Learn more about this conspiracy to make India a Christian Nation

via Courtesy: Sathish Chandra published on May 19, 2011

‘Yeh Hain Asaliyat’ (This is Reality) is one of the pamphlets published in Hindi by the Ahmedabad-based Bharat Jagrati Morcha

Excerpts from Yeh Hai Asaliyat:

‘Missionaries want to convert poor and innocent Hindu tribals and destroy our Vaidik Hindu religion, culture. Missionaries use our money to convert Hindus. Missionaries create enmity among the people. Through conversion, they want to create a vote bank and want to make us slaves again. Missionaries talk about secularism of Hindu religion but they misuse it. We have been tolerating all their dirty games and now we will not allow any missionaries to convert Hindus anymore. If we will not protect the Hindu religion then who will protect it?
‘We have been slaves for so many years, and now the time has come to free ourselves and others. Let us wake up and not allow missionaries to fulfill their agenda…..

‘Is the Bible a religious book? Was Jesus the Messiah of love?

‘This is an open challenge to all missionaries to debate on scriptures.
‘Missionaries’ conspiracy to create trouble in India.

‘Missionaries abuse Mothers Goddess Gayatri, Kalika, Amba, God Krishna and Shiv, sometimes Guru Nanak, Kabirji, Buddha and Hindu saints, and create disbelief among the Hindus and convert them. Missionaries spread Christianity in India through TV and print media. They have captured Nagaland, Manipur, and Meghalaya and they succeeded in raising a vote bank there. They take support of anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi and others directly or indirectly and plan to create trouble in the country.

‘Missionaries try to play a dirty game to rule in India. They try to create trouble between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. While serving the poor and innocent people, they say Jesus is your only saviour, do not worship others Gods. Missionaries take advantage of innocent Hindus and spread Christianity. Oh, missionaries, there are many sick people in African and European countries. There are many priests who are suffering from AIDS and they need your service there.

‘Now, our Hindus will know of your conspiracy and will teach you a lesson. Our print and electronic media were sold and you use the media for your dirty game. Now be careful. Now our Hindus will wake up and destroy your plan. You have disgraced Hindus through publishing cartoons and wrong information. Some women and ideal people demonstrated and took out a rally against conversion and missionaries. They burnt all the newspapers articles and shouted slogans against the media and went to their offices. At last the newspaper owner of the newspapers had to say ‘Sorry’ for it.

‘Kindly read ‘RUSHI’ magazine which is based on foreign newspaper articles that will tell you about the missionaries’ behavior and their work. You are most welcome to debate on Jesus and conversion. Is it a true picture of Jesus what you are showing? Your secrets are revealed by your own scientists. Your own country is sending priests to jail. If you continue to convert Hindus and create trouble in India, you would be punished for it.

A Conspiracy to Make India a Christian Nation (Isahi Rashtra)

‘Excess is bad in every sector. A bad thing is Bad only, and there is no question of immorality or excess. When tolerance crosses the limit then it is considered a bad thing.

‘Religious tolerance is a good quality. No one should interfere with other’s religious activities. Only Hindus have put into practice religious tolerance in the world. There is no exaggeration in saying those other religions’ followers and priests have taught only intolerance. But for the last so many years, the Hindus have experienced the interference of other religions, and now it has crossed the border of their tolerance. Now Hindus feel that missionaries think that it is their right and duty to interfere into Hindu religion.

‘Nowadays missionaries attack the Hindu religion which Hindus cannot forget.
‘India is a secular country and the government protects secularism. According to the Constitution all religions have the right to spread their religion in the country. But it does not mean that you should speak against any other religion.

Missionaries abuse the Hindu religion and try to establish Christianity.

‘It is an open conspiracy to destroy the Hindu religion by missionaries in India and this has been going on for a long time. We have neglected this and so, day by day, it becomes stronger and stronger… What is their intention, to spread Christianity? Kindly read this leaflet and understand their intention.

”Light of Life’ (July 1964) a Catholic magazine, says to all young Christians “All Christian school students and graduate students It is your duty to write articles on Christianity in different secular magazines. It is not necessary to write articles about Christianity in the beginning but start with different subjects and slowly write about Christianity.

