Indian PM exposed in India Vs Indian CM denigrated in front of foreign masters

published on August 19, 2013

In the Independent Day address from Bhuj, the Gujarat Chief Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi had posed some very uncomfortable questions to the Prime Minister, especially regarding national security against Pakistani incursions and corruption in high places. Embarrassed by those questions and having no convincing answers, the Congress leaders started calling him “an ebarrassment” to India. Many people went on to castigate him for having criticized the PM on the Independence day and said,”Modi had denigrated the indian democratic fabric by criticizing the PM on such an auspicious day”.

Now, let me ask all those secularism and democracy watchdogs of India who joined the bandwagon of Modi-baiters, just question. What about those 65 traitor MPs who wrote to a foreign government to insult him by rejecting a visa for him(which of course he has never asked). Whether they like him or not, Modi is a democratically elected Chief Minister of an Indian state. The CM of any state, whether Gujarat or others, is a democratically elected constitutional authority, deserving no less respect than the PM of this country. No doubt, every citizen including the MPs have every right to criticize him as far as that criticism remains within the country. But, when they start denigrating such constitutionally and democratically elected persons in front of the international community, such an action becomes treason and people who do so deserves to be exiled from this country. It becomes a much more serious crime when such despicable action is being carried out elected representatives.

The feeble denial to have signed by some of the signatories in that letter like Yechuri, Achuthan, Ramalingam etc. is just an eye wash to fool the “mango people’ or the “cattle class” citizens of this “Banana Republic”. If they are really honest about having not signed that document, they should have taken to court, the originators of that letter for fraudulently “pasting” their signatures as they claim. Or, the least they could have done was to write to the US President that they are not associated with that letter.

The central government and even the PM is complicit in this denigration of Indian democracy in front of the international community. Can the elected representatives send letters to any foreign government without it being cleared by the MOFA(Ministry fo Foreign Affairs) or the PMO(Prime Ministers’ Office) or both? So it is only reasonable to presume this denigration of the constitutional position of the Chief Minster of a state by these MPs was carried out with the silent approval of the national government, perhaps with some encouragement. Why did not the
Government of India lodge a protest to the US government against this insult of a democratically elected CM ever? Is Modi’s criticizing the PM, even if it is on the Independence day, a bigger crime than writing a defamatory letter to a foreign government against the CM, especially after even the apex court of this country did not find any merit in the allegations against him?

It would be better if these so-called secularists, self-styled elite intellectuals and the media realized that such actions from them do not affect the honest person and only demeans themselves.

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