Lady Macbeth is back

via Radha Rajan published on November 2, 2010

Not a leaf (including the leaf of corruption) moves without the knowledge of the INC’s imported first family. The INC long long ago, when it failed to defend Aurobindo, Tilak and Savarkar in court, when it failed to defend the Bengal revolutionaries in court, with all its useless Hindu lawyers, made a choice between sharing power with the British and nationalism.
The INC under Naoroji, Gokhale and Gandhi chose sharing power over nationalism and total political freedom. The INC by clinging to Italian saree pallu today is a faithful inheriter of the Gokhale heritage.
It would rather spit, and here I mean Pranab Mukherjee and P Chidambaram who like the useless Hindus of the Gokhale-Gandhi led INC sacrificed the Hindu nationalists, Bengal revolutionaries and Bose’s INA, spit on the RSS and raise the bogey of saffron terroor and the razing to the ground of the upstart mosque, instead of rebuilding a wholly Indian INC, who is pushing this nation into colonial control again.
Pranab Mukherjee, P Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh and other Hindus are a disgrace to their religion, their dharma and their bhumi when they spit on Hindus to serve their foreign boss lady and her offspring.
Hindus and Hindus alone are to blame for the state of the Hindu nation. Saffron terror? Mukherjee must go down on his knees and thank the good lord that there is no such thing. If and when it really happens, Hinduism’s adversaries wont have the voice to speak about it.  
The BJP can make a serious effort to capture the political space it willingly and cravenly abdicated to Lady Macbeth’s INC only when it sees the anti-Hindu nature of the INC and begins to articulate it without making silly noises about secularism.
In the meanwhile, it is amusing to see the intellectual acrobatics that Times Now performs in its every day 24 hour cathartic outpuring which passes for newsroom debates. It has cleverly avoided looking from even the corner of its eyes at Lady Macbeth while selling us all the lemon that somehow the Lady didnt know what was happening in her party.

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