Mohammed Azam Khan – another Sahabbuddhin in making!

via Vedaprakash published on May 17, 2009

Mohammed Azam Khan : He has to be listened to understand as he speaks out, the Mohammedan mindset and Muslim fundamentalism are revealed. The TV-Channels – NDTV, CNN-TBN, TIMES-NOW, NEWS-X, as usual accommodate his blatant communal burst outs without any interruption, though, he speaks very slowly, carefully and specifically bringing out his viewpoint.  Whatever question is asked, ………… he is replying differently:

Do you feel that you could cause rift in the SP? Babri-masjid was demolished; masjid is house of Allah; Allah resides there; such house is demolished………

You are talking about the masjid, are you responsible for the split of SP? Masjid was demolished; the demolishers are roaming here without any remorse; the Muslims are unsafe; ……………….

Do you leave SP? Muslims cannot forget the demolition of Babri-masjid……………..(he starts again like this)

Thus, he catches the attention of many on 13th May, when many Indians were watching TV after voting. Actually, they are bewildered as to whether he understands the question or not as he repeats the same subject for every question asked.

About Amar Singh : He doesn’t have any political base, so don’t associate his name with me. Don’t belittle me by associating his name with me. Why should I leave the party? I have invested my blood and sweat in the party;

About the CD and posters : This shows their dirty mindset. If as she alleges that the images are morphed, then why is she worried about fake things? I have not seen the CD she is talking about and neither have the people of Rampur or the police. Only she has the CD, so she must tell the police where did it she get it from; she says that the photo has been morphed, why then she is worried? There have been such morphed figured cat, dog, donkey and so on; even Lalu has talked about donkey etc; why she should be worried about such figure? …………..

Canvasing for Noor Bano : she cannot be accepted in Rampur; a non-Hindu, non-actor, male member should be fielded here (implying a Muslim); [as a Muslim candidate is contesting Muslims could vote only for Muslims and not for kafirs; ironically Noor Bano says that he does not know that Md.Azankhan is canvassing for her againsy the kafiri woman/ gandhanari]

 About Babri Masjid demolition : he goes on talking that Babri Masjid was demolished, he took the responsibility of demolishing it; he even said that he would break 1000 Babri Masjids; he would kill Muslims; People have started questioning as to how the National Security Act (NSA) was imposed against Varun Gandhi for making communal remarks while he is still roaming about freely despite being responsible for pulling down of the mosque………masjid is the residing place of Allah; how such Allah’s residence could be allowed to be destroyed; how such demolisher could be left out………..

About Shariat and Indian Muslims : Muslims live in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq……….In Indian there is no Islamic law, Shariat; however Muslims are bound by the Shariat; no book could claim superiority over the other; he mentions all by name – Ramayana, Gita, Guru Grantha Sahib……except Quran; ………..

About Mumbai mafia entering Rampur : Mumbai mafia has entered here; People from the film world can do anything. They are apt at changing faces and that is their business;  the mafia and dons have come to destroy Rampur. They don’t want a single voice to be raised against him; we are all small, ordinary poor people; but they came with money; “sharp shooters” have been brought here to kill;  …………..

How the media and the authorities allow and accept such hate speech? Thus his speech has been venomous, full of hatred; he never mentions names of the persons about whom he is talking; even if the NDTV, IBN-CNN, TIMES-NOW reporters ask, he does not mention, but goes on talking about the demolition of masjid and so on. The intriguing fact has been the accommodation of such repeated talk or the same answer given to any question asked!

About money flowing in : money is pouring in Rampur; the Mumbai mafia is bringing money; people say they brought more than Rs. 200 crores; however, we are small people; we have Allah with us; he would help us to win;………
Muslim clerics slam Samajwadi Party rebel – March 2009 : Even as the Samajwadi Party failed to put down the dissidence of Mohammed Azam Khan, a group of Islamic clerics on Wednesday (March 25, 2009) slammed the prominent Muslim face of the party for “harassing” them. ” Yes, I am referring to Azam Khan. He had once suggested bulldozing a dargah to make way for a club and a restaurant ,” Farhat Ahmed Khan Jamali, an ulema, told media persons while addressing a joint press conference with SP general secretary Amar Singh. Jamali, who belongs to Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, said Azam Khan had made the reported suggestions in the late 1990s.
Opposed to Hindus : Azam Khan has expressed his displeasure over the bonhomie of the party’s top brass with former Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kalyan Singh. He is also unhappy with the decision of the party to re-nominate Jaya Prada from the Rampur Lok Sabha constituency. SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and Azam Khan had met in Delhi last week to thrash out the differences. But apparently, no headway was achieved. “No, we do not want his removal from the party, but have sought an assurance to rein in such leaders,” Jamali said replying to a poser on whether the ulemas have demanded the removal of Khan from SP.While Jamali spoke, other ulemas were also present during the press conference. “Since he (Jamali) is an apolitical person, he can freely take names and slam people. But I am a disciplined worker of the party, therefore I cannot make a comment on a senior leader who had been the founder member of SP,” Amar Singh said, adding that he can only forward their grievances to the party chief.
How Muslims could betray Mullayam Singh Yadav? : As Mulayan has been very close to Muslims excelling or equaling perhaps only Karunanidhi donning Muslim capo, drinking Ramzan gruel, hufgging Muslims and so on. Therefore, Muslims cannot betray his as he has become “Mullah-yam”. To a question on ulemas’ reaction to Kalyan Singh’s proximity with SP, Jamali said the former BJP leader has not joined the Mulayam Singh-led party. ” We have confidence in Mulayam Singh that he will never ignore the interests of Muslims ,” Jamali said.

