Diabolical School Syllabus of Peace Schools

By GSK Menon published on October 22, 2016

Recent Police investigations and disclosures in The New Indian Express, has brought to light the sinister long term plan to brainwash young tender Muslim minds in terror doctrine. Children were indoctrinated in hating other communities, plotting how to convert them, and establish an Islamic State. The Police needs to be complimented for their bold investigation. The involvement of a whole lot of Muslim business bigwigs in this conversion and terror agenda has raised a lot of eyebrows about their covert agenda. However high placed they are, they need to be immediately arrested and prosecuted. This also raises an important question of how so called religious minorities are misusing their status and educational institutions to preach hatred and violence. Many Muslim families had also enrolled their children in these Terror Kindergartens, and were quietly supporting the terror agenda. Also, they were willing to see their children to become future terrorists.


The Government needs to scrutinize the syllabus of all so called Minority educational institutions. The fact that they are operating without any permission from CBSE and State Education Board should be a matter of grave concern. Terror supporters can easily start schools and operate with impunity without obtaining any permission whatsoever. The Trustees of these institutions need to be arrested and prosecuted urgently. Some are running fancy hospitals,  chain of gold shops, textile shops, all dubious concerns indulging in Hawala transactions.


The Government also needs to probe Christian institutions especially those operating in tribal areas. In the guise of social work covert and overt conversion agenda is going on non stop. Funds are flowing uninterrupted to continue the conversion agenda. 


I have been constantly saying that all educational institutions, whether Government or Private, should teach the Constitution, spread the message of equality, and introduce compulsory Military training. We need to introduce compulsory Military service on the pattern prevailing in Israel, Singapore and U.S.A.

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  1. Raj Puducode Reply

    October 24, 2016 at 7:42 am

    For Semitic religions, it is difficult to practice “nishkama karma” as they always have an agenda. The beastly Jihadis want a green world that of murder, rape & mayhem. They brainwash our children with inducements & force when necessary like Love Jihad. We must resist their plans.

    The goals of Govt, Church, business & other organizations of charity are one & the same viz as to how to convert the world to their point of view & have total control of these countries. Same thing was done by the British colonials. Mother Theresa did dedicate her life to service but one flaw was that it was not a “nishkama karma” but with a goal to convert the masses. Similarly, John Carey recently wanted India to lift a ban on World Vision donations.World Vision was one of the top donors to NGOs in India and World Vision India was one of the top recipient of funds for Christian missionary activity in India. WV is again a conversion business outfit with a charity face.For Semitic religions, it is difficult to practice “nishkama karma” as they always have an agenda & it is NOT service for the sake of service. Jihadis openly resort to violence & bloodshed to achieve their beastly goals. India had & still have hundreds of Swamis & saints doing selfless charity work but we hardly hear about them. Sathya Sai Baba organization is such an example.

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