Karu’s birth-day message!

via VEDAPRAKASH published on June 2, 2008

As usual, Karu has penned a poem in his
own way and it appears in the vernacular media as his “birth-day message”! He
has not composed the poem like any Sangam-poet with literary rules and grammar,
but just like modern-type of poem or rather converting prose into poetry. The
so-called poem is as follows and it is rendered in English freely translated
from Tamil:


Made me a old-man
reminding me that I am 85

But at the age of 8
plus 5, thirteen,

I pushed down the
“Vedism” warning, “be at a distance, don’t touch”!

There is no bar for
becoming “Archaka” in temples

Enacted accordingly
to act in the sanctum sanctorum of temples

For Periyar, it took
60 years to bring out such ideology, but

I implemented it as a
service to him!

Not only for
Dravidian bigwigs,

Even for common
people daily we implement

What we swore as
electioneering promises!

But still, I have one

My heart throbs as
the dream of Kamaraj could not be fulfilled.

To fulfill that dream

we go on implement
plans one by one targeting it.

Sethu-samutharam has
been one of such wonderful dream-projects.

Lushness to dance in
the land of chaste Tamil

Benefits accrue by
the increase of trade

We do not have any
other way!

Sethu-samuthram has
been our historical necessity!

Without preventing it
with trickery

Respecting my
trembling voice,

As I worked for this
land, language during my lifetime,

Instead of killing
the project by telling the name of Ram,

I appeal on the day
my birth as a message:

If you want name it
“Sethu-Ram”, do it!

This is my birth-day
message for the country –

to live without any
love or hate and for removal of


As people have known for his hatred,
contempt and utter disparagement for Ram, it is unbecoming or rather foolishness
on his part to appeal in such couched wickedness.



    Any believer would forget what he
    uttered on September 15th, 2007 at Erode?



    Can all forget what are all the nonsense
    he has talked day in and out against Hindu Gods, Hindu religion, Hindu
    scriptures hurting Hindus permanently on different occasions, at various forums,
    that too from Christian and Mohammedan platforms?



    Even in this poem, only his crookedness
    and wickedness is revealed couched under scratchy Tamil language that could be
    easily understood by any Tamil living here and listening to him since



    At this age of 85. he should have
    attained maturity, instead of spreading hatred against



    He has been violating, that too, as a
    Chief Minster of Tamilnadu, a State of India, which is governed by the
    Constitution of India and many others Acts and Rules made



    Even right inside the Tamilnadu
    Assembly, he hads talked such nonsense against Hindu Gods, religion and Hindu
    scriptures hurting the feelings of Hindus. Can Hindus take it



    Can Hindus bear such scar, burn and
    beatings of 60 years by the so-called Dravidian



    Now for looting, you want the name of



    No, do not try to fool



    Name it “Ravana-Sethu”, as you have
    degraded, denigrated and disrespected your own Tamil Kings



    You talk in the name of “historical
    necessity”, but what “Historical necessity” you had when you call


Warning to Hindus

: Karu is known for his trickery as he has been the
mater of such tricks setting people against people. Therefore, Hindus can just
ignore this poetic gimmick, but be careful about his hidden agenda. Before his
stepping down he wants to it. As he has already hinted, he may go far RJM-type
of “mass-gathering” at Rameswaram to create problem. At that time, if the
Sethu-Samuthram opponents march there or confront, there would be blood-bath.



    Note their ferociousness – when they
    attacked the BJP office at T. Nagar, Chennai.


    Remember the violence danced on their
    faces than their violent actions of throwing stone boulders on the windows and


    Remember the vulgar-symbols shown to the
    ladies crying behind the grills!


    Recollect how the police were simply
    watching and pleading helplessly.


Within one year, anything can happen at
national level and two years in Tamilnadu. For diverting the attention of the
public, they may play the game again rousing the passion of Hindus. Therefore,
Hindus have to be calm ignoring them.



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