Indian National Congress corruption Index – Updated 11.08.2010

published on August 11, 2010

A place to document Congress Scams and Misdeeds- HK want to capture every congress scams and misdeeds here with the help of our readers. Refresh our memories give a short note and the year of incident in the comment section and let us update this endless scams happening and happened around us..

Congress corruption/mishandling of various issues. Year
Congress government’s inability to contain the price rise in the country. Increased the petroleum products price while the inflation and whole sale commodity index for all essential commodities are sky rocketing. Congress government claims that the petroleum companies are running in loss, but its annual reports says they are running in profit. 2010
IPL scandal lead by Congress’s External Affairs minister Sasi Tharoor and its ally Sharad Powar. Sasi Tharoor has gifted his lover Sunanda Pushkar a 70Core worth stake in Rendezvous Sports World. What a way to spend we tax payers money. 2010
Common Wealth Game scam lead by congress’s Suresh Kalmadi and Delhi government lead by Congress, running into multicrore scandals. 744 Crore money meant for Dalits diverted by Delhi government for Common Wealth Games by congress. 2010
Congress governments failed foreign policy with Pakistan.  External affairs minister SM Krishna single handedly runs piece talks with Pakistan without really understanding the ground reality of Pakistan aided terror in the country. What is the pointing in talking if Pakistan is not walking the talk. 2010
Naxalism is primarily caused by the social imbalance in the country, and don’t you think congress government is responsible for this, who has ruled the country for 50 years. Now the central government is failing in every attempt to contain the naxalism in this country. 2010
Padmashree award scams. Chatwal who is undergoing trial for a bank scam of $9Million in US and then a surrendered Kashmiri militant Ghulam Muhammad Mir are awarded Padma awards by Congress. But what is their contribution to the country?   2010
Does anybody know why Nehru’s birthday is been celebrated as Children’s day irrespective of his blunders when he was ruling India? Though this issue was raked up by Narendra Modi, nobody in Congress wanted to answer this question, rather they wanted to attack Modi. 2010
2.8 Lakh crore commodity exchange scam by Congress central government. The trade happens only on paper,but the price goes up just like the stock market. Food items should not have been listed for commodity exchange. For example 1.22 Crore tonnes of Turmeric were sold, while the actual sales volumes were just 5 percent of it. Instead of GDP, food inflation was rising which hints that such a “scam” was not possible without the support of politicians in power 2010
2G Spectrum scandal by Raja in congress lead UPA government of the tune of 60000 Crores. Congress not acted against DMK’s Raja because it wanted to save its government. 2009
Congress external affairs minister Sasi Tharoor terming economy class in flights as cattle class whereas he always want to travel in luxury with additional money spent from our taxpayers money. 2009
When congress was preaching austerity measures, their ministers SM Krishna and Sasi Tharoor were found to stay in luxury at 5 star hotels in Delhi paying almost 1Lakh rupees a day. Finally Pranab Mukharjee had to order them to vacate their 5 star hotels, and then later congress came with explanation that they pay from individual pockets for the hotel. What does this mean? These congress ministers can spend almost 30Lakh per month from their pocket for their stay in Delhi? Is it declared in their income and expense report or IT returns? 2009
National Highway Authority of India NHAI to erect billboards having Sonia’s and Manmohan’s photos in every 25 KM of the NH. Though the National Highway network named Golden Quadrilateral was started by Vajpayee government, congress wanted to loot the credit of it in this cheap way. When it became an issue in media, it was told that the contractor who build the NH will place the board and not the government. Why should the contractor pay huge money to erect these boards to praise Sonia? Finally when the issues heated up NHAI had to remove the bill boards. Cheap tactics by congress to project Sonia. 2009
ND Tiwari’s sex scandal : AP Governor and Senior Congress leader ND Tiwari quit office on 26th December 2009 after ABN Andhra Jyoti had telecast visuals showing the Governor in a compromising position with three young women.

Mr Tiwari was Congress Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh four times and Union minister another four times. What a top leader of congress.

