Modern Gazni’s of India

published on September 14, 2013

There is a time tested adage which says, do not believe in anything unless there is official denial.

Now there is official denial form Reserve Bank of India which like Caged Bird Investigative (CBI) outfit , is another tool in the hands of ruling Congress party. RBI says it is not gong to convert temple gold into bullion and use it shore up Rupee which is sinking only due to massive corruption which is also facilitated by RBI.

Dr. Subramanyam Swami in his superb address to Chennai audience has explained how this works.

Money stolen from India and stashed in Swiss banks does not earn interest. Actually Swiss Banks charge a fee of 3% to keep the money. So a method was devised. The crook takes the money to a counter, and purchases a note, called Participatory note. This P note like a currency note, does not have name of who purchased etc but only the amount.And the P note goes to a company in Mauritius. Why Maritius ? Because it does not have any capital gains tax.

Any body can set up a corporation or a company in Maritius which costs only one US dollar. And this company brings P note to RBI in India which gives the amount in Rupees. This Rupees are invested in Indian stock market. Since the amounts involved are huge, the stock is bound to go up. When it has sky rocketed, the broker sells the stock, gets lot more Rupees and then this amount is taken to RBI to be converted to dollars. And these dollars leave the country.

So what started as black money became white and in the process lot of Rupees being used up to buy dollars.

Not being an economist , only broad outline I could gather from excellent expose by Swami in his address in Chennai. For details how any one can participate in P Notes transactions you may want to write to Finance Ministry in New Delhi or to RBI.

Thus with fall of value of Rupee, in order to shore it up, instead of doing the right thing, such as clamping down on trillions of dollars worth black money in off shore banks, what do the same geniuses who came up with Participatory notes , want to do ?

Well , in year 1000 AD, Mohammad Gazni of Afghanistan has shown the way. Just ask eminent historians who will tell you that Mohammad of Gazni attacked Somanath temple laden with gold and jewels only because Gujarat was competing with his Afghanistan in trade. Gazni being socialist wanted to distribute temple gold to poor people.

So is the case now. Only names have changed but modus operandi is same. Just loot temple gold allegedly to distribute to poor. That is why even though Rupee and country are reeling under massive current account deficit, a life line in the form of one ton iron block was thrown at sinking Rupee in the form of “Food Security Bill” , actually a vote security bill. Poor must be fed, since Rupee is not doing it, why not take gold from temples like so many illustrious predecessors of current finance ministry in New Delhi , like Gazni, Ghori, Timur or Alamgir etc have done?

What crimes against humanity are not committed in the name of poor ? Soviet’s gulags, Cambodia’s Pol Pot, now China’s vast prison camp called People’s Republic are some instances to deprive people of their priceless possesion, freedom and liberty, all in the name of poor. So it is the temple gold, it is priceless possesion of people of India.

RBI says it will not convert temple gold into bullion, which means it will do exactly that. Or pretend to convert it to make priceless ornaments disappear into smugglers markets in Milan and other parts of Europe. And then replace it with cheap gold. Gold ornaments of antiquity will fetch lot more dollars,Francs or Pounds than just gold bullion. So another P note like transaction , of course all in the name of poor people of India.

This is a charade, No government especially one that parades loudly shouting secularism should lay its hands on temple gold. Leaving it where it is itself adds a great value to wealth of India rather than smuggle them to be sold in black markets world over. Already such looting is going on with antiques from temples in South India being smuggled out of India. There is no need for official sanction in the form of a fatwa from Finance Ministry.

Such looting cannot be opposed too strongly. Besides being a crime, it is a sin and is happening because as Thyagaraja sings, the crooks lost all fear of other world- ‘Paraloka bhayamu leka’. Even if punishment is avoided here, Sanatana Dharma says even worse punishment awaits them in next world. Thus if a new government comes and awards due punishment, it will be doing a favor to the thieves because once they suffer here and now, hence their suffering later will be mitigated.

Summary : Dont touch temple gold.

Town of Gazni in Afghanistan exists now as ghost place with couple of broken minarets and destitute people while Somanath is regaining lost glory.

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