Looting Hindu Temples – A Secular Right

via K Vijayan published on July 6, 2011

If you were under the impression that our Secular Democratic Fake Gandian Government has been looting only via Queen’s Batons, Spectrum and Public Sector Undertakings perish the thought.

The legacy of Ghoris, Ghaznis and Clives has not been forgotten and Hindu Temples, as always over the last 1500 plus years continue to be the target of Looting by Alien Invaders, only nowadays they pass themselves off as “Elected Representatives” of the Indian people.
Our temples are continuing to pay Ransom, Bribes, Bounty, Compulsory Gift, Tribute, Jeeziya, Protection Money, Taxation-without-representation, commandeering, liberation or whatever else you may call it, of their revenues as well as Real Estate by aliens, for aliens.
More than two-thirds of Temple revenues, the cash gifts given by Hindu devotees is being diverted to Muslims and Christians for their Religious activities, and perhaps a small portion goes for “Social Causes” sponsored by Atheistic Governments.

This does not include the Land Grab by the State, which simply “donates” Temple Lands for building Memorials to Fake Indian Nethas, Colleges or Deemed and unredeemed Universities bearing the names of Atheists, Aliens and non-Hindus.

As per data received from the Revenue Section of Tourism and Temples, Government of Karnataka, and published by the Art of Living Foundation in Arsha Vidya Newsletter of Decemeber 2003, Hindu Temples received a total of 391.4 Crores Rupees during the five-year period 1997 to 2002, which was “spent” as follows:-

Temple Expenses – – – -  84.0      Crore  (21.46%)
Madrassa Haj       – – – – 180.4     Crore  (46%)
Church                  – – – -    44.0     Crore   (11.24%)
OTHERS              – – – -    83.0      Crore   (21.2%)
                        TOTAL   391.4      Crore  
As can be seen only a little over one fifth of the Temple revenues are being utilised for the Temples’ work.

Another twenty percent appears to have been deployed for Secular Government’s unmentionable uses, excluding the cost of buying and running air-conditioned luxury cars for the Mandarins of the State Bureaucracy, which goes to the Temple Expenses Account though the Temple Staff may not even get a glimpse of these cars.

Sixty percent is being used for Churches and Mosques and the christians and mohammedans running them to carry out their tasks of Soul Harvesting, Subversion, Secession, Iconoclasty, Ethnic Cleansing and other Social Activities.

And these are just the figures of just one State. Hindu Temples are now being desecrated in the name of “opening up” their vaults in lightning swoops for no apparent reason, and their Treasures are now being “valued” in the Media, amidst speculations of the Good, Secular, Uplifting Uses to which they could be put.

So why are the 22 Sealed Chambers of the Taj Mahal not being opened up and contents thrown open to Public Gaze – after proper audit of course? Or the Treasures of the San Thome, Gyan Vapi Mosque, Bum Jesus, Velankanni, Ajmer Dargah etc etc all of which have been built on destroyed Hindu Temples using sacred Hindu Idols as building blocks?
Is it because only bombs, RDX, AK47s, Chemical and Bio-Warfare arsenals, stinking corpses of missing-abused children, counterfeit Indian Currency, Hard Drugs, and Hindu Artifacts, will be found there?

And is this sudden spate of assaults on Hindu Temples, Hindu Ashrams and Hindu Gurus the Alien-led UPA’s attempt to take the heat off the numerous Scams, impending arrest of its Italian and American Patroness / Patron, and the unexpectedly aggressive Gandhi-cap sections of the Lokpal Movement?

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