Karnataka Elections- A plea to Leaders, Patriots and Nationalist Hindus

via Hindu Jagran Forum (USA) published on April 7, 2008


elect nationalist Govt. in Karnataka & India , thwart
disintegration by Aurangzeb like privileged treatment to Muslims as
promoted by Congress, forming a United Hindu Front is essential.
Democracy demands Hindu rule in India:


Aadarniya Political and Religious Leaders,

Aadarniya patriot and nationalist Hindus


topsy-turvy policies of the present rulers of India have brought the
Hindu masses of the country face to face with an unprecedented national
emergency that can be ignored only at our own peril. Incapable
of handling the serious issues of governance, and lacking political
depths and understanding of important issues like sovereignty and
security, the Congress led UPA Govt. is once again enforcing
the colonial policies of “divide and rule”  thereby polarizing
the nation on religious basis that lead to partition sixty years
ago. Its unconstitutional and undemocratic appeasement of minorities,
robbing Hindu temples for promoting predatory religions, outright
failure to uproot the widespread Jihadist and Naxalite terrorism aided
and abated by India’s unfriendly neighbors, absence of a firm stand on
Tibet, massive unconstitutional and discriminatory reservations
etc. has caused an undercurrent of anger, dissatisfaction and despair
amongst the vast majority of the Indian people.


corrupt and discriminatory policies of the people in power, dejection
and disappointment, the lack of hope and faith and omnipresent gloom
and doom must give rise to intense electoral activism for bringing
about the necessary changes so urgently needed to reverse the situation.

Despite its heart wrenching component

prevailing hopeless environment presents a valuable opportunity for the
BJP as a Nationalist party to improve its political fortune and with
the predictable support of the majority community to ride into a new
beginning of unifiedIndia. However, what is needed is the party’s conviction and courage to declare its unwavering support to the policy of “equality for all“.
Such a charter of equality should include autonomy of Hindu religious
institutions currently reeling under the dictatorial and
non-transparent Govt. control in many of the states, amending the
articles 25 to 30 of the Constitution to allow Hindu institutions to
enjoy the same freedoms and benefits as the other religions. 


1) The divisive policies of promoting two separate Societies for Hindus & Muslims by Govt.  must be challenged:

Official commitment for enforcing the politically motivated Sachar Report and Prime Minister’s 15 point plan for Muslims; 20,000 student scholarships to Muslims on communal basis and enforcing a communal quota system
even at the topmost technical and management institutions -IITs and
IIMs;  brushing  aside talent and professional preparation
are the Jazzia like first preference to Muslims on National
resources rather than basing Govt. aid on poverty and need irrespective
of religion – are the matters of serious concern (attachments B, C and
D). These ultra-constitution patronages on the one hand and on the
other the Muslim society’s unwillingness to reform are a prescription
for yet another communal explosion down the road.


is oblivious of the fact that the backwardness amongst Muslims is
primarily due to the structural problems in their society that allows
many wives, is unwilling to follow a common civil code, promotes larger
family for demographic advantage, and aims at Islamizing India rather
than improving the lot of Muslims. There are estimates of some 30 to 50
million Bangladeshi infiltrators in India who should be deported rather
than pampered to encourage more of them.


The uncalled for and unconstitutional largesse amounts to

open Bribery and class war by Congress to maintain control on power

A United Hindu Front must defeat such candidates and political parties
that encourage and legitimize such illegal and disruptive behavior.
Taking a lesson from the US policy of dealing with “illegal aliens
India must expel all sorts of infiltrators from her soil. Accommodating
religious based infiltration into the country has serious demographic
consequences and therefore, is tantamount to encouraging yet an other
religion related  subversion in India. 


2) GOI silence on Chinese suppression and terrorism in Tibet is inhumane and shameful:

China has been pushing its expansionist designs arrogantly and
encircling Indian waters from Gwadar to Coco islands. It annexed Tibet,
forcibly took possession of Aksai Chin and happily took an illegitimate
‘gift’ of Indian land occupied by Pakistan, one fifth of the original
territory of J&K State is under the occupation of the dragon, it
claims the entire Arunachal Pradesh and refuses to issue visas to
resident Indians of Arunachal; yet the Indian authorities have remained
shamefully silent and have done nothing to displease the mighty dragon.


has found it relatively easy to send over Jihadists, terrorists,
militants and fundamentalists after GOI, ignoring the security aspects
of the country, made direct travel with Pakistan rather easy. The great
people of India upholding their age old tradition must extend their
full support to Dalai Lama and our Buddhists brothers in Tibet for
restoration of their autonomy. Such a rational, realistic and pragmatic
policy will also have a salutary impact upon the other Buddhist nations
throughout the world. It should be understood clearly that supporting
freedom struggles of Buddhists every where is in India’s national


