Jihadi attack on Mecca of Buddhism

published on July 26, 2013

Mahabodhi Temple is the place where Lord Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment. This place is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mahabodhi Temple draws lakhs of pilgrims from across South, South-East Asia and as far as Japan.
Islamic Terrorists of the Indian Mujahiddin shattered the peace of the world-renowned Mahabodhi temple and surrounding pilgrim spots in Bodhgaya, by setting off nine blasts in 30 minutes on the early hours of Sunday, 7th July 2013.

Numerous intelligence alerts of such an attack had been given to the Bihar Police, which proved to be ineffective in preventing such attacks. Intelligence Bureau had warned Bihar of possible attack on Bodh Gaya in October 2012, on 21st June 2013 and as recently as on 2nd July 2013. Alerts from Delhi Police, Kolkata Police and NIA also went unheeded by the Muslim appeasing Islamic Government of anti-Hindu, anti-National Nitish Kumar. There is no doubt that nothing could have given greater political satisfaction and jubilation (which does not exclude religious and cultural dimensions as well!) to Mian Nitish Kumar than this planned Islamic jihad on Mahabodhi Temple.

The Indian Mujahiddin and their “Secular” supporters in the Left-leaning journalistic fraternity, academia and political circles would have us believe that this incident of jihad against the Buddhists is a reaction to the Burmese Buddhist suppression of Rohingya Muslim jihad against the Buddhists of Myanmar. It is of no consequence or importance to the Islamic terrorists and their electronic media “Secular” supporters like Barkha Dutt, Suzanna Arundhati and Prannoy Roy to put the relevant question: “What could have provoked the essentially placid and peaceful Buddhists of Myanmar to retaliate against the Rohingya Muslims in their country?” The answer is the on-going Jihad launched by the Rohingya Muslims against the Buddhists in Myanmar. Every Islamic terrorist is under the arrogant delusion that he is always innocent and right. This Islamic theological view, that Muslims are always innocent, is also fully shared by the anti-national and anti-Hindu vicious vermin in the media — both print and electronic — the disgusting sellers of souls  — paid and kept by the Sonia Congress Party on a 24/7 basis.

The recent attack on Bodh Gaya — the Buddhist MECCA — reminds us of the savage Taliban attack on Bamiyan Buddha Statues in Afghanistan in 2001. The world’s two largest standing Buddhas – one of them 165ft high – were blown up by the Taliban in Afghanistan on 10th-11th March 2001. A Bamiyan Buddha statue stood over 150 feet high above a small town situated at the foot of the Hindu Kush Mountains of central Afghanistan, prior to its destruction.

After failing to destroy the 1,700-year-old sandstone statues of Buddha with anti-aircraft and tank fire, the Taliban brought a lorry load of dynamite from Kabul. They drilled holes into the torsos of the two statues and then placed dynamite charges inside the holes to blow them up.

Who were the Kaffirs against whom the Taliban were launching this barbarous attack on the Bamiyan Buddhas? Surely the Taliban were not defending the Afghan people against the ‘The Great Satan’ America through these acts of vandalism. The virulently rabid Islamic Sunni Mullahs would have us believe that Lord Buddha is not innocent and that the Muslim Talibans are definitely innocent! They are innocent by virtue of being Muslims!!

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