Karunanidhi needs ‘Soma Banam’.

via Haran. B.R published on September 23, 2007

This is with reference to press report on another blasphemous statement by Karunanidhi  “Valmiki said Lord Rama is a drunkard”.


Karunanidhi had continued his insensitive diatribes against Lord Rama by openly telling, “Rama, as per Valmiki’s Ramayan was a ‘Kudikaran’ (drunkard)”. But while passing his statement through a press release, he exhibited his cowardice by removing that particular phrase and mentioned as “Lord Rama used to drink ‘Soma Banam'”. Soma Banam or Soma Rasam was used by the ‘rithwiks’ (Vedic Scholars or Rishis, who perform Yagnyas & Homams) in ‘Yagnyas’ and this watery solution is made by extracting the juice from an herbal plant (‘kodi’ variety in Tamil) called “Soma”. The quantity used in the yagnyas & homams used to be of a very small measure and the left over quantity, less than even an ounce, was consumed only by the rithwiks as “Hudha Sesham” and that was the rule those days. The Soma Banam was tasteless and was not an ‘intoxicating stuff’ as falsely & maliciously projected by the Hindu baiters. The ‘Devas’ otherwise called as ‘Suras’ (Suras-Devas; Asuras-Rakshasas) also consume this and hence the name ‘Sura Banam’. This soma Banam is believed to give “Siddha suddhi”, that is, purity of mind.


Talking of Valmiki Ramayana, some years back, during a function organized by ‘Kamban Kazhagam’ (the great Ramayana scholar Justice MM Ismail was alive then), Karunanidhi said that, Valmiki unlike Kamban, had never mentioned about the ‘Maravuri’ (dress worn by vanavasis) worn by Seetha, and later on he was proved wrong. Now, Karunanidhi says that Rajaji has never argued about the truth of Ramayana even while he wrote it. Rajaji was a believer and an ardent devotee of Rama and what was the need for him to argue about the truth of Ramayana? Why didn’t Karunanidhi question Rajaji then and what stopped him from doing that? He also refers Nehru’s opinions on Rajaji’s Ramayana, but Nehru was decent in conveying his opinion and he just stopped with saying that Ramayana was a myth. He never indulged in scandalous & vituperative attacks on Lord Rama like Karunanidhi.


While Adwani was decent enough to ask him to take back his words, he childishly challenges Adwani for a debate. Adwani must be aware of Karunanidhi’s half-baked knowledge on Ramayana and more over, he is a ‘national leader’ busy with his party works traveling through out the country, unlike Karunanidhi, who spends his time in watching movie-previews, cinema functions, distributing freebies to party cadres on taxpayers’ money and shamelessly attacking the Hindu majority, which has voted him to power. Karunanidhi may have the time for idiotic debates, but certainly not Adwani.  


Karunanidhi is in an insane & perverted state of mind and he needs to take an ounce of ‘Soma Banam’, so that, he can attain some ‘Sidha suddhi’ or purity of mind.





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