India’s destiny to tolerate blasts?

via Amitabh Tripathi published on September 16, 2008
was another evening in national capital of India and people were
engaged with their routine work from labor to officer. Some of them
were planning to enjoy their weekend and some daily labors were working
for their daily bread but none of them was aware to their destiny
before five serial blasts took place in several dense markets as well
as places in Delhi.  It was another horrific story on 13th
of September in national capital when Islamic terrorists challenged to
Indian security and morale with their blasts. In this article Islamic
terrorist word has been used because like three previous blasts Indian
Mujahideen send an email to media personnel and claimed the
responsibility of these blasts and warned for more attacks in Mumbai
later this month. When first time Indian Mujahideen came in picture
last year in November with claiming the responsibility of serial blasts
in various courts of Uttar Pradesh none of the government agencies to
security agencies taken them seriously but now this is fourth time when
this newly formed Islamic organization with clear manifesto of Jihad
has openly boasted about its capability to attack any place in country
with forewarning.


last four months India has tolerated four blasts and more than 200
people have died and more than 500 injured but still governments is
unprepared for these attacks. When terrorist attack occurred in Delhi
and fortunately three other live bombs were diffused which had
potential of more casualties’ response of government India was no much
different from repeated customary statements with condemnation that
these cowardice acts should be condemned in strong words and this is
work of those forces which want to vitiate the social fabric of nation.
Even Home minister for state  Shreeprakash
Jaiswal shamelessly told mediapersons that one billion people could not
be provide security cover. It is an exhibition of high standard
irresponsibility from a person who is responsible for internal
security. A person who is holding such sensitive post is so
irresponsible and casual to his statements that he even don’t care in
how many ways his statement could be interpretated in various ways. Was
the senior man in government responsible for internal security inviting
people to take law in their hands to defend them?


is not the first time in recent history of Islamic terrorism in India
when home minister for state Shree Prakash Jaiswal has come out in such
casual and irresponsible manner. In 2006 when Mumbai commuters were
targeted by Islamic terrorists his statements had a good music to the
hear of perpetrators of this crime as well to those apologists who were
investing their academic caliber to defend these attacks with theory of
atrocity on Muslims. After the attacks on local train service in Mumbai
when the whole nation was shocked with ghastly work of terror home
minister for state was busy on several television channels to justify
the attack as retaliation of demolition of Babri structure in 1992 as
well as riots in Gujrat in 2002. It was first step towards
communalizing the problem of terrorism and giving full support from
government to the theory of atrocity on Muslims. Home minister of state
Mr Jaiswal is not the lone person in this entire government of United
progressive alliance who has vocal support for the perpetrators of
terrorism he has a long list with him which include  chairperson
of UPA Mrs Sonia Gandhai , Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh , chief of
Samajwadi Party Mulayam Singh Yadav, chief of RJD Laloo Prasad Yadav
who deserve more to host a show of lofter challenge on some Television
channel rather than holding an important post in cabinet and above all
a person who has continuity with his ministerial berth right from 1989
to till date irrespective of any government at centre Ram Vilas Paswan.
These all stalwarts from UPA have no hesitation in downplaying the
danger of Terrorism to seek the Muslim vote.


When incident took place in various places of Delhi on Saturday 13th
September entire UPA cabinet was searching some place to hide there
with some political gimmick to save their embarrassment. After two days
of attacks an important constituent of government RJD chief Laloo
Prasad Yadav came before media with a demand of resignation of Home
minister Shivraj Patil with his outburst for intelligence bureau. At
the same time spokesperson of Congress party Abhishekmanu Singhvi with
his dried emotions attacked opposition party (read it BJP) for playing
politics with terrorism. Singhvi went to such extent to declare that
those who are demanding for the resignation of Home minister are anti
national forces who want to create unrest in nation. Congress
spokesperson also suggested for a national consensus of the issue of
terrorism. The way in which Congress and its allies has come out in
open with their reaction on terrorist attack has some implications.


