Maino’s mockery of Mahatma’s legacy

via HARAN.B.R published on February 4, 2007

The INC (Italian National’s Congress) has celebrated the centenary of Mahatma’s Satyagraha movement last week in ‘Five Star’ style at the State’s expenses to project its leader Maino Gandhi and her son Raoul Gandhi in the international arena. It was a farce in the sense that not even a single ‘true’ Gandhian was invited to speak in the function. The deliberations in the conference have had nothing in connection with the Mahatma or his legacy.   Even though the Congress party claims to be the sole successor of Gandhi’s legacy, it is an open secret that the party doesn’t have even an iota of connection with the legacy of the Mahatma. It has been a deceitful campaign by the Nehru family to hoodwink the people with the ‘Gandhi’ suffix added to their names, whether Indian or Italian, and the Nehru dynasty has also been successful in their attempts with the help of the secular media. In this context, we should do a little ‘flash back’ and look into the happenings, especially in the recent past after the UPA’s coming to power under the ‘Super Prime Minister – Lady of Renunciation’.  


 The recent happenings indicate that there has been a sustained attempt to tarnish the image of Mahatma, while simultaneously transferring the legacy of Gandhi to the ownership of Nehru family. Normally, the congress men remember the Mahatma only during his birth & death anniversaries and Independence & Republic days by wearing his trademark ‘caps’. But, in the year before last, the party under the leadership of Sonia, made a mockery of ‘Salt Satyagraha’ by taking out a ‘Dhandi March’ in Gujarat and continued that mockery during last year’s miserable show of Vande Mataram centenary. While the party insulted the National Song by creating an unnecessary, unwarranted & unholy debate on its singing, by the blunder of HRD minister Arjun Singh, the Congress president & the Prime Minister insulted the National Song by not participating in the singing of the great national song and showed their utter disregard.


 The Gujarat Congress man Shankar Singh Vaghela, who had openly said that he is a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages, had under taken a 58hrs fast in front of the Sabarmathi Ashram for the cause of prohibition. The Mahatma fought for the freedom of the whole country and not only for Gujarat and if at all the country respects his views on ‘drinking’, prohibition should be promulgated through out the country. It is also an open secret that ‘alcohol’ has been available in Gujarat in the black markets for years and hence the present government’s attempt to ease the prohibition laws should be taken in a sportive manner. In this backdrop, Vaghela’s protest is seen as only ‘anti-Modi’ and not ‘for-prohibition’.


In the mean time, the dead & buried story of RSS’s involvement in the assassination of Gandhi has been revived by the leftist liberals & Congress men as they have developed cold feet over the great success of the Centenary celebrations of Guruji Golwalkar. In an attempt to belittle Guruji Golwalkar & denigrate RSS, many articles were written and the centenary celebrations were given the so-called communal & fundamentalist colour. The Muslim fundamentalists were deliberately induced to provoke the Hindus & attack the Virat Hindu Samajotsavas, resulting in death & destruction of Hindus & public proerties.


 Even the Mahatma’s grand sons have fallen in line with the aspirations of the Congress leadership by bringing disrepute to their grand father, who is adored as the ‘Father ‘ of the Nation by the millions of Indians. Rajmohan Gandhi, in his recently launched book, “Mohan Das-A true story of a Man, his people and an Empire” has talked about an alleged love affair between Gandhi & a Bengali lady named Sarala Devi (niece of Tagore, who gave the title “Mahatma” to Gandhi), which was supposedly thwarted by Rajaji, Mahadeva Desai & others in Gandhi’s close circle. Gandhi’s another grand son, Thushar Gandhi released another book on Gandhi titled “Let’s kill Gandhi”, where in, he makes an allegation that the Brhmins conspired to eliminate Gandhi in order to make India as a Hindu Rashtra. He has said that, the Brahmins made repeated attempts from 1935 onwards and finally succeeded in 1948, so that they could be the dominant community of the established Hindu Nation. Just because these two men are Gandhi’s grand sons, it doesn’t mean that they can write anything & every thing about the Mahatma, especially when no one belonging to that period of time is alive to deny or support these allegations, and get away with it. These two grand sons have undoubtedly brought disrepute to the Mahatma under the aegis of Sonia & Co.


 The Mahatma’s legacy is for the millions of the country and not for the minuscule Maino from Italy.

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