The Congress led UPA Govt. at the Center is offensively anti- Hindu —
insulting and treating Hindus as second class Jazzia paying colonial

  Here are a few examples supporting this contention:


a) UPA supports the virtual demolition and destruction of Hindu religious infrastructure
under official control by denying freedom of religion and taking away
temple revenues and endowment lands thus rendering them dysfunctional;

b) The ultimate assault was launched against Hindus when Demolition of Rama Sethu Bridge,
one of the top most symbols of India’s cultural and religious heritage,
was ordered that too for building an uneconomic shipping channel
against the wishes of the Majority community;

Unjustifiable arrest of H.H. Kanchi Shankaracharya, who is revered more
than the Pope by Hindus, on concocted charges over three years ago —
and could not be found guilty.

d) Issuance of the two rupee coin with a Christian Cross violating the mandate of the secular Constitution.


)  The anti- Hindu establishment is well entrenched and formidable promising a tough struggle ahead;

The secularist power elite in India have, deliberately adopted a policy
for doing every thing under and beyond their authority for appeasing
various minority segments, particularly the Muslims and Christians,
with a view to maintain control upon the seats of power.  This
also includes extending unconstitutional patronage to their religions,
religion based reservations and allocation of national resources for
their enrichment.

The largely foreign owned Indian media (Attachment E) by disproportionately
even the minutest incidents involving the minorities and suppressing
coverage on Hindu issues like ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and
Bangladesh, usurpation of temples, etc has also joined the fray .


the Indian Prime Minister did not contain himself from extending a
helping hand to this inherently corrupt and divisive policy. Thus
departing from truthfulness and rationality he called the unfortunate
Godhra carnage as a holocaust. What better proof we need to establish
his administration’s partisanship and out right anti- Hindu stance? His
Govt. did not even hesitate to massively distort the reality and
exaggerate the riots into being a holocaust.


5) The exaggerated doses of Islamic propaganda on post Godhra riots must be countered

Going by their incessant propaganda on Babri Masjid demolition and post
Godhra riots the Islamists paint a picture of injustice against them in
Hindu India and cause multiple including psychological damage to
Hindus.  They must be reminded of the Islamic inhumanities, genocide,
kidnappings and atrocities during the last thousand years against
Hindus: Their complaint is like “Ulta Chore Kotwal Ko Dante“. Here are some examples:


Some three million, mostly Hindus were massacred in East Pakistan, now
Bangladesh, with exodus of additional 9 million Bangladeshi Hindus to
India as refugees in early 1970’s, when the Indian army had to
intervene to rescue the populace;

b) Virtually exterminating and cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs from Kashmir valley since 1989;

Massacre of some 20,000 in Calcutta in August 1946 in three days to
force Congress to accept partition against Mahatma Gandhi’s declaration
of “Partition on my dead body”;

d) Massacre of millions of Hindus during partition in 1947; 

genocide of some 50- 100 million Hindus by some estimates during 700
years of Islamic rule – the worst in the history of mankind,
and demolition, vandalizing and looting of  tens of thousands of
temples and converting them into mosques; and;

 f) The recent incessant terrorist Jihadist attacks in India.


6) The

Jihadist terrorism directed against Hindus should be

a core issue in

Karnataka and national elections: 

and old accounts are replete with unrebuttable volumes of evidence that
all these attacks and crusades are directed against Hindu India with
the twin goal of achieving country’s disintegration and Islamization.
The Jihadist terror attacks on Hindus, their culture and temples
continue in the heartland of India.


may be recalled that after the terrorist attack on the Parliament on
December 13, 2002 there was a massive build up of Indian forces on
Indo- Pakistan border, by the then BJP/NDA government apparently to
warn Pakistan and the Jihadists about the possible consequences of
their criminal behavior. However, those days of decisiveness in Govt.
actions are all but gone. Now the terrorists are emboldened by current
government’s policy of a) appeasement of Muslims for votes; b)
enlarging the illegal religion based reservations; c) using the Sachar
Commission as a tool to legitimize reservations and additional rewards
for the separatist Muslims; and, d)  PM’s highly illogical
and undemocratic assertion that Muslims should have the first priority
over the national resources, etc. The grant of such privileges and
special treatment is unthinkable for minorities in any Muslim country
or in any other country in the world. Such indifference towards Hindus
in India and pampering of a particular minority by the Indian Govt. has
adversely impacted the Hindu populations in Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bhutan and even in Nepal. 


view of these and other appeasement measures taken by the Singh-Sonia
regime the federal Govt. has become a willing partner and collaborator
of the Islamic jihadists engaged in schemes and criminal conspiracies
to explode India from within. It presents a serious challenge to the
patriotic Indians – one that cannot be allowed to materialize.


