Karuna’s outdated Divisive Dravidian Rantings

via N Mohan published on August 7, 2015

Unemployed Karuna, has started his outdated dravidian, etc rantings without understanding the subject:

The word DRAVID was used by Adi Sankara, 2500 years back in his monumental work, SOUNDARYA LAHARI – In the 75th stanza – he calls himself DRAVIDA SISU, meaning, a boy from south.

Moore, the British historian wrote an article in TNIE that the word DRAVIDIAN was a British construct and has no racial connotation.

The Justice party supported the British. After, independence, the Justice party was named dravidar kazhagam, instead of TAMILAR KAZHAGAM, because most of the leaders were non-tamils and the leder was a kannadiga. To accommodate kannadiga EVR and other non-tamil leaders, justice party was named DRAVIDAR KAZHAGAM.

Karuna, called MGR a malayalee and hence, MGR cannot rule, tamilnadu. Immediately, Kuzhandeivelu, a Cabinet Minister in MGR cabinet, published the community certificate of Karuna, showing him to be a telegu. The certificate was published in the front page of leading newspapers. FROM THAT DAY ONWARDS, Karuna never called MGR, an outsider.

PMK Ramadoss once said that tamilnadu should be ruled by a tamilian only and said that Karuna’s family came to tamil nadu from AP, travelling in a train, ticketless.

The same Karuna once said that VAIKO is a telegu naidu and hence cannot become a CM of tamilnadu.POT CALLING THE KETTLE, BLACK.

Another leader said that VIJAYKANTH is a telegu naidu and not a tamilian.

The British missionary, CALDWELL sowed the seeds of divisive politics – dravidian, aryan, brahmin, non-brahmin, sanksrit tamil and north and south.

Caldwell’s A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South-Indian family of languages was prescient in recognizing that Dravidian languages constitute a distinct language family, “Caldwell’s primary concern was to convert the south Indians to Christianity”[5] and at times the work deliberately ventures beyond the scope of linguistics to advance that goal

The Kazhagams, readily accepted the theory without knowing that Caldwell, called the dravidians SCYTHIANS and dravidians brought in the scythian languages. In short, the British said that both aryans and dravidians were outsiders. By harping on dravidian race, Karuna is telling that all people in tamilnadu, are outsiders. Can there be anything more shameful than this?

Why Karuna is hiding his telegu identity? He calls, himself a dravidian. Telegus also are dravidians, as per CALDWELL. Then, Karuna must tell the people of tamilnadu that he is a PROUD TELEGU DRAVIDIAN. His hiding the telegu identity, is a clear case of cheating tamils.

Nobody is imposing sanskrit on tamilians. In fact, nobody can select 100 people in tamilnadu, well versed in speaking, writing, reading and managing everything in sanskrit language. Then why this WOLF, WOLF, over sanskrit. SANSKRIT language never says HEY DRAVIDIANS, READ ME, READ ME. Karuna is playing cheap politics over sanskrit.

Kazhagams’ only success is against Brahmins. By anti-brahminism, many in kazhagams have built empires, to last for generations. Karuna successed in abusing Brahmins, because, Brahmins are physically weak, financially poor and politicallly zeroes. They cannnot retaliate.

Can you show me one instance where the kazhagams fought against the caste hindus like gounders, thevars, mudaliars, vanniars, etc, over the ill-treatment of ddalit?

Karuna must take a leaf out of great ABDUL KALAM and take Tamilnadu to great heights through love, patriotism and hard work. HE SHOULD NOT ENGAGE HIMSELF IN FISSIPAROUS TENDENCIES. HE IS NEARING A CENTURY AND HE MUST SHOW MATURITY TO THAT EXTENT.

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  1. keshav Reply

    August 11, 2015 at 5:40 am

    Karuna a plain liar
    This is a party which is built on lies, anti-tamil,anti-hinduisum,anti-brahmins,anti-dalit and infinite corruption to the core.Below are few facts which highlights the same.

    Lies: The biggest lie is of the name “Dravidian”. There is no identity in the name of dravidian amongst people. these fellows created artificial identity to confuse the people and capture power. if you call a person on the street of chennai a dravidian, not even dog would turn back and respond.

    Anti-tamil: They told the people, they are pro-tamil and they will give importance to tamil. But after they came to power tamil reading/wriitng abilities of all students who passed out of schools is almost close to zero. Tamil language is based on based literature. Since these guys took out all those topics in school books, there is sonly sub-standard literature available in tamil school books. There is no tamil wothout bhakthi/hindu literautre like kamba ramayana.

    Anti-hindu: Karuna commented once Rama is drunk on somabhan, Rama is a beef eater, Rama is not engineer, Rama is aryan et.c,..the net result of karuna;s the above type of words and politics is that, christian conversions in tamilnadu is unparalleled in all of the country. Hindus in many districts like kanyakumari have become minorities in their own land.

    ant-brahmins: Karuna’s mentor periyar said over and over again “if you see snake and brahmins, hit the brahmin first”.This is enough to see prove their attitude.Even this anti-brahmin public talk. It is another fact that many dmk members have brahmin wives like murasoli maran,kalanidhi maran,dayanidhi maran etc.,

    anti-dalit: DMK politics has resulted in dominant caste organizations which has suppressed and killed dalits all over the state. Dharmapuri riots one good recent example. Periyar once commented ” Because dalit women have started wearing upper garments, cost of the clothes have gone up”.

    Corruption: 2g,3G, maoney laundering, sun tv, tasmac liquor distilieeries…should i even need to mention this..

    Net result of DMK politics is that they have created monsters on each street in the name of DMK members who have no good thoughts or action.

  2. prasanth Reply

    August 17, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Karuna has nidhi of lying and manipulation
    Wonder how is he is living so long..may be yoga :))

  3. S.S.Nagaraj Reply

    September 13, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Selfish Karunanidhi.
    When Kannimozhi was arrested fo corruption.Karuna’s wife and Kanni’s mother,went to pray at Udipi Krishna temple and seeked the blessings of the Swamiji.Karuna never objected to this theocratic act.This is sheer selfishness on his part.His hatred of Jaya is more because she is a Brahmin,than any political reasons.

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