Mamooty’s folly

via HK Correspondent published on May 9, 2007

Chennai: When Mammooty swayed his magic over the left youth at the DYFI
National conference, the youngsters got a taste of the actor’s magic.

Inorder to justify the invitation to the meet he hasn’t forgot to shower sweet talk on the violent youth brigade of communist’s. Mammooty made a very tall claim. He told the 300 off members that if the DYFI was stronger in Gujarat the riots wouldn’t have happened! And the actor conveniently forgets that many of the accused in Maradu carnage of eight Hindus are members of the very same organization!     

It’s ironical that a person of his calibre who is known to be well read should make such a statement. A look into history and the past of the communist movement will clearly show that it has only been with violence they have ruled and lost!

The DYFI is now simply an organisation that is entangled in the power
politics of the politburo. The cadres are used by the party bigwigs to settle their own personal scores. The DYFI came into prominence because of the violence they unleashed in the mid 80’s. They used their muscle power to catapult the SFI into power in all the campuses around the state. But today the organisation is facing a problem as violence no more attracts the new generation and the DYFI has no ideological commitment to give back.

The left parties have always used their aged leaders and martyrs to keep their flock together. They are intellectually bankrupt and are forced to bring entrepreneurs like film star Mammooty to keep the spirit of the organisation alive.

To say that the DYFI can bring a play bigger role in Jammu and Kashmir is a bigger farce. The communist can fight their wars from the jungles and from hiding. They are well known to attack when the opposition is least expecting. Gone are the days of the great communist thinkers and activists who fought and gave their life for their ideology. Today’s communists are simply politically inclined and have no attachment to any of the values once the organisation stood for.

And Sri. mamooty expects this half hearted spineless cadre to fight in Kashmir? The best they would be to give of more land to the comrades the Chinese from across the border. Mammooty needs to think why the communist ideology has not yet been able to penetrate the Northern  belt of India except for some small areas. The leaning of the leftists during the Chinese aggression in our country is well known.

Today the party is in a crisis with their secret allies, the NDF,Targeting their own workers in many places. The party stands helpless as they have already made their agreement to turn a blind eye. It’s a known fact that many of the Mamooty fans associations are the breeding ground for the NDF terrorists in Kerala.

Sri Mammoty is best suited to continue in the role tailored for the party for him. To run the party channel and its enterprise rather than indulge with half baked knowledge of false ideology and politics.

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