Mother-hater Hindus should repent and , return to Vedic Dharma.

via Krishnadaya published on January 1, 2009

Hare Krishna ! Dear all ,

I wonder why the Mother-hater Hindus are blaming Muslims and Christians  for their  self-destruction !.  BhArat is the divine land-form of *BhArati* ( Goddess Sarasvati) . Being the abode of the Vedas ,  the hallmark of BhArat is it’s unique Vedic-dharma.  Every Hindu born in divine BhArat  is supposed to understand  the Vedic injunctions and live accordingly . Only then , he becomes the son of Bharat-Mata . No “MLECHA” ( Beefeaters like Muslims and Christians)can harm him.

So called “INDIANS” are betrayers of 

BhArat Mata

Unfortunately , the Nehru led atheistic Hindus back-stabbed



They first christened


to “India” ( none knows it’s meaning)  . They are ashamed of Her true name


andHer roots (the Vedas)  !  They facilitated Cow-slaughter industry and Beef export . They themselves are addicted to beef  . No wonder , no woman is safe in such beef eater’s homes ! .

Therefore, what is the difference between these beef eating Mother-hater Hindus and Muslims/Christians ? . They are one and the same . For sure ,

BharAt Mata

got fed-up and cursed   these back-stabbers long back  . Due to this loss of divine grace , so called  “Indians” have become easy victims of  hostile “Mlechas” .  It is a pity that even the innocent are sharing the corporate  *Prarabda-karma* ( karmic-effects) . 

Divine Vedic Tradition of


The Brahmin value system is found in the writings of one of the historians of Alexander. He mentions that when Alexander wanted to meet some of the Brahmins, they refused to meet him on the ground that all that he, Alexander,  could give was gold  or death . And they neither loved gold nor feared death. 

Where are such honest Brahmins now ? .

According to the Vedic scriptures , a Brahmin should learn Vedas , teach them, and live a simple and pious  life accordingly . He should perform vedic rituals . He is entitled to accept *Guru-dakshina*  for own survival while concentrating fully on  his *swa-dharma*  of vedic functions . But, he should not exploit the faith of devotees for non-vedic purposes such as accumulating wealth and attaining  power for enjoying worldly pleasures.

Foreigners like Islamic tyrants and British succeeded to loot


wealth only because of atheistic Hindus . For mere peanuts, these Sinners joined hands with the Mlecha-tyrants  . Still , the Muslim/Christian invaders could not destroy Hinduism due to

BhArat Mata’s

divine intervention . Majority of Her children were still loyal to Her , by adhering to  Vedic Dharma .

When the British was in India , they tried their level best to convert Hindus into Christians . Some of the corrupted Brahmins also helped them in this . Although , they achieved success to a certain extent , divine intervention time and again saved  Hindusim . The following are couple of such incidents in my area :

1. The Bhagavaty-Deity  at ChengannurTemple

The Deity of Chegannur Temple is very unique . Just like ordinary woman , this Bhagavaty-Deity too has menstruation not every month , but a few times a year . Her cloth showing  blood stains is available for Darshan .  A ritualistic festival namely * Thripputharattu * used to be celebrated in this connection . The Deity is kept in an isolated room without any pujas during Her periods and then taken out for a religious bath and subsequent rituals . When the Christian-fanatic British Colonel Monroe was controlling Kerala , he ridiculed and stopped the grant for “Thripputharattu” . Subsequently , his wife and daughters started having vaginal bleeding which could not be stopped by the best of treatments . Palace Astrologers advised him that , this is due to the curse of Bhagavaty and if he doesn’t do atonement , his wife and daughters will die. The frightened  Monroe sought the pardon of DEVI and submitted at Her feet a golden sword as atonement . Also , he arranged the immediate *Thripputharattu* . Soon after this , the ailments of his wife and daughters disappeared . A grateful Monroe donated a huge amount to the Chengannur temple . (The interest of this amount is still being used to conduct the *Thripputharattu*festival)  . After this incident , Colonel Monroe stopped all his conversion activities and became an ardent follower of Hindu-dharma  .

2. The Furious Bhadra-kali Devi  of ThazhoorTemple .

This is an incident narrated to me by my mother . She hails from Pathanamthitta district , Kerala . There is a Bhadra-kali temple called “Thazhoor” at this place . The river “Achankovilar” flows along the east boarder of the temple , takes a curve and then runs along the southern boarder . Most of the time, there is only waste high water in this river .

 About (3) KM away from this place is a major Christian pilgrimage centre called “Chandanappalli” . There is a huge church complex here accomodating the tomb of a great Christian-saint who came to this place and converted the locals to Christianity .  This infuriated Bhadra-kali and She killed him . After this, no Christian was allowed to stay overnight in the earmarked area around the Temple . If any one overstayed by mistake , he would see horrible dreams , thrown out of bed , etc . ( My grandfather’s tenant tailor  experienced this once) . The Christians never dared to come and stay in that area.

