India’s Intellectual Zombies

published on March 19, 2008

By Dr. Babu Suseelan

For centuries Hindu society has been active in producing intellectuals, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, political theorists, artists, poets, spiritual leaders and life scientists. Islamic invasion, Christian colonialism, destruction of Sanskrit education and Marxist influence had a disastrous influence on Hindu society. The social and psychological conditioning suffered by Hindus lead frequently to the erosion of cultural identity and the depersonalization of individuals. It is therefore, not surprising that the production of intellectuals dwindled. The repercussions of long period of Islamic oppression and colonization , in the wake of social and cultural disintegration and the trauma suffered by Hindus as a whole, persist even today. Everybody seem to agree that Hindu civilization is now facing a crisis. Entrenched forces from within and without have joined together to de-structure or destroy our thoughts , beliefs, practices and values.

Hinduism has never been a unified, monolithic movement and there has been a great deal of disagreement among Hindus as to how to protect themselves and their interests. There are several Hindu spiritual organizations, and cultural movements in different parts of India. Unfortunately politically, spiritual movements has not resulted in an overreaching Hindu strategy in politics, in the media, in academics, and other areas of social-political life.

It is time for Hindus to join together, to discover its causes and to assume the responsibility of formulating a solution. It is time to rally our values, our self-esteem and fight for our moral ideals with full, righteous confidence. The intellectual group is one that manifests a collective capacity for dealing with the wide-ranging needs and problems in national life. Intellectuals of a nation are expected to maintain connections with the country’s past culture, present social, economic, and political groups and concerns itself with renewing and maintaining internal strengths. But this is not what we see today in India. In India, the anti-Hindu mafia has become the “gate keepers” of Indian minds. The anti-Hindu intellectual zombies have entrapped the members in a servitude and set in motion a malignant process by creating powerlessness in the majority communities. They join together with our enemies from within and without to demean and discredit the culture, and its perennial philosophy that sustains the social bonds for centuries. Our intellectual zombies are competing with our enemies to make Hindus more powerless and prevent them from acquiring skills and self-esteem to regain lost strength and acclaim. Indeed, the greatest threat to India and Hindus today is the political opportunism of the phony secular intellectuals who are inclined to promote Islamo fascism and dismissing or understating internal and external threats. If we ask our moral relativists, agnostics, secularists, liberals and media pundits–they will come up with sticky puddle of stale syrup of tolerance, love, global programs, universalism, and coexistence with Jihadi terrorists, Marxist murderers and crusaders. India’s intellectual zombies had become apologists for the Islamo fascists, Marxists and underground Maoists. They want to replace Hindu tradition, and its eclectic philosophy with the reductionist dogmas of Islam, Marxism and deconstruction. They have sold our nation for a price and joined with our adversaries and engage in “the socialization of the anti-social, or acculturation of the anti-cultural, or the legitimization of the subversive” under the influence of modernism. Intellectual discourse is corrupted by moral relativism, leftist cultural criticism and subversive modernism. By blurring the lines between good and evil, right and wrong, spirituality and fanaticism, these intellectual zombies have rendered our society more vulnerable to evil influences. The general public are increasingly ill equipped to recognize, much less respond to, the evil forces that threatens India from within and without.

One of the tragic errors of India is that too many of its best minds believe as they did in the past-that the solution is to rely on more tolerance, inaction and passivity. They are neither humanist or nationalists. Their goal is to demolish Hindu values and to put barriers on Hindu spirituality and place as many obstacles as possible in the way of Hindutva. Their response against Islamic terrorism goes against the commonest of commonsense and only serve to protect anti nationalists. They are significantly out of touch with reality. Like most psychotic people they avoid complex social problems, afraid of decision making and promote policies that recommends tolerance of intolerant dogmas and their bizarre behavior. The exact opposite is true. What we need most urgently is to recognize that our tolerant culture cannot exist without a philosophy of confrontation of intolerant ideas.

Our present state of cultural disintegration and political oppression is maintained and prolonged by intellectual zombies, posturing as intellectual leaders. India’s intellectual zombies are living in a fantasy world embracing “all religions are the same”, and tolerance of intolerance is a positive virtue . They generally consist of frustrated, alienated and misguided intellectual zombies who serve as catalysts, inciting, and actualizing the prevalent sentiment of Hindu hatred. They also endorse extra privileges for Muslims and provide a sort of moral justification for Hindu oppression. These modern intellectual zombies have succeeded in misdirecting the public and have extinguished the flame of protest, and they have no answer to halt the triumphant advance of brute Jihadis and Marxist murderers. They have no answer to those voices demanding freedom from oppression, liberty from bogus secularism and reason from political idiosyncrasy.


One of the greatest challenges facing our intellectuals today is objectively examining the roots of the present social-political-pathology and malady afflicting Hindu society and developing a strategy that will lead to a lasting solution of our predicament. The inability to grasp the roots of Islamic terrorism, coercive religious conversion and social disturbances is the result of moral relativism, agnosticism and non-judgmental attitude prominent in India’s liberal thought.

A political ideology directed by bogus secular political leaders whose purpose is to help and empower our enemies is deceptive. In India, these intellectual mafia’s commitment for Hindu bashing has reached a new pinnacle with the national ascendance of Italian born Sonia as the leader of the Congress party. The Congress party’s snobbery and insensitivity to Hindus has created a pseudo-secular culture whose leaders appear unwilling or unable to communicate with the majority Hindus. They are unable to communicate in the cultural language of the majority.

