Karat and team of outdated intellectuals of CPM

published on January 21, 2008


The BJP strongly condemns the draft political document released by the CPM at its 19 th party congress yesterday. The entire document smacks of political arrogance at its worst despite the fact that the Left Front parties have been conclusively pushed to the margins of the country, and their political relevance is confined only to West Bengal , Kerala and Tripura. It was indeed astonishing that the CPM has the audacity to call the BJP as its enemy number one, failing to realise that the BJP is today one of the two principal political fronts of the world’s largest and truly functioning democracy, and is in power in six states on its own and in another three states in coalition. The BJP totally refutes this entire concept of terming political opponents as enemies and would like to remind Mr Karat and his bandwagon of “leftovers” that this mindset is patently anti-democratic, irrelevant and undesirable in the interests of healthy democratic traditions.

It is indeed worth pointing out that since independence, even the political forefathers of Mr Karat have indulged in this sort of verbal assault against the nationalist and democratic forces of the country. At various points of time, the Left Front leadership has used similar autocratic and stalinist expressions against the Congress party and also described Loknayak Jai Prakash Narain in the 1970s as a rank fascist. Infact, for 45 years, the Left Front leadership did not even spare the legendary Subhash Chandra Bose from their verbal assaults. But the inbuilt democratic genes of India ‘s masses always conclusively rejected such despicable and anti-democratic abuses during elections. Yet the Left Front leadership has remained rooted in the past and failed to evolve in sync with the will of the people. This explains the reality of their total marginalization in Indian politics where the Left Front cannot ever emerge beyond the confines of three states and where their total vote share at the national scene is nowhere close to double digits.

Over the last six decades since independence, Indian politics has increasingly become bi-polar, a reality the CPM and Left Front parties have failed to either note or appreciate. The BJP and the Congress are today the two divergent poles of Indian politics. The chimera of the so called Third Front is solely to frustrate the growth of the BJP and prevent it from coming to power. This ill-conceived political gameplan is destined to fail.

The people of India deserve better than an attempt to subvert the will of the masses through the formation of a Third Front. A hoisted political enterprise conceived in haste to subvert the true will of the people will never succeed. History has numerous lessons to teach. Neither the Gujral nor Deve Gowda Third Front experiments at the centre could ever last or provide a viable political alternative to the country. The only difference between then and now, is at that point the grand old man of antiquated political thought, Mr Harkishan Singh Surjeet, was the force behind these disastrous political experiments, and today it is Mr Prakash Karat and his team of outdated intellectuals. However, the people of India will never let their collective will be subverted by backroom political machinations of rootless outdated and so called political thinkers. Ultimately, post the era of third front politics, the people elected Shri Atal Bihari Vajpyee to lead a magnificent coalition of stability that laid the foundations of a resurgent India in its six years tenure.

The BJP feels that the lust to share the trappings of power without due responsibility or accountability exposes the rank duplicity of the Left Front’s mindset and their true commitment towards the country. After enjoying power without responsibility for four years, now that elections are approaching, the Left Front is once again openly propagating the idea of a Third Front without even having the political integrity of first withdrawing support from the UPA government. Is this political duplicity the benchmark of their so called high standards of integrity?

Moreover, alongwith the Congress Party, the Left Front is the principal factor behind this patent and rank anti-people government that goes in the name of the UPA and wears the facade of an Aam Aadmi’s dispensation. In addition to the Congress Party, how can the Left Front ever walk away from their own responsibility for supporting a government that they themselves concede is a total failure? The BJP considers this attitude of shirking responsibility as political hypocrisy and deceit at its worst.

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