Karnataka Govt.’s nonsensical move to take over Hindu Mutt’s

published on December 23, 2014

The proposed Hindu Mutt Takeover bill of Congress govt in Karnataka has drawn ample flak and ire from Hindu community all over the world. Here is a compilation of a few points on the same by Kiran KS, made by P Thyagarajan.

P Thyagarajan exposes the bill thoroughly thus:

1.     It is nonsensical to state that “the government will take over, only when Mutt Swamis voluntarily proposes the same”.

All long, in the history of the land, there has never been an instance where a Mutt Guru has done this or can do this. This is because no Hindu Mutt belongs to a Swami. A Swami is a seer, a soul who is on the path of renunciation, who has no possessions or worldly belongings. His role is provision of spiritual guidance, along with administrative services. Mutts belong to devotees- the Bhakts.

2.     The second claim is that a take over will be done “if the Guru is mentally or physically unstable or under-aged”.

This again is a nonsensical claim- Hindu traditional Mutts have stipulated rules and regulations while anointing a Swami. According to rules and regulations, a minor or a physically/ mentally challenged person will never be a choice for such an elevated post.

3.     The third claim states that a take over will be done when “Muttadhipathi dies or succession becomes difficult”.

Karnataka has over 3000 Hindu Mutts, with every single Mutt having junior Swamis, who are entrusted with the task of aiding and assisting their seniors. Most Mutts have more than 3 junior Swamis. Therefore the claim of there being “an orphan seat” is never bound to arise. In case of any dispute related to succession arises, the Mutt is duty bound to resolve the same, within its own framework, as they have been doing for over thousands of years.

In such circumstances, there is no need for the ‘secular government’ to poke its meddlesome nose in these matters. Also in situations of disputes, the matter is always resolved by legal cells- the Court of law. Siddaramaiah’s sleeping anti-Hindu government’s interference is least welcome.

4.     The last clause stated by them runs thus: “When the contract entered at the time of taking over the Mutt…”

Siddaramaiah must make himself aware that Mutts don’t have any contract similar to the ones signed by Yeddyurappa-Kumaraswamy on a 20-20 basis.

Karnataka is blessed with some of Hindu Dharma’s best Mutts- the ones at Siddhaganga, Sringeri, Udupi Pejawara, Adi Chunchanagiri, Kaginele, Taralabalu, Murugharajendra, Sirigere…. They run some of the best schools and colleges having made an exemplary mark of their own. These Mutts provide free food throughout the year to any single human who approaches them.

With regard to their administrative set up, they stand leaps and bounds ahead of Siddharamiah’s perpetually slumbering Congress government. Isn’t it time Sonia Gandhi’s partymen laid their hands off from Hindu Mutts and their wealth?

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