chief Laloo Prasad Yadav has criticized Intelligence bureau for its
insufficiency and Congress spokesperson has called for a national
consensus on the issue of terrorism. These statements suggest that UPA
is still behaving like an ostrich on the issue of terrorism. It is an
extremely unfortunate situation  for the country
that intelligence bureau has been targeted by a politician who left no
stone unturned to link the problem of terrorism with Muslim vote even
to such extent to defend the prime accused organization SIMI  who is responsible for fomenting  terror
in country with its clear manifesto of Jihad. In the same way Congress
is asking for national consensus on terrorism but their consensus
inherent with a clear message not to define terrorism as Islamic
terrorism and not to mention perpetrators with their ideological
commitment as well follow the political correctness in every sphere of
life with this problem of terrorism. What a dilemma for security as
well as intelligence agencies between reality of problem and political
correctness. On the one hand they have job in their hands to gather
information and movements of terrorists on the other hand they have
their hands tied to take action against them. All the perpetrators    belong
to one religion and one community with clear motive of religious
fanaticism but when they have been arrested or taken into custody
various Islamic organizations to NGO’s with political parties come in
public with a unique theory that innocent Muslims should not be
harassed in the name of investigation. Not before long we have
witnessed this dilemma of security agencies in Azamgarh a notorious
place of Uttar Pradesh an emerging hub for Islamic terrorists in India.
When a prime accused in Gujrat blast was arrested from somewhere in
that district and all the major political parties visited to his
parents and Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid addressed a gathering of Muslims
there with warning to Indian state that if innocent Muslims will be
targeted in the name of terrorism a bloody reaction from Muslim side is
inevitable. How would you define that who has been arrested in
connection of any terrorist activity is innocent. It clearly indicates
that those who are showing sympathy to these accused persons are
preoccupied with their mind that security agencies and judicial system
in India is vindictive towards Muslims and in this process they are
legitimizing the theory of atrocity on Muslims which later culminates
in recruitment of more Muslims as Jihadis.


what could be the response to this menace? Should all Muslims be
singled out and seen with suspicion or radical and militant Muslims
should be identified? If you ask to me I would opt for second option.
Problem of Islamic terrorism should be identified in its totality and
instead of skip to this debate it be ignited.


have lot of political commentators and analyst who are more proud to
delink the Indian response to terrorism with that of American and
European response but have we something with us to be proud on which.
Our response to this problem is more humane and non discriminatory to
Muslims but what we have gained from this. We have gained more attacks.
Few years back we were facing one or two major terrorist attacks in one
year but now this frequency has converted into attack in almost every
month. No one wants to have an eyeball to eyeball with this fact. We
have allowed with our response to this country to become a hotbed   of
young sophisticated Jihadis to infiltrate in Muslim population with
sleeper cells in every densely populated Muslim area. Our policy of non
discrimination (read it Muslim appeasement) to Muslims emboldened
radical Islam to push the agenda of Jihad in this country with support
of political parties who are deeply involved in Muslim appeasement as
the cost of national security. In this story we have the latest name in
the form of Ram Vilas Paswan who in his party meeting demanded the
government of India to give the citizenship to all Bangladeshi
infiltrators. What a shame? Ram Vilas Paswan is not only undermining
the national security but also challenging to those security agencies
who are demanding to government of India from last several years to
have a policy to stop the Bangladeshi infiltration which has become a
grave problem for national security. Not only had this Ram Vilas Paswan
also challenged the various strictures of various courts in India who
from time to time voiced their concern for Bangladeshi infiltration. If
you have politicians like this who are bending their backward to
Muslims to garner their support at any cost even at the cost of
national security then how terrorist attacks or radicalization of
Muslims could be prevented.


could we have some different policy to deal with problem of Islamic
terrorism or we don’t have any policy at all. Definitely we don’t have
any policy at all and we are boasting to have some tolerant and more
humane policy towards this problem. India is the worst sufferer of
terrorism after Israel in this world. America witnessed this horrific
problem in 2001 but India was facing it before one decade earlier but
our response to this problem is really poor. India has not yet defined
this problem and has not formed any policy yet to combat it.


combat this problem of terrorism with ideological leanings and motive
of jihad we have to take it as a war against state to overthrow it with
a utopian world order based on shariyat and quran. Until this problem
of Islamic terrorism is not seen in this perspective we would not be
able to combat it properly. What a paradox with Indian state of mind
that Islamic organizations are openly declaring their manifesto  of
Jihad with their idea of imposition of supremacy of Islam in every
sphere of life but politicians in Indian with Muslim appeasers in the
name of secularists and academicians  are pleading for the innocence of these terrorists.


thinker on Islamic studies Dr Daniel Pipes has reiterated that this
unconventional war has to be fought with some new weapons and the most
important weapon in one of them is intelligence. Professional and
efficient intelligence could avoid several causalities. But if
government is not going to act on inputs of intelligence agencies or
putting some pressure on security agencies to follow political
correctness then how would you expect from these agencies to work with
their morale. If India has to combat the Islamic terrorism it should
shed out its policy of being different in tackling this problem and
follow the path of Israel. Need of the hour is to  reverse
the policy on terrorism because non discrimination with Muslims are
ideal thing but there should be differentiation between common Muslims
and followers of militant and radical Islam. All those institutions
should have been put under scanner who is promoting the jihad with a
sanction of religion to apply the policy of terrorism to impose the
rule of shriyat and quran. 

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