Amar Singh-Azam Khan spat out in open at Samajwadi Party event – April 20th, 2009 : Bringing his rift with senior party colleague Mohammad Azam Khan in the open, Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh Monday lashed out at him at a grand party function to lend support to film star-turned-politician Jayaprada, the party candidate for the Rampur Lok Sabha seat. Amar Singh gathered party celebrities Jaya Bachchan, newly-appointed general secretary and film star Sanjay Dutt as well as Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari for the function, held before Jayaprada filed her nomination papers.  Azam Khan, firebrand party leader and another general secretary, did not attend the event. Azam Khan has been opposed to re-nominating Jayaprada from the constituency. Addressing the gathering, Amar Singh declared that Jayaprada has with her work proved that she is a dedicated party worker and not a `rani’ – a queen bee [pointing to Noor Bano, who is contesting against her].

Azam Khan accused Amar acting against Millat : Amar Singh claimed that the electorate `from the remotest corners of Rampur have admitted’ that the development work done by Jayaprada in the constituency has overtaken that done by other Lok Sabha members from the area since 1952. Thus, he brought out into open the rift between him and Azam Khan. Reacting sharply to Azam Khan’s opposition to Jayaprada and his own efforts to mend fences with him, Amar Singh said: `Agar hum jhuk ke mil rahein hain to hamein kamzor na samjhen (If we meet you by bowing before you, do not treat it as our weakness).’ `Being a loyal party worker, it is my duty to make all efforts to keep the organisation far from those who intend to break it to satisfy their ego filled with jealousy. If one of our colleagues moves ahead and catches new heights, why do you feel hurt and frame filthy and baseless charges?’ he asked, referring to the allegations Azam Khan levelled against him and Jayaprada in an interview to a Delhi-based TV channel Sunday. `It has been propagated (by Azam Khan) that Rs.100 crore is being spent by Amar Singh to manage Jayaprada’s election in Rampur, but I swear by god that not even a single penny has been spent by me for Jayaprada’s campaigning,’ he declared. Quoting from Azam Khan’s interview in which he had alleged that Jayaprada’s victory should be deemed as defeat of `Kaum and Millat (Muslim community)’ and against the party’s goal of communal harmony, he recited Mahatma Gandhi’s prayer `Sab ko sanmati de bhagwan’ (may God grant good sense to all) and hoped that those who have a `habit of remaining jealous’ be granted a `healthier mental frame’.  Azam Khan has repeatedly made frontal attacks on Amar Singh, calling him a `broker of capitalists’, an enemy of the socialist movement and a traitor of the Muslim community for the party’s association with the BJP rebel Kalyan Singh, who was chief minister when the Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992.


Sajya Dutt’s Islamic overtures : Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Dutt sought to clarify his offer to give Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati a `jaadu ki jhappi’ and `pappi’ (a loving hug and kiss), saying his words were meant for ‘sisters, brothers and youngsters. However, if Behenji (Mayawati) has got annoyed by her brother’s feelings, she may reject the remarks outright.’ The Uttar Pradesh government has booked the Bollywood star on charges of obscenity for his comments made during an election speech last week. Dutt, in an attempt to woo the Muslim vote bank, also alleged that he was `humiliated’ while in jail after the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts because his mother was a Muslim. `I was humiliated by the jail administration. They beat me up, saying my mother was a Muslim,’ he said.


Who is Mohammed Azam Khan ?


 14th August, 1948 (Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India)
Educated at BaqarSchool, Rampur, Sunder Lal Inter College, Rampur & AligarhMuslimUniversity, Aligarh.

PROFESSION  Advocate, Political & Social Worker.  
POSITIONS HELD  Member, Legislative Assembly, U.P. 6 times.

1989 & 1993 Cabinet minister, Uttar Pradesh Government.

1994 President, Minorities Forum of India

1996 Elected to Rajya Sabha

1998-99 Member, Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Labour.

1998 Member, Committee on Labour and Welfare.

13 May, 2002 TO 29-08-2003 Leader of Opposition U.P. Assembly

President, Maulana Mohd . Ali JauharKalyankari Committee (Regd) since 1994;work

06-09-2003   Minister for Parliamentary Affairs U.P. Assembly

                         Cabinet Minister 06-09-2003 
 Saudi Arabia , Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. 
OTHER INFORMATION  Previously associated with Janata Party, Lok Dal, JanataDal and Samajwadi  Janata Party; All India General Secretary, Samajwadi Party; Member, Central Parliament Board, Samajwadi Party 
 63, Gher Meer Baz Khan, Mar Ghen Hasan Khan, RampurCity, Distt . Rampur . 

Devil is raised under the guise of secularism : Secular politicians and media are raising such Jihadi fanatics and Islamic fundamentalists by giving importance to their hate-speeches. This would add manure and water to the bombing Jihadis and Mujahideens later attacking Hindus. His speech is just like that of Karunanidhi with cunningness [remember Karu used to call him as “sadharanan-simple person; Azankhan also claims so; but see how much problem, he could create; had he been big-man, what would have happened?]. Thus, Mohammed Azam Khan has been a clear portent and potential danger to India and Indians, he cannot be brushed aside. The Congress under the guise of splitting SP or the entire episode could be a “drama” as Muqdar Abbas Naqvi dubs, but his jihadi language has to be understood, as he uses such words very specifically in the context without mincing the words.




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