most respectful Puri Shankarcharyji.what he told he is absolutely right.We hindu should not sit in the air condition room and give nobel advice. we should come and help to most pooer section of hindus in the triabl region. What exactly done by Swamiji Laxmananada. I dont have any language how to express my feeling for ireparable loss to the Hindus world at latge. In this forum I have guts challange to safforn clad sadhu , those are sitting in the Air condition room and talking big thing. They must relaise the ground relaity of hindus through out India.

    Sir, u beleive or not, in my village, whenever I came, I just arrange some gathering and discuss only for the hindus and hinduiesm. Conveince the people how dangers are already been surrounded to them by the so called anti hindu force. But sorry sorry to say , in the costal region people are not bothered waht is happening in the tribal areas of orissa.What I told tha, what is happening in the tribal region today, and the same is waitng for you. let be prepared and do something before any damage cause to us.Some time I felt helpless, people have tiem for movei and all other nonsence things. But they dont have any time for the cause of religion.What the fanatics are doing in the costal belt. They are arranging some big convention (like two meeting One is Bhrhma Barada, near Bhan nagar) and another is in Padma pur ( PS.Jatpur) by some islamist force. But hindus are seeing as mute spectators.Still I have not left myhopes for the betterment of Hindus.Bande Utkal Janani, Bharat mataki. Jai Jaganath Swami. 5

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