‘What is this? This is an open challenge and invitation to write articles for secular magazines in India. It is a conspiracy. When the country wants to bring all religions together under secularism, but missionaries provoke all young Christians in the name of religion.

‘This is the time for Hindus to challenge the missionaries’ conspiracy. To protect our religion and national unity, do we all realize that this is the time to raise our voice and try to destroy the missionaries’ dirty games? If you ignore such a situation, then one day missionaries will destroy all Hindus will rule in India.

‘It is true that it is not easy for missionaries to deceive Hindus easily. Due to religious tolerance of Hindus, missionaries want to convert only Hindus. And due to this tolerance, more Hindus are involved in conversion.

‘Missionaries cannot convert people from other religions because they are very conservative in their religion. The missionaries feel jealous seeing a big population of non-Christians in India. Missionaries cannot see this and so they dream of establishing Christianity in India and want to make “Isahi Bharat” at any cost….

‘It is the Hindu’s religious duty to protect themselves and spend their whole life to stop the missionaries’ conspiracy otherwise you would be in danger.

‘It is true that Western countries send their agents to India and try to rule in the name of religion. Let us join hands and protect ourselves against the missionaries’ conspiracy.

Shree Ram Sharma Acharya:

‘Roman and Greek culture were destroyed due to conversion.
‘Conversion is part of the conspiracy to destroy Hindu culture. Stop it and bring awareness.
‘Conversion creates animus between two brothers.
‘Conversion is unconstitutional.
‘Missionaries do not serve the poor people but they bring partition.
‘Conversion not only reduces Hindus but is also a conspiracy to increase enmity.

‘Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi, many Hindu priests and social prominent leaders protested against conversion. So stop the conversion and protect your country.

‘Conversion divides the country. There is a ban on conversion in Muslim countries.

‘When a Hindu becomes a Christian, it does not mean that there is one Hindu less in society but that one more enemy has increased for Hindu society…

‘Many innocent Hindu women, men and children were killed by missionaries in Goa. They demolished 280 temples. They banned Hindu marriage, culture, belief etc. Some women refused to surrender their lives to missionaries and did not submit to adultery, so all women were put behind bars and declared criminal, and were burnt alive. (The Goa Inquisition AK Priyalakar, Pg. 175)

‘Christian missionary Mother Teresa tried to convert Ms. Kusum and Kishori others too. (Tarun Bharat: Mumbai Letter 12.24. 1991)

‘When Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India, home minister Mr. Yogendra Macwana ordered Mother Teresa to leave Madhya Pradesh for a case of conversion.

‘When Mother Teresa was asked, why do you not help poor without conversion, she said that it is written in the Bible that only the baptised people will be saved and others will be killed. The BBC declared Mother Teresa as a ‘fairy of hell’ (Vatican Teresa- Sovera, BDB Pg. 131)

‘When Rajiv Gandhi married Sonia, he was converted. And now Sonia is helping all missionaries and working as a Watch Dog’. She hopes that the government may not put a ban on conversion. (Vatican Teresa-Sonia, Pg. 19 and Young India special supplement 15-8-94).

‘There is a conspiracy to convert the hilly area of UP in a Yoga Ashram, and also 120 kilometres away from Ahmedabad there is a Sanyash Ashram where conversion is going on. In both these places there is a statue of Jesus seated on a lotus.

‘What is the intention of missionaries? First, convert Hindu people and make all states like Nagaland and follow the East India Company’s policy to enslave the country.

(Note: For further information, kindly read Satyarth Prakash by Maharshi Dayanandji)…

‘So we want to warn you that do not leave your own Vedic religion.
‘We want our demands to be fulfilled as follows:

‘1. Like in Madhya Pradesh, a ban on all religious conversion and all foreign missionaries and priests.

‘2. According to the Constitution’s Article 343, all government offices must stop speaking in English and must speak Hindi only. Symbols of slavery – the black coat, tie, the “English” year, the word “India”, etc. should be stopped completely.

