Maoist plan to take mayhem to South India and tie-up with Islamists

via By Arun Lakshman /Thiruvananthapuram - Organiser published on June 15, 2010

Interrogation of a senior Maoist reveals startling facts

THE Maoists which is facing some man power crunch in the Northern Indian states is now in the process of increasing and consolidating their presence in the South India. The Andhra police has recently arrested a top operative of the Maoist movement , Nandakumar alias Ranganna alias Pramod from Kannur district in Kerala and on interrogation he has told that he was a top leader in the movement and was deputed to increase his organisational presence in South India with special emphasis on Kerala , Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. He was arrested by the Hyderabad police while he was meeting top Maoist leaders there. Police sources told Organiser that he is a tough nut to crack and that he is giving information only in tits and bits and that he has mastered the art of diverting the interrogation process.

The Maoist leader said that as there is a basic presence in Andhra at the moment, the outfit is planning to increase its presence felt in the other South Indian states to broaden and widen its red corridor.

It may be recalled that the state police had arrested another top leader of the movement Malla Raja Reddy was arrested from Angamaly in Kerala in December 2007. He was also a top functionary of the organisation and was in charge of the South Indian states while operating from Kerala.

A former leader of the Naxalite movement Ramprakash (name changed) while speaking to Organiser said that the Maoist movement in Kerala is gaining momentum as more and more highly educated youths are loosing their trust in the democratic process in the country and at the massive corruption of senior leaders of political parties of all hue and cry. He further said that the Maoist movement will also be not able to solve the issues faced by the country but added that except for the killing and dacoitary conducted by the Maoist’s, he is in support of the rest of the operations of the organisation.

Sources in the central intelligence agencies while speaking to Organiser also said that the Maoist movement is getting physical training from even foreigners in the dense forest lands of Kerala in Idukki and Palakkad districts. He also said that the Maoist movement is also trying to employ extortion tactics in the state to fund its operations.

There are also indications of the involvement of certain Islamic groups with the Maoists for the supply of arms and ammunition to both the fragments and according to reports from the state special branch police and central intelligence agencies, there is a mutual arrangement taking place between the two outfits .

Sources in the RAW indicated that the Lashkar movement in Pakistan has given a green signal to the Indian operatives to have a strategic tie up with the Maoists in India. The idea behind this move is to destabilise India from within as according to another report Lashkar feels that if there is an attack by a foreigner there are all chances of the spirit of India rising and for this they have evolved the scheme of home grown terrorists. However with the Intelligence net work in the country getting some stupendous success in recent times by breaking the terror or jihadi network based in the middle east and in some parts of India, the Lashkar is trying to piggy ride on the infrastructure created by other organisations who are in a fight with the state of India. Here, according to central agencies fits in the Maoist who has a good infrastructure and with the romance of equality being their motto, the Maoists can engage in more youths for their struggle.

There are also reports that the Maoists were using the sea network of LTTE for shipment of arms and ammunitions and some foreign countries, including the erstwhile Soviet block countries were involved in providing the much required arms and ammunitions to the outfit. However with the LTTE crushed, the Maoists are now getting in touch with the LeT for their arms needs which, according to intelligence sources is being gleefully accepted by the LeT.

Sources in the Central intelligence agencies also revealed that the Maoists had in the past year tried to evolve a major network of intelligentsia in the state with the senior Maoist leader Kobad Ghandi being in charge of the operations. However sources told Organiser that this strategy did not work out to the expected levels of the organisation mainly owing to the reluctance of the intelligentsia to quit their comfort zones and to enter into a purely uncertain fight with the government machinery. Sources in the intelligence indicated that even though the game plan of the Maoists and their intelligentsia head, Khobad Ghandi could not rope in the intelligentsia as expected, they had got some highly motivated youngsters with good professional qualifications into the organisational fold.

Sources in the central agencies also told Organiser that the Maoists had conducted a highly confidential meeting in Palakkad district during December 2009 in which representatives of SIMI and groups like Porattam and Ayyankali Pada took part. There were also some sympathisers of the LTTE movement drawn from the border district of Idukki. A former leader of the Naxalite movement from Kerala was instrumental in organising this meeting which had made a blue print of increasing the presence of the Maoists in all districts of the state.

According to information available, the Maoists and the SIMI leadership had chalked out a game plan by which these organisations would jointly support each other in mass movements and had decided to interfere in all issues which would attract the attention of the common man with special emphasis on the middle class and the landless.

The Maoist’s are also trying to increase their influence among the unorganised workers in the state who are mostly from other states and working in Brick Kilns and in the construction industry. Highly placed sources told Organiser that there are several Maoist workers from different parts of the country who are camping in the state as ordinary workers in the construction industry. Their role is to try and educate other workers and to make them aware of their rights and slowly inject the Maoist ideology in these people. The attempt by Khobad Ghandi to rope in the intelligentsia was to educate these transformed youths on the finer points of Maoism and the fight against the Indian state.

The presence of Malla Raja Reddy in Angamaly near Aluva, which is a hot bed of Islamic terrorism and the arrest of a Maoist leader from Kannur district, which is the home district of Islamist terrorist Thadiyantavida Naseer has ,according to central agencies ,some direct links on the modus operandi of the Maoist groups and Islamic terrorists.

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