Kapil Sibal-the notorious blabberer is a confused person

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on February 4, 2012

It seems a tragedy that we have a Human Resource Minister who cannot think straight-see straight and who thinks that this nation is a fools’ nation. The Supreme Court cancels 12 G licenses and directly indicts Adhimuthu Raja for gifting away national assets at throwaway prices. It not only quashed the grant of UAS licenses but declared it illegal. Yet Kapil Sibal finds that the SC’s verdict is no indictment of the UPA but of the NDA.Is he suffering from some sort of a schizophrenia. Nay it is still worse. He seems to suffer from an utterly confused mind and outlook.

Dr Swamy had taken the UPA to court but not the NDA. The case is against the UPA and the verdict is against the UPA governance with A.Raja indicted. A Raja is a small player. What is the role of P.Chidambaram and the Prime Minister in this? It is not the Supreme court which should indict the Prime Minister and the UPA but the nation should. After all one of the Cabinet ministers had gifted away the national asset at throwaway prices. His blatant disregard to stand by his solemn promise to safeguard the interest of the nation has been violated and where does the Prime Minister stand in this? He too stands equally if not more guilty When one of his cabinet ministers had allowed this loot. It was the duty of the Prime Minister to stand against it and to uphold the sanctity of his stewardship. He failed in this because he wanted to continue in power. He did not want to displease a powerful ally. Manmohan Singh failed miserably in upholding his oath to function without fear or favor.

If Kapil Sibal thinks that the Supreme Court’s indictment is against the NDA policy then the SC should have made it clear that the policy alone is being scrapped. Kapil Sibal must know that the UPA cannot hide behind the NDA’s policy. If the NDA also looted the public exchequer then it is free to file a case against it. Why had the Congress not as an Opposition opposed the policy of the NDA then? Why had it followed the same policy? Why selectively this policy and not other policies of the NDA. Is it not shameless to say that it followed the NDA’s policy? Had you no policy of your own? Granted that the policy during the NDA’s period was faulty why did the Congress follow it? What prevented persons like Kapil Sibal to expose the NDA’s policy? Instead it safely follows it and allows A.Raja to gift ‘national asset at throwaway prices’.

It is the same Kapil Sibal who asserted that the nation had not suffered any loss. That statement of his has been busted. What has he to say to that? Prices and a policy which may have been right in 2001 cannot be right and legal in 2007 when the volume and the concentration of the Spectrum had manifold increased. The verdict clearly states that the 2G Spectrum allocation of 2008 is a scam and quashed the whole deal of 12 UAS licenses. Kapil Sibal may want to just blabber something for the sake of blabbering but he must know that the people of this country has common sense. Even the first come first served policy was tampered and manipulated by the UPA so it is not the same as the NDA’s policy of 2001.

To have Kapil Sibal in the council of ministers and to have him as a Human Resource minister is dangerous for the country. He is a typical example of a person who gives wrong advice to the Prime Minister. And the later with no time to apply his mind simply accepts the blabbering of KS. This is a revelation namely of the type of personalities who run the UPA government .Keep denying and keep making sound bytes-as though these will save their ignominy and their sins of violation and deception. It is a frightening proposition to have men like Kapil Sibal at the helm of affairs. Earlier I had scripted on the forked tongued Congress. Now it is clear that the Congress is not only forked tongued but consists of persons with confused state of minds and visions. Their place is not in the cabinet but somewhere else.

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