‘3. English language and foreign leaders should be removed from government publications and only freedom fighters’ photos should be published…

‘4. Publish history, photos of freedom fighters, Ramayan, Manusmruti and Chanakya stories in the text books and teach students about them. Remove names like Babur, Timur, Chenghis Khan, Clive and other foreigners and their histories.

‘5. Implement an equal law for all. Those who have more than two children should not be given any help from the government. Ban cemeteries and stop making graves like developed countries, Singapore, Japan and China.

‘6. Hindi should be the main language in all sectors and a ban on convent schools and schools which create divisions like English medium schools should be effected.

‘Missionaries have been abusing and condemning our gods and the Hindu religion for so many years. The Niyogi commission report (3.55) says that Christian priests preach that ‘Ram and Krishna can not be saviours because Krishna was a thief and Ram was a sinner. Only the Christian religion can save you.”

‘The Intention of conversion:

‘Missionaries want to convert poor people in 5 lakh villages and break India into small pieces so you can rob all the time. Sonia Gandhi wants to make India a ‘Christian land’ and hand it over to the Pope, so missionaries can build 9 lakh churches in India.

‘Conversion has increased since Sonia became the president of Congress (I). Mother Teresa has never tried to remove the sorrow of people and wanted the poor to always remain poor so she can continue conversion. And still our Hindus are sleeping.

‘Distorted of Western culture:

‘Today in the world we see hatred, no peace; injustice, terrorism, war, bombs and sex, selfishness, AIDS, divorce, insult of parents, these have come from western culture. The Christian religion has no spirituality, control and truth so you will find adultery, divorce, etc. in Western countries. When missionaries claim that Jesus is the only saviour why can you not save Western culture?..

‘Forcible and fraudulent religious conversions:

‘The Church is giving money, food and cloth on credit to the poor and if they do not return the money the poor are converted. Missionary schools teach only about Jesus and preach hatred against the Hindu religion. Missionaries give testimony that many patients are cured, a blind can see now and a handicapped walk and talk about miracles to convert innocent tribals. Christians get married to Hindu girls and convert them. Many missionaries wear saffron uniforms like Hindu Sadhus and have an arti in the church and convert ignorant Hindus.

The church has a big and secret plan to convert people. Information about this is given below:

‘(1) 41 lakhs preachers and priests (2) Annual budget of 65,000 crores (3) 1,800 private TV and radio stations (4) 13,000 Libraries regarding the Christian religion.

‘(1) Make 1 lakh new preachers (2) Distribute 10 crore Bibles in North India (3) Build a church in every village and give a Bible to each person.

‘1,200 institutions received Rs. 1,400 crore from foreign countries in India. Today they receive more than this.

‘According to their plan, from 1971 to 1981 the population increased by 1068% in Arunachal Pradesh. (Organiser 27-9-1998) According to ‘Observer’ opinion, missionaries could convert lakhs of poor people from Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi alone. Missionaries could convert 23 crore people from all over the world. It happened because we Hindus are not aware of the situation. We are cowards…

‘This is the reality of Christian missionaries schools

‘The Gujarat Samachar (July 17, 2003) reported that the Hossana School which is run by Christian missionary in Odhav banned the wearing of bangles and chains and anklets and putting “tilaks” and also the national anthem in the school. And also ordered students to wear a particular uniform. Missionaries know very well that if the students do not follow all the above things then they will remain Hindu and later on they will find it difficult to convert the students. If students do not follow the rules and break the law then they will be punished.
‘Recently, one student came dressed in a salvar with a tilak, so she was beaten. When some teachers protested this punishment, they were dismissed from the school immediately. Many parents and students demonstrated and shouted slogans against the injustice. Later on, the education department and police took action against the school.

‘We can see that missionaries teach students about Christianity and destroy the Hindu culture. All parents think that convent and missionaries schools teach high level and good education for a better future but parents do not know that missionaries schools teach to destroy Hindu culture and our gods…

‘If Hindus do not protect the Hindu religion then who will protect it?

‘Opinion of Jack T Chink: When Roman Catholics are in a minority, they become bashful like sheep. But when they become the majority, they attack others.

‘One’s own religion is the best. To die in one’s own religion is good. The religion of others causes fear. (Shreemad Bhagvat Geeta 3/35)

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