Let Us Face It

via Dr.P.E.S.Kartha published on September 23, 2006

We should be proud of the fact that India has graduated from the stage of importing jihadis from Pakistan , which is ever-helpful in such matters, to the self sufficiency in the home-grown variety of this species.

Let us face the truth that the terrorists never had it so good anywhere, than in the world’s one and only Secular Land.

The predictable routine of our leaders after every terrorist strike reads like the script of a Bollywood masala; to start with, all VVIPs worth their Z-grade security, from PM downwards, express shock, condemn the evil enemy designs; declare piously that we won’t bend before terrorism (Obviously! Because it is physically impossible to bend from our permanent posture of prostration), visit to the hit-site/hospitals to delay the rescue/relief operations, have a photo session with the injured victims, profusely congratulate the spirit of the victims for facing the terrorist attack boldly (as if they had many other options!), and by next morning forget the whole thing till the next strike. Then repeat the whole drama with a better performance. Terror merchants know this so well that they laugh at the politicians and the tolerant people with every hit. They know that their life is much easier here than in US & UK where the first terrorist hit has almost become the last one, at least as of now.

Let us face the fact that India has graduated from the stage of importing jihadis to the self sufficiency in the home-grown variety of this species.

The terrorism now is 100 % brand India and not at all a smuggled fake or of foreign make. Only for certain premium types and some advanced technologies, we may have to place order with the well known Bangladesh/Pak establishments. We know it, others know it, but we cannot tell our Government, secular parties and media, as their collective heads are under the sand!!

Let us face the reality that Islam is an army of blind soldiers who in truth are POWs, controlled by a few cunning/manipulating clerics.

It is not the ordinary followers of the Semitic religions who rupture the precious ozone layer of India , the social fabric of our land, but it’s the handiwork of the clergy or clerics of these religions which is brimming with vested interests.  We should also accept the fact that there prevails in Islam from its inception, a forced ignorance, at the societal level, due to the denial of modern education to the majority of children and women; an ignorance of any thing other than the dogma of orthodoxy which is cleverly induced at the Madrassa stage itself. Such imposed or made-to-order ignorance in the Islamic society has always created an enormous army of ‘blind’ soldiers who could be stimulated to ‘do or die mode’ by a simple Friday oration. In effect, it means the majority of the Islamic followers are ‘POW’s (Prisoners Of War) fashioned by the archetypical Islamic theology, operating under the stern control of a few cunning and manipulating clerics.

Let us face the fact that Christianity is clever, cunning, manipulative and covert, Muslim actions are more or less predictable.

Similar is the situation for Christianity too, of course with a major difference. Here POW analogy is not really applicable. The Christian followers normally take an independent decision to abide by or not, of the dictums of the priesthood. (In contrast, the hallmark of Hindus is that we invariably go intentionally against the advice of our Acharyas). This is the reason why we do not observe any ‘en mass eruption’ in a Christian society vis-à-vis issues such as ‘cartoons’ as much as we do in a Muslim world. This does not mean that we may take the Christians for granted. Christian priesthood is not a bunch of nitwits to not to understand this aspect. So they use very clever manipulative mind-moulding techniques to keep all the sheep in a unified group on any major issue. It is not for fun, the torturously long theological courses are mandatory for the Christian clergy. These courses invariably contain advanced treatment of Psychology and behavioural dynamics of individuals and groups. If truth be told, we can take Muslims for granted as their modus operandy is mostly overt and we can do the same with Christians to our peril as their modus is invariably covert.

 Let us face that, millenniums old Hinduism will not survive another 25 years with our present attitude and internal divisions.

Hinduism has survived for thousands of years! Yes it is true. Yet, will it continue to do so for another 25 years. Doubtful! All the forces that were individually attacking and assaulting us at different times for more than thousand years are together now, against us at the same time now with unimaginably huge resources under their disposal. The situation is bleaker for another reason too at this time around; that is, the number of Trojan horses among us is much more than at any other point of time earlier. Of course we don’t call them Trojan horses. We have lovingly labelled them as secularists, communists of a dozen or more flavours and intellectuals of IQ that ranges from single to double digit. With such dependable siblings we have in our family, why do we need any outside help to complete the last rites of Hinduism.

Let us face the fact that Universal Brotherhood is not for mental and physical marauders

We talk of universal brotherhood. We forget it works only on a level field, as we cannot preach that to a marauder or a fanatic or some one who plot your elimination. Here the only language that works is that of Power evolved from truth, justice and faith. Unless we wage a war on our distracters and the assaulting marauders by employing the power derived from the truth of our cause, justice in our approach and the undeterred faith in the Sanathana Dharma, our future is doomed. This is not a statement borne out of cynicism but of pure logical analysis.

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