Massacre and rape of innocents in Nandigram by the UPA’s Key Ally

via Kalyanaraman published on November 13, 2007

I can’t understand how the CPM patriarchs who gather in Arun da’s Sunil da’s or Jibon da’s or Bijoy da’s or Swapan da’s or Milon da’s or Modhu da’s or Satyen da’s or Mondal da’s canteen or even the India Coffee House in Chowringhee can put up with this brazen, shameless display of criminals’ capacity to orchestrate red terror.

Is this what communist ideology has degenerated into, and how come the people of West Bengal vote for these goons who call themselves CPM Army?

The media is pathetic. It does not even care about the massacres in Nandigram. What are the wages of fear? Why is the media afraid of CPM Army?

We witness the dismal spectacle of Antonia and Manmohan (with another chamcha Pranab) seeking favors from Karat or Yechury just to stay in power. Maybe it suits Karat to allow this ragtag governance to continue in Bharatam, for after all Karat gang only cares for Chinese national interests.

What is even more shocking is the death of outrage. Where are the citizens of Bharatam who care for the future of this and future generations of this young nation, where is the expression of their concern to protect dharma – a cause which can be advanced by a total ban on the CPM?

This is what happens when we allow ourselves to be governed by an Italian prima donna, forsaking our swaabhimaan.

Vijayan’s notes: Idle CRPF awaits WB orders – Express; 13-11-07

Manan Kumar’s report dated 12-11-07 states that Five Companies of CRPF diverted from Jharkhand to Nandigram “could not achieve much to day” since they had not received any orders from the government. And the CRPF’s Director General has rushed to meet Waste Bengal’s Home Minister, DGP etc, after which some decisions may be taken to issue orders; perhaps in quadruplicate as per standard Red Tape norms. With the Red Czar’s signature of course.

How long has this massacre and rape of innocents in Nandigram by the UPA’s Key Ally been been going on?

For a contrast:

On 27th Feb 2002 a train load of karsevaks was roasted alive by muhammedans led by congress legislators in Godhra.

On 28th Feb 2002, the much-publicised Backlash in Gujerat began. On the same day “Hitler” Modi has requested for Army and armed police help from neighbouring states. Army was deployed the same day. Gujerat Government had issued “shoot at sight” orders to all from Sub-inspectors up. On the 28th 10 hindus were shot dead and another 16 injured by the POLICE FIRING.

On the 1st March 2002 the Army staged a Flag March. Then the muhammedans started their massive counter-attacks, and in three days the death toll was 611, of which 101 was by police action. 61 Hindus and 40 muhammedans killed by police and the rest by rioters of both sides.

As on 5th March 2002 40,000 Hindus were in Releif Camps. No paper except the Gujerati dailies reported this or any of the other data given above.

The Media made much out of a “FACT” – that Modi did not deploy the Army for three days from the date of its posting. Apparently the Media Spinmeisters were not aware that between February 28th and March 1st there is no 29, 30 or 31st.

And five years down the line we still hear the thunder against Modi from all the Loudspeakers of secularism. Tehelka’s Tezpathha does nothing for Nandigram.

“Sathyameva Jayathey” has been deleted from our nation’s logo by a murderous caucus of Italians, muhammedans, maomarxists, dravidians and World Bank stooges

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