Misinterpretation of Siddhas by Karunanidhi and Kanimozhi

published on June 23, 2008


: Karunanidhi was the first to quote Sivavakkiyar in the context of caste-consciousmess


(May 7, 2008)
in the TN Assembly in response to the people who opposed the demolition
of wall separating two people-groups. And now, his daughter Kanimozhi
quotes Sivavakkiyar in the Caddalore DMK-women conference (June 16, 2008).
So it is evident that the father and daughter sit together and do some
home work for propagandistic purposes. As both being responsible and
known Tamil experts and poets with a lot of clout and there have been
objection from several quarters


about their wrong interpretation, it is imperative to analyse their
version and as well as the original work of Sivavakkiyar itself.


The sudden love Siddhas
The sudden love for Siddhas emanated from Karunanidhi and Kanimozhi
appears to be intriguing, as they are declared atheists, that too,
proven, anti-Hindu


It has to be noted that the so-called “Siddhas” have never been
anti-Vedic, anti-Hindu etc., as Christians, Mohammedans and atheists
try to interpret


Moreover, the choice of “Sivavakkiyar” and both go on giving exposition
makes them ridiculous, as a cursory reading of Sivavakkiyar clearly
exposes that both the father and daughter are lying to the core. It is
evident that they have chosen Siddhas to beat Hindus below the belt in
their usual way of Tamil rhetoric in their verbose rendering, where
words require no meaning, but only flow all the time to make the
listeners get attracted and greet with claps.


Why Tamil Pandits keep quite?

But how the learned father and daughter have indulged in such a fooling
act of lying and misinterpretation of the songs of Siddhars? Why the
learned Tamil Pundits


are keeping silence? In this Tamilnadu, are there no Tamil knowing
scholars who could give the meaning and correct the erring duo?
Obviously, they are afraid, because the duo happened to be the CM of TN
and his daughter is competing for power being a MP. Moreover, nowadays,
citizens have to depend upon the Government departments for all their
civil requirements and therefore, if they are branded as
anti-Karunanidhi or so, they would be targeted and harassed like
anything. At the worst, they may be attacked by the gundas also.
However, people go on talk about freedom of expression, right to do so
and so on.


The reasonable doubt
: Giving wrong meaning and interpreting dishonestly using the official capacity and as well as portraying themselves as “Kalainjar” (Master of all arts) and “Kavinjar
(Poet) respectively have been totally unacceptable. Such self-acclaimed
or self-declared scholars should be responsible enough to give correct
and honest meaning and interpretation, as they are lecturing before the
common people and not before Tamil pundits or scholars. How Tamil
knowing “Kalainjar” and “Kavinjar” of their stature, experience and
eloquence could give such falsities in the name of Tamil? Here only
doubt comes that they have not been honest in dealing with subject
matter. The Tamil poets of any period have never had such tradition.
Telling lies, picking up two lines of four-line song, giving wrong
interpretation etc., are not characteristic of Tamil poets. Had
Kalamega Pulavar been alive, he would have burned them with his songs.
Why even the Siddhas would fell ashamed of what these “Kalainjar” (Master of all arts) and “Kavinjar” (Poet) have been doing!


What Karunanidhi spoke about Siddhars and Sivavakkiyar
: Karunanidhi quoted from second line verse no.38 of Siuvavakkiyar: “Whether human flesh and bones bear any numbers (to be identified with caste)?”
Comparing the nature of “Prostitute” and “money”, as they go on change
hands, ownership and enjoyment, he asks sarcastically as follows:


Where is (or what about) prostitute? Where is money?

Whether human flesh and bones bear any numbers?

Is the enjoyment of prostitute is different and that of money different?

Both are inside to look at sharing.


the poet figuratively used the words “Praitti” (Prostitute) and
“Panatti” (one who is with money or rich) in feminine genders. By
money, the prostitute is enjoyed without any difference. As she takes
money, thus he gives away his flesh covered with bones. The money given
may be numbered but not the flesh and bones given. Thus, it is evident
that he has quoted this poem out of context or giving bad example.


politicians too have bastardized the caste system and giving share with
percentage of numbers! More and more castes are coming to the market
with pressure, influence and money also with the demand of reservation
and that is given in numbers. He himself goes on offering such
reservation to all – 3.5 for Mohammedans, 3.5 for Christians, though
they do not want to be numbered. Very often, he addresses
“Arunthathiyar” with such numbers. Why these numbers, only to enjoy.


What Kanimozhi spoke about Siddhars and Sivavakkiyar

: Quoting from Bharathidasan, she started, “O dear friend, Ariyar kept the Adi Dravidar in slums, as they were not acceptable to them“.
Thus came Siddhas thereafter. She said that they ridicule Sastras in
such words that even we may be surprised and citing Sivavakkiyar’s
question, she pointed out how he scornfully asks, “O Chattanatha Pattare, when you get perspiration, breathlessness, exhaustion, would the Vedas help you?” So we should think that there was condition amounting to tearing down the scriptures”.


This particular verse no. 13, comes first under “Yoganilai” of Sivavakkiyar[6]. After the first two lines, “O Chattanatha Pattare, when you get perspiration, breathlessness, exhaustion, would the Vedas help you?“, the third and fourth lines go like this, which are not mentioned by the learned Kani: “A tablet is enough, and mind knows it, then where is diseases for intestine and all? After attaining Sakti-Mukti-Siddhi“.


So with the practice of Yoga, if such “Sakti-mukti-Siddhi
position is attained, then, the Vedas are not required. Otherwise, just
for the sake of reciting Vedas, if anybody recites, he would be
exhausted and he requires medicine only, as the reciting of Vedas
become futile. Thus, knowingly, Kani has given wrong meaning just to
excite the women sitting there.