How should Hindus revitalize its strategy? Hindus must better educate and explain the Islamic threat to the general audience. Education at all levels should indicate Hindus in the history, philosophy, mechanics, virtues, responsibilities, and achievements of Hindus. Tolerance and diversity need not mean acceptance of oppression and tyranny. India’s intellectual zombies offer misbegotten solutions, ignore inconvenient facts and hide behind Islamic mafia and promote meaningless universalism. The universal pretensions cannot be used without addressing the proper scale of coercive religious conversion, psychological warfare by foreign agencies, subversive activities of anti-national groups and Jihadi terrorism. Instead of putting the blame where it belongs, India’s intellectual zombies, when confronted with social-political problems, invent fantasies to keep the public in darkness. Real problems confronting India and Hindus are too scary for intellectual zombies to comprehend

Identifying with your adversary without proper reflection is an exaggerated tendency toward grandiosity. It is an expression of narcissism, one of the deepest wellsprings of India’s liberal tendencies towards unreality. The self-defeating belief system, lead to unreality-to the feelings that somehow Muslims will become fair-minded and do justice. India’s intellectual zombies are in self-delusion that virtually gets in the way of reality, clouding their judgments on important matters leading to bad decisions. Unreality, self-delusion, and denial are the hallmarks of their disease and treatment. It is a treatment in that it promotes adjustment to harsh reality of Islamic violence and terrorism. This treatment of escapism, denial, and self-blame are worse than the disease. It is this collective disease of India’s intellectual zombies, the unhealthy side of reality that is badly in need of treatment.

This liberal unreality, denial, escapism, appeasement and irrational tolerance is narcotic. While each dose “cures” the pain of harsh reality or previous abuse, it further strengthen the disease. Escape from reality, and hiding behind a thick wall of denial, may provide India’s intellectual zombies a brief respite from cruel reality of Islamic atrocities and promote a false adjustment to the cruel world of Islamists. But it is not a true or effective cure for Islamic brutality, hostility and demand for extra privileges.

The most human quality we have is our ability to conceptualize, rationalize and act. As a nation, our greatest hope for improving ourselves and becoming better is to use our mind and capacity to think. It takes intellectual capacity to think and makes change for the better. Why, even after physical independence, Indians shape their reality, interpret or appraise events to please their long term oppressors and tormentors? Why intellectuals shape their thought to justify evil deeds of Muslims, Marxists and phony secularists? Why they downplay external threats or turn off unpleasant internal disturbances created by anti-national elements? It is strange that alienated intellectuals, leftist academicians and phony secularists develop an unconscious cravings and urges to feel good, to feel wonderful or to feel exalted delight in front of adversaries and tormentors. They restructure their thoughts and develop self-defeating behaviors to please their oppressors. They have limited intellectual competencies to handle conflicts and social problems created by Islamic fascists, subversive agents, and psychological warfare operatives. It is difficult for them to assertively handle social conflicts or to say “no” to social pressure to participate in self-destructive behaviors. They often lack the skills to question unhealthy and disastrous policies and activities of our enemies.

For any dangerous social or political challenge or problem situation, India’s intellectual zombies come up with automatic anti Hindu thoughts including blame game. These automatic Hindu blame game that pop up quickly are not rational or evaluative in nature. This self-destructive behavior of intellectual zombies is reinforced by few bread crumbs thrown at them, and few applauses by Jihadis, subversive agents and the bogus secular crowd.


The intellectual zombies that champions the adversary culture now dominate the cultural establishments-the publishing houses, media, museums, book publications, government public relations, television, theater, the cinema, the academia, and the national educational institutions. They promote cultural-moral relativism and mindless universalism. This “relativism of truth and values” has corrupted the moral character of India. India’s phony intellectuals and bogus secular politicians are not attuned to the values of freedom, equality, individual rights, spiritual culture, peace, progress and justice. These alienated, self-serving intellectuals are no longer committed to liberty, fairness, equal opportunity, openness and prosperity. They are busy promoting freedom for Islamic tyrants, strengthening conversion gangs and assisting subversive groups. Silencing of Hindus and the suppression of all inclusive, tolerant, and uplifting Hindu ideas is their pastime.

Hindu organizations should identify Hindu intellectuals and channel resources toward formulating and promoting Hindu vision of public policy. Hindu intellectuals should penetrate community intellectual institutions such as journals, theater companies, study groups, book publishers, electronic media and music clubs. Vital intellectual institutions should be established to create a culture that thinks critically and discuss ideas and philosophies that shape government policies, education and social policy.

Pseudo secular forces have joined with our enemies to restrict the terms of public debate. Hindu intellectuals should address specific issues and concerns that cut across Hindu communities around the globe. In the public sphere, the culture and values of the pluralistic, all inclusive Hindu values should help fashion public policies and political goals.

Only Hindu philosophy points to theoretical systems that yield needed understanding of human beings and their psycho-social-cultural environments. In order to survive in this world of communication, political realities, information warfare, media manipulation and psychological warfare operations, Hindus need to design an action agenda for turning Hindutva into proactive realities in the public field.

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