Message behind Massacre in Assam

via Amitabh Tripathi published on January 15, 2007

Recent killings of non-Assamees in state of Assom have again put a big question mark before central government. This unfortunate incident could not be dismissed merely as sporadic violence; it has potential to turn into big regional bigotry.  Just after this unfortunate massacre happened BBC news site in its Hindi version put a question for public forum asking people whether incident in Assom is an indication of growing regional intolerance in India.  Not going into the subjectivity of so-called news site for this public question, I looked towards it as a general impression in public mind behind this problem.


How this unfortunate incident in Assom happened and who should be held responsible for this massacre, Ulfa, ISI as chief minister of Assom Tarun Gogoie has claimed or laxity from government itself. After more than 50 non-Assameese people particularly laborers from Bihar were butchered in two phases in less than 24 hour, chief minister of Assam came out parroting the same song of involvement of secret agency of  Pakistan ISI.. This revelation was nothing new to anybody in this country.  Security and intelligence agencies had come out with detailed proofs earlier how ISI has changed its tactics to develop North-Eastern part of country as new centre of terrorism and for this cause they are using insurgent groups who are fighting for separation of their respective states from India as Ulfa in Assom, Kamatpur liberation front in West Bengal and other insurgent groups here and there.


Last year on the occasion of Krishna Janamashtami when a blast took place in Imphal in a Iskon temple it never become headlines in national news papers and neither any follow up of this incident came in light. This incident was an indication how Islamic terrorists has shifted their policy to bleed India with thousands cut. After this blast in Krishna temple probe in 711 blast also revealed how Islamic terrorists have spread their tentacles in north eastern part of country bordering Bangladesh.


Few times in my earlier articles I have mentioned about the ostrich like attitude of our policy makers to dissolve the problem rather than to resolve it. When blast in a temple took place last year it followed with several arrest of Islamic terrorists in north eastern region with their nefarious designs to target different installations including famous temples as Kamakhya in Assom. Few months back when a bomb exploded in a passenger train is Siliguri in West Bengal, it was found that Bangladesh based Jihadi terrorist organization Jamatul Mujahidin Bangladesh masterminded this operation with help of local insurgent group Kamatpur liberation organization which is fighting to liberate Kamatpur as a separate state. Jamatul Mujahidin Bangladesh is an Islamic fundamentalist organization which has close links with Al-Queda and whose top leaders have been prosecuted for bombing two Judges last year. Now fluid situation in Bangladesh has provided a safe sanctuary to   this organization to strengthen its base. This organization has its training camps in north Bengal as well. 


When anti terrorist squad probe 711 blast in Mumbai it revealed how border areas of Bangladesh turning fast into a sanctuary for Islamic   terrorists. ISI which is using Bangladesh as its new base could operate easily from north-eastern part of nation bordering with Bangladesh.


Recent killings in Assom indicates new strategy of ISI , which is inciting Ulfa to kill more non-Assamese or Hindi speaking people to force them to vacate Assom to make the way for more and more Bangladeshi infiltrators. With help of these illegal infiltrators ISI could more easily fulfill its vision to encroach Indian territories bordering with Bangladesh. Now recent massacre has put a big question mark before UPA government?s resolve to fight against terrorism. In last assembly elections chief minister Tarun  Gogoie not only took support of Ulfa but later he made  former Bodo separatists as his alliance partner giving them important portfolios an organization which still have close links with some underground separatist insurgent groups. After assembly elections when chief minister announced ceasefire with Ulfa it was big blunder from government side, these more than one and half months were used by Ulfa to regroup its cadres and resources. It is still not clear whether government was trying to give peace process a chance or they were bound to oblige insurgents groups for their services in assembly election.


Anyway it is loud and clear that UPA government has learned nothing from its previous mistakes and is marching fast on its policy to create more conducive atmosphere for terrorists. Last week Supreme Court third time has talked tough on the issue of illegal infiltration from Bangladesh. Taking cognizance of a public interest petition filed by a volunteer organization Image India foundation respected Supreme court gave 12 weeks to government to submit its report on the progress of fencing borders with Bangladesh, how many tribunals for foreign nationals has been created in country and till date how many infiltrators has detected and deported so for.


On the issue of infiltration from Bangladesh Government is more calculative for vote bank politics rather than sensitive for national security, people still have in their memory how government defied Supreme court on the issue of IMDT and instead of implementing it they notified fresh ordinance for foreign national tribunals to revive IMDT act, but supreme court again declared it null and void. This incident proves how UPA government is more concerned to woo minorities to their side on the cost of national security.

It is stupidity to expect something bold and genuine steps from this government on the front of national security. In this present scenario when world is fighting against Islamic terrorism and experts in various parts of the world has categorically stated that keeping away Muslims from Shariyat is key to war on terror, this government in its affidavit pleading for parallel Islamic judicial system in name of Shariyat courts Darul-Qaza or Nizam-E-Qaza in the name of article 26 0f constitution. Now it is upto the people of this nation to decide whether they want to live in free and modern society or they want to live in Dhimmi state.    

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