International Conspiracy behind Left-Right Divide in Congress

via Amithabh Tripathi published on July 13, 2006

On 6th of July Indian representative in newly formed United Nations human right council not only voted along with OIC (organisation of Islamic conference ) against Israel it condemned Israel as offensive in ongoing conflict in Gaza strip started after abduction of one Israeli soldier by Palestinian terrorist group to insure the release of more than 1000 Palestinian prisoners. This was another big development in foreign policy matters. In less than one month this is second time when Indian government has indicated about its intention to revert its foreign policy.

Earlier in an unusual and extraordinary declaration in middle of June Prime Minister announced he is not going to take part in United nations summit scheduled in September instead he will attend Non Aligned summit to be held in Cuba at the same time. In one of my earlier article I tried to analyse this trend.

Indian vote in human right council along with Arab nations against Israel could be taken as an effort to undo its earlier mistake to go against Iran in IAEA to appease Muslim constituency at home to get better result in next upcoming assembly elections in UP. But it would be very generic assessment.

It is not merely a politics of Muslim vote bank it is pregnant with some other possibilities also. Now it has become very important to find out those elements that are responsible for this policy reversal. 

On the one hand Congress party herself is behaving like opposition with his Prime minister on the issue of economic reform and the other hand he is being compelled to eat the crow on front of foreign policy also. Picture is very much clear PM facing resistance from his own people but this resistance is not confined to change of leadership only it also implied with paradigm shift of Indian stand on international issues. This battle of Congress inspire us to understand the role and psyche of its president. 

So called queen of sacrifice when rejected the offer of Prime minister ship two years back lot of questioned were roaming around Rashtrapati Bhavan and PMO but none of them were able to get satisfactory answers and those questions are still relevant and unanswered. Congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who was unanimously elected as leader of UPA and went Rashtrapati Bhavan to stake her claim to form new government mysteriously appointed other person on this post. What happened at Rashtrapati Bhavan and what was discussed between president and Congress president is still a secret between three persons Dr Manmohan singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and President himself. Although at that time Rashtrapati Bhavan clarified its position and killed all rumors but new shift in foreign policy and alignment of UPA in general and Congress in particular with radical Islam has made the role of Congress president suspicious.

Before Congress led government was formed at center Congress president was known for her proximity with one Islamic front, which is headed by a brother of International Islamic terrorist. She once made speech in one  seminars of this organization. Involvement of congress in some international suspicious syndicate came under scanner of international agencies when few years back when a senior and influential leader of this party was detained on one of American airport by its security agencies under suspicion of being drug peddler.

In last November when volker committee report reveled strong bondage of Congress with Middle eastern Arab nations this controversy was resolved and Natwar singh was made scapegoat. Before disclosure of this report foreign minister Natwar singh was blue eyed boy of Congress president who left no stone unturned in embarrassing prime minister with his Anti-American and pro Non-alignment statements. Natwar singh lobbied hard to insure Indian vote in favour of Iran but in that high volatile situation Prime minister himself took the command and talked with Russia, Britain, France and Germany to go along with these nations. At that time it was really astonishing to witness how a member of cabinet can disown its prime minister, but it was not merely a case of cabinet minister’s disagreement with his prime minister it was some other forces within Congress with its left leaning were trying to push their agenda. 

Since India voted against Iran in IAEA in October Congress looked totally divided on this issue. One of close aid to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,Mani shanker ayyer repeatedly talked about Indo-Pak- Iran gas pipeline and was much eager and enthuse to get it done knowing well that Iran has become a contentious issue for prime minister.

After Indian vote in IAEA Congress tried everything to get back its Muslim support and in this process lot of announcements were made to appease Muslims. Human resource development minister Arjun singh one of loyal of Congress president (who earlier have proved his loyalty during regime of Narsimha Rao by dividing congress as congress-Tiwari) took the job to implement the policies of Muslim appeasement with one other confident of Sonia Gandhi Samaual Rajshekher Reddy. In this process both of them not only taken some extra constitutional decisions, Arjun singh went too far to visit Saudi Arabia to pat the back of Al-Azhar university the most notorious and radical Islamic institute.

In this background it is easy to analyse the reason and intention behind Arjun singh’s visit to Saudi Arabia. He was there not as representative of Indian cabinet but as an envoy of Congress president to express her solidarity with Arab nations.

But million-dollar question is still unanswered why Congress president want to dislodge her own nominee. Is center of power in national capital is under shadow of international cold war politics with each of them want to push the agenda of its left or right leanings. 

Policies of prime minister itself indicate from where it gets inspiration. His foreign policy or economic policy is nothing than continuation of process started from the regime of late Narsimha Rao. Prime minister is only forwarding those policies which had consensus in every government right from Narsimha rao to Atal Bihari vajapee even short term governments of third front did not revert them but what extraordinary situation has arise that some forces in congress want to reverse even those policies which are of paramount national interest?.

OIC is an organisation, which not only supported the stand of Pakistan in Kashmir, issues in its every summit it always-embarrassed India by raising the issue of Human rights violation in Kashmir valley. Indian decision to condemn Israel along with Arab nations was not compelled with vote bank politics it smells some international conspiracy.

Conflict of Israel-Palestine has become pivotal to Islamic terrorism. Those forces want to destroy Israel sooner or later going to destroy every non-Islamic nation. In this situation national interest demands to support those forces which can prove to be a front against these Islamic forces.

As far as rationality or humanity of Indian stand in human rights council is concerned it is also not up to the mark. It was Palestinian terrorist organisation which fuelled this strife by kidnapping one of Israeli soldier and what ever step Israel taken was in accordance to its fundamental rights to protect its citizens from the clutches of enemy. How come Indian representative snatch this basic right of Israel particularly when India herself is under threat of Islamic terrorism.

Now left-right division of Congress is visible which is not limited to internal policies alone it is spreading its tentacles to external policies also. It will be interesting to see how long this battle of cold war goes on in power center and finally who emerge as victorious.

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