Islam may wipe out Christianity

published on January 13, 2011

It started in Lebanon & Syria some time earlier and now it is spreading. In Egypt , Iraq and Pakistan the attack on Christians is now a daily affair. Very soon it will spread to other Islamic countries as well. For quite some time, Christians have enjoyed a good position in Islamic countries as the so-called “Children of the Book”. They were treated with respect (perhaps also because they are identified with the powerful Europeans and Americans) and they even enjoyed religious rights in strictly Islamic environments as well. Many of the newly converted Christians from erstwhile British/American colonies like India , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Philippines etc., also had a good time in the Islamic countries. Even the recently converted Malayali Christians were (mis)using their privileges in the Gulf countries for building churches, mass prayers and even underground conversion activities. But everything is changing and Christianity may soon face its worst challenge from a resurgent filthy oil-rich and arrogant Islamic forces.
This brings us to the comfortable life and respect they receive in India . Christianity came to India only by 1498 AD along with Vasco-de-Gama. And within two centuries they were ruling over the entire nation. For a few decades after 1947 their influence was reduced, but by 2004, they are again in power. A Roman Catholic lady is now ruling over a nation of 1.2 billion people, most of which are Hindus by name. The occasional trouble they had in Dang and Orissa were only backlashes when they killed Swamis and tried unlimited religious conversion.  At present the majority of Congressmen in power are either Christians or Crypto-Christians. But in this globalised world, the situation is bound to change. Europe is already 50% Islamic and Christianity is a past phenomenon there. Christianity has some role only in America thanks to their hatred for Bin Laden after Sep11. This is also changing with Islamic conversion in full force among the American blacks, backed by petro-dollars from the Gulf.
What is happening in the Gulf is having its refection in Kerala also.  Prof. Joseph’s hand chop-off was the first sign. The subsequent election victory of the main accused in a democratic election with thumping majority was proof enough for his vast mass support among Kerala Muslims. He has got the approval of a majority of his people for this heinous act. And now it has surfaced in Pakistan as well. The cold blooded killing of Punjab governor Mr. Salman Taseer is the latest sign. He has been shot dead (more than 30 bullets in his body) by his own body guard for supporting a poor Christian lady in a case of blasphemy. Pakistan ’s infamous blasphemy law introduced by Zia-Ul-Haq has already taken many Christian lives in Pakistan . If the hero’s welcome given to Salman’s killer is any indication, Christians will be rare samples in Pakistan very soon.  
Only one people of the Book will ultimately survive. It looks like it will be Muslims. Amen.

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