India’s Wazirstans

published on August 5, 2013

 Pakistan has always ready made excuse for countering accusations for harboring terror. It is all from ‘law less state’ like Wazirstan or from ‘stateless actors’ there in. India does not have such a state. We should add, ‘not yet’. Because states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are well are on their way to become lawless under super secular aegis of skull cap parties, the Samajwadi in UP and JD(U) in Bihar. Actually there is another state, Tamil Nadu is also advancing to attain that special status.
In Tamil Nadu , Jihad is in full swing with day light beheadings of Hindu activists. In Bihar Naxals can come into train and chop off hands. And in UP no public official can stand up to against interests of any mafia that rules the state through proxies of secular and casteist politicians.
Consider the on going saga in UP concerning Durga Shakti Nagpal IAS. In a way it is fortunate because the case of this  victimized young officer whose only fault was to stand up to lawless sand mafia operating in UP caught national attention and there  by exposing loathsome political brigands in collusion with dacoits  in UP. Also unprecedented is solidarity shown to her by national IAS officer association.
Please note by itself, this case may not be that much significant in scheme of things that are going wrong in India especially in rapidly progressing UP into India’s Wazirstan. In UP since the current dispensation came to power there are 10,000 cases registered involving murder, rape and more than 100 ‘communal riots’ have taken place. Please note when the word ‘communal’ is mentioned usually it means Jihad, Because if any riot is caused by Hindus, the secular media and governments would have no hesitation to name names and point fingers even if there is no proof. Just suspicion or even a manufactured one will be enough .Bombings in Mumbai, Delhi and Madras were all blamed on Hindus initially until overwhelming evidence to the contrary has emerged.
Thus compared to such ‘communal riots’, ‘gas cylinder explosions’ in running trains with lots of casualties swept under secular carpets in states like UP, the incident involving Durga Shakti Nagpal is only a mnor one. But it represents a tip of iceberg,on top of monumental mountain of corruption and loot in collusion with mafias of various brands and Jihadi forces. As such the young Durga has become an iconic figure for what is right in India being suppressed by corrupt crooks.
No one can just eat one potato chip. Similarly no one can just tell one lie.

UP government of Samajvadi party and its secular stalwart leaders are going into gyrations, convulsions to convince she was punished to maintain communal harmony and has nothing to do with Sand Mafia.

Just look at these characters and their excuses above. So some looted in the name of Ram, so it is OK to loot in the name of secularism ? Then what has suspension of Durga Shakti got to do with it ? Did she prevent a loot of different kind in UP ?
And in the words of Akhilesh Yadav it was ‘wall of mosque’. But by the time his minion Naresh Agarwal opened his mouth it became ‘mosque’ itself. He accused the young officer of pulling down a mosque ! So what ground realities should the officers serving their masters should be acquainted with ?  That before vote bank politics or supports to mafias to loot the public to win elections overrides supreme court which said any illegally occupied structure can be demolished  ?
The fact as per the district magistrate that Durga Shakti did not pull down the concerned wall but the villagers themselves did when given a choice either to apply for permission to keep the wall on government land or pull it down. They chose latter. DM not only pointed this out but also said there was no communal tension in the area as a result of Durga Shakti ‘s action. And now Samajvadi MP is upset with District magistrate also. He wants the magistrate also be punished.
Now as if all these lies from UP are not enough, here comes the UPA in New Delhi which desperately needs SP in UP for its numbers to hold on to power , so its  Hon. Home Minister pontificates that Bureaucracy must work ‘under the ambit of law’ !  Which law ? The one in Constitution of India  or one in operating manuals of secular political parties ? After all was it not law that Durga Shakti was upholding and working under its ambit?
By the way Modi in Gujarat had several temples moved or demolished illegally constructed in Gujarat , 400 of them per one count. And he is communal but UP’s Samajvadis who could not tolerate pulling down a wall of a mosque and want to punish an upright officer, are secular ? But then in India that is not Bharat, it is precisely the case. If it was indeed a temple UP samajvadis will not have even that excuse but since it is related to a mosque they feared serious violation of secularism hence communal tension.
Unwittingly they are damaging reputation of Moslems of India through their disparaging views of them. Do they think that Moslems are so intolerant that they cannot respect law in the matter of illegal constructions? But in this case they did as the Magistrate has noted, the villagers took the wall down.
And this upsets Samajvadis ? See the knots they tied themselves into. Let us hope the people of UP see  through their lies.
At least the IAS officers nation wide did. In an unprecedented action, they expressed solidarity with Durga Shakti Nagpal,a 2010 batch IAS officer and took up her cause with central government.
This is indeed a good development. Because if the Central government that is Congress led UPA upholds law then they are at odds with their ally Samajvadi party in UP. This alliance is forced due to holding back CBI away from SP supremo. Or if they choose to support SP against Durga Shakti then it will be against law and obviously given the national agitation this event caused, is against wishes of people. And that is not good in an election year.
All these could have been easily avoided if only SP leader, the CM simply apologized and admitted a mistake. But then the whole problem arose precisely due to absence of any such integrity in public office, financial affairs which became absent since the days of Lal Bahadur Sastri.
Let us hope people recognize the looming danger to land of sages, India from looters if they are allowed to continue in office , and take action. The Shakti of Durga is in their hands.The opportune time is coming nearer day by day.
Worship of Durga as Mahakali dancing on a demon was popularized by a Vikramaditya who drove enemies out of India including present day law less Waziristan then very much part of India. The demon was the invader and dark colored Mahakali was personified India. There are several Vikramadityas in our history. It is a title earned through prowess and heroism, not official patronage like in cases of some ‘Bharat Ratnas’. Even now the demonic forces are haunting India.

Kali by Raja Ravi Varma
Goddess of Time, Change, Destruction and Reconstruction.

Now the demons are both outside and inside India.
 The power of such India venerated as mother , is in the hands of people of India. Let people of India wake up and throw the rascals out. And may the same Durga protect her name sake in the above instance as well.

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