Modi has shown the right path to the nation through his Sadbhavana

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on September 18, 2011

Modi’s fast has raised the hackles of the Opposition for reasons best know to it.A fast is a spiritual exercise-a response to an inner call-an impetus to spiritual growth-a powerful petition to the gods-a source of purification-a call to all to rise above pettiness and to look forward and upwards. ‘Sadbhavana’ of Modi had all this and more because as Chief Minister he needs also to set the tone and tenure in his State of peace and harmony. Gujarat has been praised globally and nationally for its progress. But as CM he knows that peace and harmony is the essence of development and progress and very much the need of the day in this country. So Modi did the right thing in setting the example for the nation.

Modi’s Sadbhavana had all the right ingredients-his motives were transparent and he articulated these at the start of his fast. There was not a word of anger, bitterness or hatred. But there was an underlying note of sadnessness on the falsehoods spread by others.Modi did not fail to showcase Gujarat as a model for development and wanted the State to contribute to national development. Thereby Modi did put an obligation on Gujarat to help the States to march forward. The CM was straight and transparent. He did not mince words on the ability and capability of Gujarat-on the hurdles it had faced but had come out with greater strength. One would think that the fast’s central goal was peace and harmony-that took the centre stage. It was not just in words but in the support showed by other communities especially the Muslims. Modi did state that 2002 was a tragedy .He reminded the nation and the world that the pain of those who suffered is his own. It should be because as a Chief Minister he must be one with all his subjects and one who got the mandate from the people is obliged to wipe every tear of the people in his State. On the whole, the Sadbhavana was well perceived and well planned. Those who came to witness and show their solidarity also presented a picture frame of religious unity. It was estimated that one fourth of the crowd were Muslims. On the whole Modi started his 61’s year with an spiritual input for inner growth which augers well combined with his political acumen. The idea of Sadbhavana was a response to his inner voice and he did well in his positive response to that inner voice.

Take the fast undertaken by the Congress-what was its motive. It looks that Modhawadia, Vaghela and Gohil degraded the fast as a spiritual exercise.  Hen it started a counter fast at the Sabarmati Ashram. (The Congress has not moral and political right even to utter Gandhi’s name.)The Gujarat Congress created a forum to bash Modi –to hold on to the divisive culture of the Congress. Was there a word of communal harmony? Why pick at Modi when the Congress wants no harmony and peace but vote banks to be held within communal ghettos? One cannot fault Modi because it must be left to him and his conscience to do what he thought was the best. How can the Congress say that the talk of harmony did not suit Modi? How can it be so petty and talk of five star culture being used as an image building. Modi is in ‘Z’ security and as such needs all the bandobost and all that goes along with it.It seems petty, low and base because Modi does not need any image building. He stands tall among the Chief Ministers of this country and has been looked upon as a model administrator. This is God’s gift to him. The Congress’ fast looked childish, spiteful and full of jealousy. Can there be a fast on such a premise.-with such a mentality that spewed venom? Was this the inner voice of the Congress to go on a counter fast? To start one hour early and end two hours after Modi’s fast after having termed Modi’s fast a gimmick? Does it mean that the Congress wanted a longer gimmick by its own yardstick?

And Mallika Sarabhai’s eyes opened when Modi declared his Sadbhavana-she saw poor hungry children and was motivated to feed them. Thats one good result of Modi’s fast!.

The five star culture which the Congress talks of belongs to Mrs Sonia and her family. The private jets used, the grandeur in which she and her family wade through at the cost of the tax payers monies are very much the talk of the town. The black money stashed away –a result of the unholy nexus of the Congress and the looters and conmen cannot be wiped off.

The Congress would have done better if it sat on a fast for the victims of Bhopal gas-the conspiracy of the State government and the Centre government in allowing Warren Anderson to flee the country without facing justice. The Congress is guilty of a globally largest industrial disaster which left thousands maimed, crippled, diseased and dead How has it washed this guilt? The Delhi riots immediately after Indira Gandhi’s assassination in which the Congress men lead the massacre team to butcher the Sikhs –to rape the women and to burn down their dwelling is recorded history and not very long ago. How has the Congress washed this guilt? Today the Congress has the cheek to talk of Modi’s guilt when it carried such a huge load of guilt and genocide and massacre. Can any number of fasts as penance wash the guilt? Can the Congress come out of its own guilt? Never, but at least it could be humble and refrain from faulting others. No lessons it will ever learn because of its load of political and social sins

The Congress does not understand anything spiritual. It thinks that the inner voice only Mrs Sonia has one. Hence at the prompting of her inner voice she announced ‘renunciation’. And renunciation to Mrs Sonia and her coterie meant more power. So quietly she schemed and usurped sole proprietorship of power to govern India. Her unconstitutional and unethical method led to scams one after another-skeletons came tumbling down and more will come. So the Congress party can never digest anyone with a positive response to an ‘inner voice’ for peace and harmony. That’s the last the Congress wants. The Congress is digging its own grave and refuses to see the writing on the wall. The Congress lacks moral and political insights because it is warped in vested interest and one such is vote bank politics.

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