Modi’s Love and ‘Secular’ Media’s Hatred

via HARAN.B.R published on December 24, 2007

The Gujarat Election Results have turned out to be a bigger defeat for the “Secular Brigade” than the Congress Party! Here, the so-called secular brigade comprises the mainstream media (both print & electronic), self-styled activists, leftist liberals, insipid intellectuals, arrogant artists, callous columnists, elusive editors, lifeless lyricists and sickening speech writers. This ‘secular’ brigade has been continuously and persistently campaigning against Hindu majority, BJP and Mr.Modi for the last five years. The momentum of the onslaught increased after the announcement of the election schedule, starting with Tehelka-Headlines Today combine’s so-called “Expose of Truth”. The TV Channels ‘managed’ produced & presented well thought-out programs to demonize Mr.Modi. The Newspapers and Magazines came out with editorials and columns to tarnish the image of Mr.Modi with false reports on the actual development of the state of Gujarat . The secular brigade gave a new name “Moditva” to the style of politics of Mr. Modi. It also invented a non-existent “Fear Factor” in the minds of the people! As Mr.Modi kept on addressing the 5.5 crore Gujaratis in all his speeches & interviews, the secular brigade called it as “communal polarization”. It also concocted stories on the “safety” of women folk & “security” of Minorities, as if a feeling of insecurity is prevailing through out the state. It called bluff of all his developmental and other initiatives of governance. The TV Channels organized debates & discussions with panels of mediocre & arrogant pseudo-secularists. The ‘secular’ brigade gave a totally contradictory picture of the actually efficient governance and corrupt-free administration. It magnified the dissidence issue in to abnormal proportions. It supported the terrorists and their activities and talked against Mr.Modi’s merciless handling of terror elements, in the name of minority welfare.

The ‘secular’ brigade, particularly the mainstream media, stooped down to an abysmal, stinking and lowest level to conquer Mr.Modi and defeat BJP. It tried to suppress the facts in its opinion & exit polls, engineering & generating false notions. Even after the election and before the counting, the ‘secular’ media attempted to project a Congress victory, or rather a tough-fight picture, by giving too much of importance to the “Satta Market” and Gamblers. In no other country in the world, the mainstream media would have conducted itself in such a disgraceful manner! Even after the Congress party conceded defeat in a reasonably graceful manner, the media brazenly attempted to create a rift between BJP central leadership and Mr.Modi. It attributed the victory to only Mr.Modi and not to the BJP; it read in-between the lines of the statements made by Mr.Adwani and Mr.Rajnath Singh and again attempted to create rift between them and Modi. When Mr.Modi himself has made it clear many times that he will be working for the welfare of 5.5 crore Gujaratis for another term, the media unnecessarily debated about his future involvement in the national level, with an ugly motive of creating problems within the BJP.

The Congress Party, which went dearth of ideas, issues and strategies, finally relied upon the “secular brigade” and the “dissident group” to take it to victory. The party didn’t have even a single leader from the state to match even 10% of Mr.Modi’s caliber and stature and as usual it had to depend on the “Nehru family” to create a sort of noise in the arena. The pseudo-secular media tried to downplay the mammoth & successful rallies of Modi and hyped the mediocre rallies of Sonia and listless road-shows of Rahul. Lyricist Javed Akthar, one who belongs to the ‘secular brigade’, allegedly prepared the “infamous” speech of Sonia, which carried the ‘famous term’ “Maut ka Saudhagar”, under the assumption that politics is as dramatic as cinema! Digvijay Singh called the Hindu majority as “Terrorists” – it is going to haunt him in Madhya Pradesh also – and Rahul termed the development of Gujarat as abysmal, and Modi’s claims as hollow lies, without realizing its consequences! When Mr.Modi replied them back with observations on terrorism, he was pulled to the Court of Law by Javed Akthar and to the Election Commission by the self-styled activist Teesta Setalwad, who is born only to work against Modi, Nation and Hindu majority. The Election Commission due to obvious reasons exhibited its weakness by giving different rulings for the same offence.

On the day of polling, while coming out of the polling booth after casting his vote, Mr.Modi had said, “It will be a historic win for the BJP in Gujarat”. It may not be a historic win by means of number of seats, but it is indeed a historic win by means of its nature & character. The BJP has won for the fourth time in Gujarat and the Man of the Match – Modi the Monarch has single-handedly carried Team BJP against all odds!

Mr.Modi has won against, Sonia’s so-called virulent rallies; Rahul’s so-called mammoth road-shows; the aggressive canvassing of the top Congress leadership from the center including the Prime Minister & Finance Minister; totally hostile media, which went to town with anti-Modi and anti-BJP rhetoric demonizing him every other day in the name of ‘secularism’; the onslaught of the “secular” brigade; the stupid dissidents and the so-called Keshubhai & Togadia factors; non-entities in Gujarat like Mayawati, Uma Barathi, NCP, Left front, Paswan, etc . The result is a terrific slap on the face of Congress, its high command and its divisive caste-politics; it is a nasty spit-out on the face of the ‘secular brigade’; it is an ugly slap on the face of the mainstream media; it is a solid kick at the back of the dissidents; it has pooh pooh-ed the non-entities like BSP, NCP, Left Front, B Janshakthi Party and LJP.

The ‘secular’ brigade’s onslaught has been there continuously for the last five years at every given opportunity against Mr.Modi and the election result has proved that he is a Great Leader! He has proved his political acumen & leadership qualities in all aspects such as selection of candidates, campaign strategies, area wise focus with relevant issues, oratorical skills and crowd pull & mass attraction. He has proved his magnanimity & statesmanship by his “Victory Statement”, which said, “The victory is not mine and it is not the BJP’s either, but it is the victory of 5.5 crore Gujaratis! They have given a positive result against a negative propaganda! I thank the people of Gujarat!” Mr.Modi had also said, “I was a CM before the year 2000; I am a CM now and I will be a CM in future also” by meaning the abbreviation “CM” as “Common Man”. He has proved that he is really a CM, that is, Confident Man – Capable Man – Cheerful Man – Charismatic Man and finally a “Chief Minister” in the real sense of it. His win will prove to be good not only for Gujarat but for India as well!

The ‘Bottom Line’ is that, the “Secular Brigade” is scared of Hindu Unity! That is why it is harping repeatedly on Hindutva, Modi’s future plans and the so-called Communal Polarization.

Hearty Congratulations to Man of the Match Modi, Master strategist Arun Jaitley and BJP for this sweet victory and to the people of Gujarat for upholding their pride! The people of Gujarat have given an excellent Christmas Gift to Sonia, her party and the Secular Brigade! Cheers & Happy New Year!

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