Is P.Chidambaram listening?

published on April 27, 2014

P Chidambaram not to be left out wants to join the bandwagon in bashing Modi.But he has got the wrong reasons. If Modi called him the recount minister he calls Modi the encounter minister. Now PC must remember that there was a recount ordered after the last elections. What happened to that case is any body’s guess because PC was the Home/Finance Minister and Mrs Sonia Gandhi was the super PM so things would have been washed with that Dirty hand …How is Modi the encounter minister? Is there any case against him in the encounters? So many encounters are taking place in all the States and why has only Modi been picked up for attributing encounters to him?

This is like the Sikh carnage. I do not agree when the media terms it as riots. The genocide after the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi was no riots. Not a single Muslim, Hindu or Christian was killed. How come that only Sikhs were massacred and butchered-by whom and why? And Sonia Gandhi calls Modi the merchant of death when she who was then part of the household knows very well that Rajiv Gandhi allowed this carnage and genocide. That was a pogrom which Rajiv Gandhi justified. The Congress cannot escape this baggage of its role as the merchant of death of thousands of Sikhs.Why and how can the Congress escape its sins and worse call Modi the perpetrator of the riots in Gujarat . There seems to be a calculated disinformation unleashed by the Congress and Rahul Gandhi goes about reeling out lies. So PC must call Rahul Gandhi a compulsive, obsessive liar. This can be substantiated. Take the snooping case.Is there a case against Modi when the woman who was followed is happy that security was provided for her. If Modi had not mentioned his wife’s name how does that mean that Modi will not be able to empower women. Rahul Gandhi should not just like a parrot repeat what his backroom guys draft. He should have known the rules. There was no compulsion to mention the name of wife previously. The column can be left blank. But subsequently the EC notified that every column should be filled. Hence Modi gave the name of his wife this time. Where does empowerment of women suffer because this and what was the lapse that Modi committed? Did Manmohan Singh mention his wife’s name in his affidavits? So who is a compulsive liar-not Modi but Rahul Gandhi?

Both he and his mother Mrs Sonia Gandhi deserve minute probes and treatment for reeling out lies after lies. When Robert Vadra is involved in land scams how can they go about saying that Modi is selling all the land of the poor to the Corporates? Is there no limit to the quantum of lies that these two utter? And imagine Sonia Gandhi’s heart bleeds-for the nation. She is for unity while Modi is for divisive politics. Whom are these two trying to cheat? Every one knows that it is Congress which communalized and polarized politics and it is Mrs Sonia that went rushing to the Imam seeking his support from the Muslims.

Is it not laughable when Mrs Sonia Gandhi calls for respecting democratic institutions? Who denigrated democratic institutions? Even the PM’s office was not spared. This was the story that unfolded on the ‘renunciation’ day. Power without accountability was what she wanted. What was her NAC working at and who pressurized the PM to keep all the scam tainted ministers in the cabinet? And now for both mother and son to say that they want power for the people-rather the poor while Modi wants power for himself. We are not fools Sonia Gandhi and Rahul should realize .For the past ten years they have ruled this nation as a family pocket borough. Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her son have no respect for democracy and democratic institutions,-they love themselves. They have allowed corruption to seep into  every sphere of governance and diminished the office of the PM –making it worse than a taluka office. Who is Mrs Sonia Gandhi to say that her heart knows that the people will take the right decision? And that right decision will be to throw her away. She has no love for the country .But loves what she gains from the country and its illiterate poverty stricken people. Can she explain to the nation how she became one of the richest women in the world today? Can she denounce Italy and give up her Italian citizenship. The same must be said of Rahul Gandhi. And these are the duo that goes about blaming Modi for his communalism. These two are seeped in communal and divisive politics and has harmed this nation to such an extent that we pray for redemption from the evils of these two.

I hope Mr P.Chidambaram is listening.

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