Jihadis , Crooxtians & Communits rule India – R.Day Message; CE2011

via K Vijayan published on January 26, 2011

Paki Jihadis have ensured that the National Flag is not hoisted in Srinagar on R-Day. Stone-throwing, Paki-flag raising, ethnic cleansing and other super-national activities will continue with increased vigour and even greater and open International participation. Omar, Poll Cheat or Sonia Gandi will not be arrested for sedition, encouraging secession etc. Minority rats in the secessionist’s pay will not be touched either. But many more Hindu Gurus will be shot dead brutally in their ashrams, locked up without trial etc

Crooxtians have pressurised a Supreme Court Bench to “expunge” their remarks in the Staines flame-out. The Judges involved, Hon’ble Sadhasivam and Chauhan tamely oblige the secessionists, rosary convertors and prepuce-chewers in their efforts to bugger India, Hindus and Hinduism.  So who blackmailed them?

These Honourables also are treading the inglorious career path of their many progenitors who recommended among other things, marrying the victim to rapist, giving “Minority” criminals the Legal Right to choose their own Courts, Judges, Prosecutors, witnesses etc. Can we forget the Wrong Nut of a Misra who retired as CJ of SCI and was appointed as Chief of Human Rights Violations White Wash Commission, who found nothing wrong in 10,000 Sikhs being killed by Gandicong nethas?

The Crooxtians of the European Union have “officially” asked for participation, and been “officially” permitted by the Un Principled Alliance of Secessionists in Dilli to participate in the hearing of an appeal by a minor crooxtian errand-boy of secessionists in a district court of Chattisgarh. Such Good Samaritan activism as was not displayed over Tintinatin Square, Tibet, Gooauntynamo, the drone-ing of Pakistan, killing of Swami Lakshmananda and four of his disciples by Christian Padiris and Nuns etc.!

Will Oily Moily, Law Minister of India now officially seek Washington’s permission to implead a few Indian “interlocutors” in the Sikh Holocaust case filed against Kamal Nath in an American Court in New York. Good opportunity for Moily to obligingly drop his dhoti and convict-stripe underwear at each strip-tease airport in the USA, for the delectation of the Visual Media.

Our liberal, democratic secular government of the Fake Gandi Congress has been consistent in ensuring that Crusaders and Jihadis are even better off than they would have been under a Moghul Tyrant and a British Viceroy jointly ruling India

 It is up to the 85% genuine Indian citizens of India to decide whether this Dilli Sarkar is –

* A dacoit gang led by a near-illiterate Italian aided by a Mafia of muslims and christians motivated solely by greed, and with no other objective other than siphoning away as much of India’s wealth as possible.


* A hijre ka mela planted on India by Global Jihadi-Crusader forces, “commissioned” to balkanize India and make it into bite-sized cutwa-crossbreed states.

Make your R-Day decision to act like Gujerati Hindus, or be buried under koran and bible  forever.

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