Jihadi Attack on Sabarimala Devotee

By HK via Janmabhumi published on December 19, 2016


Perumbadappu (Malappuram): A three member Jihadi gang unleashed brutality on Mithun, son of Ayroor Thottathil Velayudhan, a Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh karyakarta. Mithun was returning home at night, along with his friends after having taken part in the famed festivity of Ayyappan Vilakku in Ayroor. All the three have been nabbed by police. They have been identified as Shafeeq, Abu Salih and Shihab. A grievously injured Mithun has been admitted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital, with his palm almost having been chopped off and dangling. Hacking to death a Sabarimala bound pilgrim, in order to unleash terror in the district, is suspected to be the prime motive of the Jihadis.


According to eye witnesses, Mithun was sitting in Theertham Kalavedi bus stop along with his friends, after the sacred ritual was over. “The three member Jihadi gang approached him in a friendly manner and made enquiries as to when he was leaving for Sabarimala. When Mithun informed them of the date, the scenario suddenly turned morbid, with the gang charged at him, roaring that he would never leave for Sabarimala. In a jiffy they unsheathed a sword that was hidden beneath their robes. The attack was aimed to severe Mithun’s head. But as he proceeded to thwart the slash, his palm bore the brunt of the attack. With localities swarming to the spot, the marauders made their escape,” said eye witnesses.


Mithun was rushed to a private hospital in Perumbadappu, after which he was taken to Thrissur Medical College Hospital. However, facilities for the surgery required for weaving together the severed veins was available only in Kozhikode Medical College Hospital. 

Mithun’s father Ayroor Thottathil Velayudhan is Sevapramukh of RSS Thekkam Theeyam shakha.

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  1. Raj Puducode Reply

    December 21, 2016 at 7:17 am

    I cannot imagine that we are living in a state blessed by Parasurama & Adi Shankara. What has happened our dear Kerala? It has become a mad house of Jihadis & Commie criminals. What is our good for nothing Govt doing? These incidents keep happening more frequently now as people think there is no consequence.

    Jihadi Mullahs including Naik, Madani & Owaisi say “If you are tired with one wife, say talaq 3 times & marry 4 more & have fun. If you get tired with them also you can wear a suicide belt and kill as many innocent women and children and you will go to hell and enjoy with seventy two virgins. We say “Don’t you be a retarded, converted jihadi idiot. God gave you a brain to think unlike other animals. How can you ever dream of going to heaven by killing or hurting innocent lives? Love all and serve all; Help ever and Hurt never. Only by being a GOOD HUMAN BEING with right actions that you have any hope of entering the heaven or get enlightenment.

  2. The man Reply

    January 3, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    The hindus of kerala are intellectually and morally dead. The 50% abrahamic population has blinded them and converted them into jihadi mongrels with hindu names. Hinduism is extinct in kerala what remains now is a shadow of the past

  3. rohit verma Reply

    January 8, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    It’s shame fully

  4. Raju Puducode Reply

    January 16, 2017 at 6:53 am

    Jihadism is nothing but a hate ideology. All religions teach love, brotherhood and moving into higher consciousness, except Jihadism, which teaches killing Kafirs, raping their women and creating an Islamic Caliphate through blood, body parts & war against Kafirs. It is no surprise that many countries do not encourage Islam. The recent examples are Japan, China, Australia which do not provide citizenship to Jihadis, Spain where a court case is ongoing to ban Islam and Italy which does not recognize Islam as a peaceful religion and hence not eligible for government grant. As a result of Internet, the evil truth of Islam has been exposed this has resulted in millions of Muslims leaving Islam. 6 million people leave Islam every year and this number does not include reverts to original religion. For more information about the evil religion of Islam please visit the following websites 1) faithfreedom(dot)org 2) alisina(dot)org 3) thereligionofpeace(dot)com 4) politicalislam(dot)com 5) islam-watch(dot)org 6) citizenwarrior(dot)com 7) Google Islamic Info for masses. Dr. M.A. Khan, an Indian ex-Muslim has written a wonderful book giving historical evidence of how Islam spread by the power of sword, murder, rape, mutilation etc all over the world. The name of the book is Islamic Jihad: A legacy of forced conversion, imperialism and Slavery. Jihadism is a violent and murderous ideology which has no place in civilized world. If you want peace and love to prevail in the world please spread this message to as many people as possible”

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