Left Liberals and English Media’s love for M.F.Hussein

via H.Balakrishnan published on May 14, 2007

MF Hussein is again in news, Left Liberals and English Media had restarted a sanctimonious ‘secular’ hogwash that is served by them since decades with monotonous regularity!!


Tears are shed for MF Hussain. However, the felicity of the Indian ‘liberal’ to ‘double standards’ is stunning to say the least!! The very same ‘liberals’ denounced unambiguously the publication of the cartoons pertaining to Prophet Mohammed.The common thread that ran through their angry outbursts,editorials included,was that ‘freedom of speech’ does not entail the right to hurt the religious sentiments of people. But when M.F.Hussain paints a nude Bharatmata sitting on the tail of Hanuman,the cry goes out that ‘creativity’ ought to have no boundaries!! If that is not ‘double-speak’, I wonder what else it is?


In April 2004, the Delhi High Court had found Hussain guilty of hurting of religious sentiments. The Honourable Justice Kapoor stated,


 “If one has been granted unlimited freedom, one is required or expected to use it for good purpose and not with malicious intention, to defame or degrade.Religious deities may be mythological,as these immortals are held in highest esteem and over a period become part of one’s day to day religious life to such an extent that anything adverse said or printed or painted hurts the religious feelings immensely. Any objectionable, demeaning caricature or painting of religious deities or gods or goddesses of any particular religion creates disharmony and ill will amongst different communities.Even if it is presumed that such a painting is a piece of art still one cannot be oblivious of the fact that depiction of these deities or goddesses in full nudity comes within the mischief of deliberate and malicious act intended to outrage religious feelings of concerned religion as these goddesses are worshiped by crores of people. …. Under the garb of freedom of expression no person can be allowed to hurt the religious feelings of any class of people. This should be known more to the petitioner who belongs to a different religion. If the petitioner wants to gauge the depth and the unflinching nature of religious feelings he may venture and try his hand at his own or any other religion and see how sensitive religious feelings and beliefs are. Such acts promote enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and are prejudicial to maintenance of harmony. It is the effect that is guiding and determining criteria.” In my opinion,the Hussain paintings were nothing short of lewd pornography.


The French journalist,Francois Gautier,has a telling comment to make on the so called Indian ‘secularist’,in his book “Arise ‘o’ India“: Elaborating the dangers facing India today, Gautier wrote that India’s upper-class the cream of this nation appear to enjoy India-bashing-


“Their parameters appear to be set by what the West thinks about India, by Amnesty International’s comments on their nation. They want to apply to India the same norms, which are used in the Industrialised world. And extraordinarily, many of India’s elite ridicule what makes this country unique in the world, what no other nation in the world possesses; Dharma, true Hinduism; the knowledge passed down by thousands of sages, saints, yogis, sadhus of the Eternal Truth, that which passed down by thousands of sages, saints yogis, sadhus of the Eternal Truth, that which gives meaning to this otherwise senseless life and which the West has totally lost: the Wheel of life, the endless rebirths and ultimately the evolutionary Ascension of man towards the Ultimate Truth.”


In his most readble “Profiles in Deception-Ayodhya and The Dead Sea Scrolls”,the mathematician turned historian,Dr,N.S.Rajaram wrote:


“Toput things in perspective,here is the real concern of the Secularists and their Muslim allies:the simultaneous exposure of the Islamic recordof vandalism,and the VENALITY and the DISHONESTY of SECULARIST ‘SCHOLARS’in concealing this record.Raising up the bogey of ‘Hindu Communalism’ is simply their main diversionary tactic.” Wonder whether Dr.N.S.Rajaram had the likes of the writer of the Article in mind?!!


Arun Shourie has an even better description for the Indian ‘liberal’,
in his ‘A Secular Agenda’:


“They denounce Hinduism in public but consult astrologers in private and get ‘Paaths’ and Havans’ done in closets.They glorify the masses but denounce the sentiments of the masses for Rama. They denounce our tradition donning modernism,but hail every politician with a casteist plank.They proclaim ‘India is NOT one Nation’,and give as proof the Muslims’ different perceptions of our past.And simultaneously proclaim, ‘Muslims are an integral part of India,they are as loyal to India as anyone and give as proof the performance of Muslim soldiers in wars against against Pakistan.Every effort to remind us of our commononlaties,they denounce as a design to swallow up the minorities.And then the absence of fervour for those common elements they proclaim as proof of our NOT being ONE NATION!!”


Acharya Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley),Director,American Institute of Vedic Studies,Sanata Fe,New Mexico,U.S.A., in his “Arise Arjuna” wrote:


“What the English language news media of India portrays as a battle between modern secular liberals and backward Hindu fundamentalists is more commonly a struggle between a corrupt and rigid communist-socialist elite and traditional Hindu spiritual groups concerned with the real welfare of the country.The so called militant Hindu fundamentalists are seldom really militant or fundamentalist,but simply voice a political dissent.The so called secular liberals include corrupt politicians sustaining themselves by various vote banks through promoting social division along religious and caste lines-the very thing they accuse the Hindus of doing.”


The current stand of so called liberals reminded me of a statement in the Katha Upanishad:


“Living in the midst of ignorance,considering themselves to be wise,the deluded wander confused, like the blind led by the blind”.


The Upanishads saw, thousands of years ago, that materialistic thinkers who regard that this world is the only reality only lead us to ignorance and sorrow.


As Acharya Vamadeva Shastri puts it:


“It is about time that the people of India started heeding the words of their ancient sages,even if it means questioning modern professors”.


Now,I wonder ‘WHO IS BEING HYPOCRITICAL’? Baker Street would quip-“Elementary Dear Watson”!! Cheers!!



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