It is our duty to preserve and nurture Hinduism

via GSK Menon published on October 18, 2008
We Hindus don’t teach any spiritual lessons to our children, as a consequence there is a spiritual void in them. When they come in contact with other religious groups especially when they undergo rough patches in their lives they need spiritual succour. Hindu priests use such moments for grabbing money whereas other religions like Islam and Christianity try to assist the individual in overcoming the crisis. So the Hindu becomes easy conversion material. We have to educate our children in our scriptures and the superiority of the Hindu form of worship. Whatever the Christians may claim are they not imitating our Hindu form of worship ? They may use high sounding words like “inculturation” and “Indianisation” but ultimately lighting Hindu lamps, offering food to idols, using elephants for festivals, erecting of dhwajastambhams are all ingredients of Hindu worship. So why should our Hindu brethern convert / Should they convert to imitate ?

Hindu society needs to reform and keep pace with changing times. We have to teach Hinduism to every Indian. Our 5000 years of heritage and culture is woven inextricably into our Hindu religion. It is our duty to preserve and nurture it. We must coax the converts to return to Hinduism not do violence to them. They are misguided souls who have chosen alien desert religions due to historical tragedies like Mughal rule or economic compulsions as forced by European missionaries or due to genocide like the Goan Inquisition. We need to enlighten the converts about Hindu superiority. Today Yoga is universally acclaimed, vastushastra, jyotishshastra are a craze, Ayurveda is immensely popular, thus every likb of Sanatana Dharma is emerging from the shadows and captivating the whole world. Where is the need to convert to the religion of those who are imitating us. Let us have pride in our faith and our culture.

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