Jihadi terrorism continues in Kashmir

via HK Correspondent published on May 21, 2006

NEW DELHI : Since Gulam Nabi Azad, the crony of Sonia Gandhi became the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, more Hindus were slaughtered by Jihadi terrorists. Today Jihadi terrorists killed ten innocent people participating a Congress Party meeting. Terrorist violence, beheading of Hindus, murder of innocent farmers has increased since Gulam Nabi Azad took power in Kashmir.


The Central Government in New Delhi is still toying with the old, ineffective negotiation policy with Jihadi terrorists. A diplomatic solution is always preferable to solve disputes with dissident groups and neighboring countries. But without a credible military option and the will to implement it, diplomacy will not succeed. The killing of ten innocent people in Kashmir by Jihadi terrorists sponsored by Pakistan shows Pakistan will not bow easily to diplomatic pressure. Pakistan is pleased to see that the entire Hindu population was forced out of Kashmir. The existence of a forceful military option may be the only means of persuading Pakistan-the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism-to back down from supporting Kashmir Muslim terrorists.


A military option was available to India in 1947, 1948, 1973, 1999 and 2003. India had the manpower and military resources  to solve the Jihadi terrorism once for all. India could have liberated Kashmir from Pakistani Muslim terrorists. But our spineless political leaders preferred meaningless peace negotiation, appeasement and surrender. As a result, innocent citizens are still paying in blood and money for their inept, callous policies.


The destruction of Pakistan military force structure would have forced Pakistan and the Mullahs from supporting Jihadi terrorism in Kashmir. Simultaneously India would have launched covert operations to eliminate Jihadi terrorist camps in Pakistan.


Since India is ruled by gutless, spineless political leaders with no commitment for nationalism, India will bleed continuously from Jihadi terrorists. Now Pakistan has established Jihadi terrorist networks in every state of India. Murder, violence, riots and Jihadi mayhem is going on unabated. All of the victims are Hindus. Pakistan can unleash a firestorm of terrorism in every city in India at will.


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