Is it crime to have Bajrangbali in a Hindu residence?

via Hindu Samhati Media published on February 9, 2012

This is story of Mr. Prashanta Das, a Hindu businessman, resident of village: Chingripota, P.S. Budge Budge, District: 24 Paraganas (South), West Bengal and how he and his entire family have been languishing for the last 2 years. He, in accordance with police personnel, has made a serious offence – through establishing a brawny statue of Bajrangbali – Hindu icon Lord Hanuman – on the main entrance of his residence – as it has infuriated Muslims and their religious feeling, in the environs.
This single act has had lots of implications thus far – Prashanta was first cautioned by Rajiv Sharma, O.C. (Officer-in-Charge) – P.S. Budge Budge on August 14, 2010 who told him candidly how the presence of Bajrangbali was hassling Muslims and their religious sentiments. The O.C. went to the Hindu residence without warning and virtually told him that Muslims had stated “to see this Hindu idol while doing Namaz is anti-Islam and blasphemous and should be immediately brought down”. However, the mosque, positioned in the adjacent land of the Das family, is illegitimate as the land was seized from the Hindu family by Islamic toughs criminally and only through using pressure tactics. The O.C., in spite of vindications of the Das family members, remained unmoved and went on saying consistently that the statue would have to be removed to maintain communal harmony.
Prashanta, being a true and undaunted Hindu, refused to act in line with the police officer and said clearly, “Pavan putra Hanuman may appear as an eyesore to the local Muslims but in our family, He is our revered family deity and we respect Him supremely; As part of our religious freedom and right, we installed the statue on my place, on my residence. I did not illegally occupy any body’s land and install it”. The defiant language incensed the O.C. so much that he had no option other than giving an ultimatum “Either you cover the statue or remove it immediately otherwise I will be pressing criminal charges against you.”
But this strong language failed to perturb Prashanta (even) who went on saying “I will not remove the statue because this deity is on my property and I have, as a citizen, every right to put anything on my property and no body can stop me doing that.”
And the situation has been hazardous for the Das family. Muslims, in the neighborhood, have never missed an opportunity to harass the Hindu family (women in particular) or to defile the holy deity of Bajrangbali. Meanwhile, the Das family has left no stone unturned to contact various echelons of the Bengal administration but the fate remains same as changes in political dimension do not entail end in Muslim appeasement. And owing to the best efforts of Bengal administration to retain secular character of the state (Muslim pacification in effect), local police remains too feeble to adopt strong measures against Islamic felons.
Prashanta Das made a formal complaint (General Diary) against ill-famed Muslim criminals like Kochi Sapui and Zakir Mallick (leading the campaign to uproot the holy deity) but a strong measure is yet to be adopted. Here is the General Diary. GDE No. is 1515 and it is dated 22 nd May, 2010.
A sturdy Hindu movement WILL put an end to this mad Islamist dream.

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