This crisis and national emergency can be resolved only when the corrupt, domineering and ruling minorityism spearheaded by congress
and its allies is rejected and the Hindu Nationalist majority assumes
its rightful and democratic role of governing the country. Therefore,
it is extremely important that in the interest of establishing a real
democracy the Hindu majority should take charge, exercise the power of
its votes to elect a Govt. that reflects Hindus wishes, desires,
aspirations and dreams. The threat posed by the congress combine, of
which the jihadists are an integral part, is so enormous that if left
unchallenged it might alter India for good and relegate the Hindu
majority to subjugated and powerless subjects for ever.


Autonomy of temples is an urgent election issue: The Karnataka state
devastates Temples by siphoning off their revenue to promote
adversarial religions


that too without any justifiable legal authority. It simply diverts
their funds to enhance the Muslim run Mosques and Madrasas and
Christian run churches. Such discrimination against Hindus and
patronage for Muslims and Christians is highly questionable, illegal
and provocative to Hindus worldwide.  In the year
2002-2003, out of Rs 79 crores of temple revenues, Rs. 59.15 crores was
given away to mosques, Madrasas, Hajj, etc. , Rs. 12.75 crores was
given to Christian institutions and a mere Rs.  7.1 crores
were allocated to maintain over 248,000 temples (attachment A). It
should also be noted that during the previous five years the number of
temples in the state has been reduced from 267,000 to 248,000.  Some
19,000 temples have been closed down while many others find it hard to
sustain and maintain even minimum rituals due to financial
strangulation, courtesy of the state Govt.


 No where in the world does a Govt. engage in such robbery of one religion to benefit its adversaries.

Without a doubt such extra legal actions constitute a reverse discrimination against the religion of India’s majority community.


Karnataka High Court deserves to be commended for its historic judgment
striking down the Endowment Act as it violated Articles 14, 25 and 26
of the Constitution which provided for right to equality, freedom of
conscience and freedom of profession, practice and propagation of
religion and also the freedom to manage the religious affairs.

It is understood that the committee appointed by the Govt. and
headed by the former Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court
Shri Rama Jois to review the Endowment legislation, has submitted its
recommendations. These must be reviewed by jurists and Community
leaders and urgent action taken for establishment of a Hindu Board by
the new administration.



must develop clout to influence Govt. policies: Short of their
dominance in India’s power structure Hindus must develop an invincible
clout in

all branches of Government. Indian minority groups have regularly utilized this tactic very successfully.
For instance the Indian communists’ are successfully stalling

the Indo-US Nuclear Deal by using their 65 MPs in Parliament; and, b)
the Muslims in addition to getting unconstitutional religion based
reservations subsidies for Hajj pilgrimage, are now going to get
financial support – “Admission fee up to Rs. 1 lakh for a professional
course will now be paid by Mayavati Govt. in Uttar Pradesh, if the
student is from an underprivileged minority community”. Among the other
interconnecting factors this also seems to be the consequence of the
PM’s undemocratic and illogical statement asserting that Muslims should
have first priority over India’s national resources, and now a 15 point
plan to promote Muslims! 


Hindu activists must acquire oratory, communication skills and
leadership qualities to overcome the anti- Hindu biased media’s
reporting and help serve public.

The so called secularists  seem
to follow Jawaharlal Nehru’s outlook “by education I am an Englishman,
by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim, and I am a HINDU
ONLY BY ACCIDENT OF BIRTH” which will disintegrate India through
Islamization and Christianization. East Timor separated out of
Indonesia, because they were Christians and India got partitioned in
1947 by Muslims.


Hindus must be trained and encouraged to assume leadership roles.

They must educate and train themselves for assuming responsibilities
and become competent leaders in all areas – politics, education, media,
etc. and not let be governed by the minorities by passivity and
default. The election campaign provides an invaluable opportunity for
reaching and interacting with general masses; developing communication
skills and building grassroots units.


10) People must be asked to vote their conscience and not be led away by phony promises and pre- election gifts.


slogan of “Garibi Hatao” by Indira Gandhi in early seventies was used
as a tool and forgotten right after the election. In spite of oft
repeated campaigns and election promises for over sixty years, there is
still a serious lack of education, electricity, medical care, water and
roads for the vast majority of the village populace.


The Congress version of secularism is another fraud committed on Hindus

as may be seen by government usurpation of temples and other Hindu
religious infrastructure, while supporting adversarial religionists, as
briefly described above, violating a secular Constitution. Secularism
in India is exemplified by minorityism – a mechanism for
disenfranchising the majority. It is a self defeating and divisive
dogma.  In spite of the presence of this self defeating strategy Hindu voters must reject this inherently corrupt practice and

according to their conscience for erecting a Govt. dedicated to
national unity and defense of national interest. Hindus should boldly
reject govt. patronage of any religion or minority’s crusade to
establish “darul Islam'” with intent to demolish Hinduism.


11) Hindu Political and religious leaders must develop a vision for “Mahaan Bharat”
and Hinduism and demand its implementation by political parties


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