When my mother was studying in her high school , a Christian Head Master named Thomas joined there . He was a fanatic . He took it as a personal challenge to disprove the legendary power of *Thazhoor Devi* . He bought the house on the northern border of that temple and started staying there with his family . Nothing unpleasant happened to them . Thomas  was highly  boastful of this and even dared to initiate conversion activities .

On a Sunday , Thomas , wife , daughters and grandchildren were rowing a country boat in front of Thazhoor temple . They were singing Christian devotional songs and making fun of Devi . Suddenly , the boat over turned . Although , there was only waste high water, all of them drowned under the boat  on the spot .

Later , their relatives tried to sell that house but couldn’t . When they checked with a vedic astrologer, he  revealed Devi’s curse . Still that house remains there in totally disintegrated condition . Whenever, we go to the temple , my mother shows it to us .

There  are many other incidents like the above which are known to me . In fact , it was this type of divine intervention of BhArat Mata that prevented the destruction  of Vedic religion  .

How Hindus lost their Faith

Our wise forefathers lived strictly according to  the systematic and orderly Sanatana Dharma . They remained outside the zone of influence of the British or the previous Muslim rulers.  But , the  modern “Indians” mentally converted themselves into Islam and Christianity .

The first step towards betterment is to find out what are our short comings :

Atheistic Brahmin leaders  like Nehru desecrated  Hinduism . They ridiculed the traditional Vedic-teaching and rituals as superstition. And replaced it with  anti-Vedic British curriculum . It was just like selling away your Cow to buy a Dog . This enabled “Mlechas”  to destroy Vedic-culture the life-air of

BhArat Mata


She was converted to a westernized “India”


 Gandhiji’s dream nation *Rama-rajyam*


Shree Rama relinquished His dearest virtuous wife Sita-devi to uphold *Raja-dharma*


Whereas, the “rationalist” Indian-icon compromised his nation’s security to save his immoral relationship with a British Administrator’s wife

! .

It is our fault that,  we the products of anti-vedic British education are adhering to  it’s  “Mlecha” way of life  for selfish gains . Whereas, Hindu dharma stipulates  selfless *Sva-Dharma*   .

If we read *


* ( which is part of

Rig Veda

) critically,  certain things are very clear :

1. Mankind did not evolve from one-man-and one-woman ( Adam and Eve as the Westerners would tell us) but  of 4 separate origin. ( Looking at monkeys I wonder, a monkey is a monkey by whatever name but a Gibbon is different from a Chimp which again is different from an Orangutan and all the three different from  a Gorilla.  Did all of them come from a single money or did they have origin of their  own).
2. There was not one but two BIG BANGS that created existence
3. “Gods” did not exist before creation (It goes without saying that He neither created EdenGarden nor was Eve created out of the 4th rib of Adam).

The sorry fact is the White-man did not ask us to misinterpret *


* . It is selfish Hindu-born administrators  like Nehru  who rubbished Hindu-dharma and glorified western philosophies , solely for petty personal and materialistic gains.

Vedic Dharma

is the only  means  for Hindus , to attain

BhArat Mata’s

grace  .

Hindus should stop imitating Christians/Muslims , regret for their sins and return to the Vedic way of



If a Hindu rejects Srimad Bhagavad Gita to imitate Muslims/Christians , he is a “Mlecha” . The Gita-followers are protected  by Bhagavan  Krishna Himself whereas  the “Mlechas” are deluded  towards sufferings by material lust .  

Gita prohibits a faithful Hindu , from arguing or  fighting with Christians or Muslims .

`Sanatana Dharma’(Righteousness for ever `of' that which has no beginning or end) is relevant for all ages because it is God-made and  not man-made. It is a dynamic religion. Whenever it’s existence is threatened, then some event takes place or some person comes who revives the Vedic  faith . Some such examples are : Adi Shankracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhavacharya, Chaitainya Maha Prabhu, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda. These Rishis , propagated Vedic faith and made `Sanatana Dharma’ more vibrant and dynamic.

In Christian religion no other Christ would come, in Islam no other prophet would come, in Buddhism no other Gautam Budha would come to renew his  religion. Such religions have spread due to assistance from the Governments in power , whereas Sanatana Dharma survived the test of time due to `Divine  intervention’ . Otherwise, it would have disappeared long back .

Vedic religion


basically started with *Sruti that which is heard (from Bhagavan) *. Rishis heard eternal truths in their hearts and they taught chosen disciples orally, by transfer of thoughts which were later compiled  as


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