Manmohan Singh’s dual personality

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on September 20, 2009

 Addressing the Chief ministers conference at New Delhi the Prime Minister revealed that terror groups in Pakistan are planning fresh attacks on India-that there is a surge of infiltration this year which is disturbing and that the area of operation has escalated far beyond J&K and covers all parts of the country. He exposed the hard facts that the infiltrators are more battled hardened, better equipped and is in possession of sophisticated communication equipments.

What small consolation to the people of India this heart sharing and classified secrets .What a step forward in taking the CMs in confidence the PM made in this tough fight against terrorism which the UPA2 has been chanting .But the query is what was the intention of the PM?

Are these threats a sudden development after the infamous meet he had with the PM of Pakistan Yousuf Raza Gilani?
Was this threat valid when our Prime Minister met his counter part at Sharm-el-Sheikh?

But the talks between the two only went to give the impression that both are victims and both will put terrorism down the list of priorities but focus on closer ties with the two countries-that both will continue talking and exchanging dossiers-that there would be closerties between the two countries because of a shared comradeship of being victims of terrorism. Where did the fight against terrorists strikes figure? On the other hand it was sharing of hurt feelings of victims
against a common enemy.

The Prime Minister usually has a double speak: one for the foreign nations and one for Parliament and the Indian populace. The same was replicated in his N-deal dealings .

The Vajpayee-Musharraf Declaration was based on the understanding that the composite dialogue process will resume only after a categorical assurance from Gen Musharraf that territory under Pakistan control will not be used for terrorism against India. It is shocking that Manmohan Singh did not stand by this and insist on such an assurance from Pakistan.

In fact since 2004 the terrorism against India has only increased especially after the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. This government has filed the case against the lone terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab who was captured as being guilty of waging a war against India. It is not within the capacity of one terrorist to wage a war against India-the inference and implicit reference
was that Pakistan had allowed its territory to be used to direct attacks against India.

Moreover it is also known that the military of Pakistan was directing and giving all assistance. On July 12th when the Indian forces captured two armed Pakistani terrorists who had infiltrated into India these two revealed that they belonged to a group of militants trained in
POK to attack the Baglihar dam. Another shocking piece of information they revealed was that a secret tunnel was being built near the border town of Sailkot for infiltration into India.

It is against this background and well equipped with such terrifying and disturbing information that Manmohan Singh met Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani at Sharam el-Sheikh. One would have expected Manmohan Singh to take a tough stand or at least stay within the composite dialogue limits. What is the need to have a dialogue with a country which cannot
give us the assurance that its territory will not be used to breed terrorism against India? And now to present the disturbing fact that infiltrators have escalated into other parts of the country makes it almost a purposeful betrayal of the people by Manmohan Singh. It only
exposes Manmohan Singh’s dual personality .One for external dealings and the other for internal.

What did he expect the CMS to do-suggest that he continues with his dialogue and keep exchanging dossiers with Pakistan? Does the PM expect the CMs to sympathize with him that he is grappling with such cross border terrorism in a tough way that all internal differences must be buried and extend full support for the Prime Minister who equated Pakistan with India? Which is the true person of the Prime Minister when he put forth this terrorist threat or when he asserted that we cannot wish away Pakistan as our neighbor? We Indians are great
talkers. Pranab Mukherjee came to his rescue when he added that we cannot send the army to Pakistan-Why not if need be. So the PM must clearly articulate how he intends to act to meet this challenge from Pakistan.

This is a matter that cannot be just debated and forgotten. For non-issues all political parties stand united but when it comes to make Pakistan abide by its earlier Declaration and insist on a categorical assurance of not abetting terrorism against India our PM failed. Should the PM not be the leader of this nation and is it not his political moral responsibility and obligation to ensure the territorial sovereignty of India and guarantee the security of its people? But he chose to toe the line of the USA-which blows hot and cold. Hence Manmohan Singh’s meet with Yousuf Raza Gilani ended in a fiasco as far as India’s security is concerned when our
PM emphasized that it is only through dialogue, communication, and ties with Pakistan can a relevant and meaningful relationship be established.Manmohan Singh did not hesitate to throw the “composite dialogue” frame of reference.

Terrorism became a non-issue at the Sharam-el-Sheikh. India was looking with great expectations that the PM would use the opportunity to send out a strong message that unless and until Pakistan gives a firm assurance that it will not abet terrorism (its armies were and are) India has no need to keep exchanging dossiers, and continuing talks which are meaningless political games. Manmohan Singh failed miserably on this count and he cut a sorry figure to stand before the CMs and state that the government has information of India being targeted by terrorists. What a news item it made and what a sharing of a classified secret!!

If in future there are terrorists attacks, the nation will not accept the lame excuses of the UPA-2 government and its soft policy. No apology, no promises no assurances and no compensations-will satisfy the people. The blame will be solely the making of Manmohan Singh-his utter failure as the PM .Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the Congress party cannot escape their roles in this anti-people soft policy against terrorism augmented with its appeasement
policy. It is relevant to note that he in the same breath to pick at Karnataka and the communal tensions there-something which the Congress alone perceives because it a BJP ruled State. Mr Manmohan Singh will not suffer from sleepless nights with this and more-and the people of India are aware what causes him to loose his sleep.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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