The Number-symbolism affecting Karu:
Remember, what Karu composed on his birth day:

“Made me a old-man reminding me that I am 85

But at the age of 8 plus 5, thirteen,

I pushed down the “Vedism” warning, “be at a distance, don’t touch”!”

western or westernized mind would have been shocked at the revelation
that he started writing against Vedas at the age of 13, as it is
considered as inauspicious! Even they interpret that devil / evil
entered him and acting him to do so. However, as he started quoting
from Sivavakkiyar, it is evident that he was impressed by the
Number-symbolism used by Sivavakkiyar i.e, 5 and 3 and 8. There are
many poems dealing with numbers and their significance e.g, 16, 203,
260-264, 267, 275, etc. Incidentally, the numbers with which he implies
are Tillai Natarajan (5) and Sri Ranganathan (8) and both are hated
very much by Karu (verse no.54, 86, ). Of course, again their infinite
hatred for Tillai Natarajan (5) and Sri Ranganathan (8) is revealed in
their contemptuous cry: “The day on which Tillai Natarajan (5) and Sri Ranganathan (8) were blasted with tanks, that day is a golden day“. Thus, they have excelled Aurangazeb, Malikaffur and other iconoclasts and mauraders.


Karunanidhi hobnobbing with Christian forgers, frauds and fake researchers

“Thomas myth” has been exposing the shameless manufacture of evidences
by the spineless Christians. But what is intriguing is the association
and official patronage extended to such frauds by Karunanidhi as CM and
as well as littérateur.



In January 1997, he changed the name “Parangimalai” to “Thomas malai”, however, there were no takers[7].


Deivanayagam[8], John Samuel[9], Moses Michael Faraday[10]
and other fraudulent researchers in Siddhas and Saiva Siddhanta met
Karunanidhi during 1996-2001 periods, as has been accepted by the group
themselves recording in their propagandist literature[11]. Thus, the nexus is evident.


Starting with Arulappa, the Christians have been indulging in the unscrupoulous forgery of Siddhar-literature by all means.


V. Gnanasigamani[12] brought out his exposition “Agattiyar Gnanam” based on one forged work “Agattiyar padalgal”.


followed and of course, here there was some response and he was
completely exposed and the publishers themselves declared that “It was
not a researched work”!.


Samuel was cheating Muruga baktas with his “International conference on
Skanda-Muruka” Private Limited, reportedly a non-profit company
registered under Companies Act has turned to “Thomas fraud”. In his
book, he recorded how they met Karunanidhi and all.


even for the multi-million movie of the “greatest fraud ever made” on
“dobting Thomas”, he has been declared as the “inaugurator” of the
movie by the Christian crooks of forgery and criminals of history.


What Sivavakkiyar says

In fact, he condemns the wrong-interpreters of God and religion. Even
in his times, there had been groups indulging in non-spiritual
activities, that is why Sivavakkiyar has categorically refuted them as


                        Is there your God and our God thus God existing separately,

                        Can God exist here and there as two Gods for two believers,

                        Do not you know that the omnipresent God is one.

                        Those who differentiate God would die with disease in their mouths



are specific poems, which compare Vaishnavite and Saivite branches of
Hindu religion. Sivavakkiyar clearly mentions at many places that,
“There is neither Hari nor Hara”, “Whether Black or Red, both are
equal”, That one who has Chakra and another both live together”, “He is the Lord of Tillai and also that of Tiruvarangam”, “Narayana and Namasivaya are one and the same” and so on.


Why target Sivavakkiyar?

The half-baked readers, scholars and experts of Siddhars have been
playing havoc by all means as they have different motives. Sivavakkiyar
is much hated by the Christians and hence they have been trying to
malign Sivavakkiyar by all means. He has been very specific in
attacking Christianity in many verses. He points out that “spirit”
(avi) cannot speak (183) and questions the “immaculate conception”
(verse. No.217); dividing devan – flesh of christ (Eucharist)
(verse.no.218), criticizing Christian ochre robbed ones (220); As such
concepts are not in India or Indian religion, it is evident that he
criticized them specifically. The retaliation has been as follows.


Saraswati Mahal Publishes a Christian book Blaspheming Saraswati


: In spite of the happenings, that the Christians have chosen to meddle with Institution like Saraswati Mahal


and tried their forged work published is intriguing and shocking. This is about publication of “Sivavakkiyar Veda Sattira Kummi
by the Saraswati Mahal Library Sangam, Tanjavur in 1988. The book has
been blatantly anti-Hindu and a Christian apologetic work composed in
easy colloquial Tamil in 1785 and published by the Protestant
missionaries. However, the 203 years old manuscript suddenly appears in
the library with D. no. 1246 M 895 and A. Panchanathan, Administrative
Officer asked K. Kothandapani to edit and accepted by M. Ram Director
for publication. Accordingly, it was duly published in 1988 with the
notes of publisher and editor.


some scholars read, they found out that Vedanayagam Sastri already
published the said book. Moreover, the book criticizes Hindu practices
in debauched language as follows:


“O Lady of Wisdom, after getting baptism, it is not known how your forehead bears namam, like a shameless person (134).


“O Lady of Wisdom, like the idolaters wearing tilakam on the forehead for fun, can you become more beautiful? (135)


“O Lady of Wisdom, what you say about the people who wear snake emblem embossed dollar (around the neck) and worship Yesu? (137)


“O Lady of Wisdom, what is the meaning of wearing Tali with the symbol of Lakshmi inside? (138)


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