Rs 600 Crore missile deal commission by UPA government. In a hurriedly signed deal worth Rs 10,000 crore for buying medium-range-surface-to-air missiles from Israel Aerospace Industries with 6% (600 Crore) as business charges. God only knows what is this business charges and who all in UPA got the share of this business charges. Especially when most of the items of the missile are being manufactured and assembled in India in a joint venture, the question arises, why 6% (600 Crore) business charges? 2009
CAG slams Congress government and Navy for the Gorkshkov deal. By clinching the deal to buy the second hand Aircraft carrier which is almost done its half life, the government has “negotiated and agreed” to pay a huge amount of US$ 2.9 billion in 2009, even though it was originally agreed to buy it for US$ 800 million. CAG also questioned the requirement to buy a second hand used Aircraft carrier ship at a higher cost than that of a new Aircraft carrier ship. During the negotiation by the government for 4 years, the cost has gone up by Rs 7,207 Crore. What a wonderful congress negotiation. 2009
90 million cash for vote scam by congress to save government: BJP party members were offered 90 million for abstaining the trust vote in parliament and given 10 million in advance. Three MP’s brought the money they got into the parliament and had accused Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary Ahmad Patel of offering them bribes to abstain. 2008
Parliament attack culprit Afzal Guru leading his luxury life in Indian Jails, inspite of Supreme courts order to hang him long back. Playing the dirty vote bank politics, congress is feeding the terrorists organization in this country. 2006
Oil for food scam : As per the Pathak report tabled in parliament on August 2006, on Iraqi Oil for food scam, congress external affairs minister Natwar Singh had sent a letter asking Iraqi Oil Minister to give “full assistance and cooperation to Andaleeb Sehgal”, allowing his company Hamdaan Exports Ltd to get a commission of 193000 dollars in illegal contracts.

The circle becomes complete when Natwar Singh’s son Jagat Singh tied nuptial knot on 07/07/07  with Somaya, sister of Andaleeb Sehgal.

Andaleeb Sehgal is named in the UN’s Paul Volcker report and is accused of paying kickbacks to the tune of $7,50,000 to the Saddam Hussein regime through his company Hamdan Exports on behalf of Natwar Singh and the Congress party. He is accused of having deposited the money in the Jordan National Bank, which was accessed by Saddam. One of congress’s International level corruption.

Congress Beuro of Investigation (CBI). Here is  interesting statistic from NHRC on fake encounter cases disposed during 2004-2005. Gujarat had just 1 fake encounter case while congress ruled AP had 5, SP ruled UP had 54, congress ruled Haryana had 4. While Gujarat only 5 encounter cases pending, Congress ruled AP had 21, Congress ruled Maharashtra had 29, SP ruled UP had 175, the National Capital Delhi had 18 despite Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh at the helm and Congress ruled Uttaranchal had 14. Why are we not talking about other states? 2005
Telecom scam by Congress’s telecom minister Sukhram of the turn of 3-4Crores, CBI even recovered 1 Crore + from his house. Because of his acts, the PSU ITI is in the verge of closure. 1996
Urea scam.  PV Prabhakar Rao, son of PV Narasimha Rao of congress was arrested for siphoning off 133 Crore rupees which was meant to import Urea for the ailing farmers. Not even 1KG of ureas was imported with this money, but the money is swallowed by the greedy congress. 1996
Sister Abhaya murder case: Sister Abhaya found murdered in Payas Tenth Convent on 27th March 1992. Mr. Varghese P Thomas DSP of CBI had to quit from CBI, as his conscience was not allowing to continue with Abhaya Murder case, he also mentioned that political pressure from congress’s PV Narasimha Rao’s office as one of the reason for him to quit. Because of pressures from Media and Action councils, CBI had to finally change their stand from Suicide theory to murder angle and Sister Sephy and Father Jose Poothrikkayil were arrested after long 17 years of various CBI and local police enquiries.  Illicit affairs in the Convent between fathers and sisters of convent and Abhaya’s knowledge on this is accused to be the reason for her murder. CBI misused by congress, and crores of tax payers money spend by delaying and diverting the probe. 1993
JMM Cash for vote scam. It is accused that 5Million each paid for 4 JMM MP’s by congress to save the congress  government at Centre upon the “No confidence Motion” put on vote on July 1993. With the total Lok Sabha strength of 528, and congress having just 251 MP’s finally managed to defeat the motion by 265 votes against and 251 voting in favour of the no confidence motion. There were various en-queries and debates, but all the top leaders of congress like PV Narasimha Rao, Bhuta Singh, managed to escape in the absense of evidence. But earlier income tax department had attached the properties worth 20 Million belonging to four JMM leaders. Smoke without fire? 1993
India’s failed foreign policy – involvement in Sri Lanka and LTTE: While Kashmir issues and boarder issues with China still unresolved, Rajeev Gandhi sent Indian Army to help Sri Lankan Army to suppress the pro-tamil LTTE activities in Sri Lanka. Result, IPKF did not succeed in the intended goal and suffered casualties of 1255 Indian Soldiers and many more injured and also killed around 7000 pro tamil LTTE cadres. Of late Sri Lanka had resolved the LTTE issue, but when can we see India resolving Kashmir, North East issues? 1987
Anti Sikh Riot killing between 10000-17000 Sikhs in this country. Congress’s leader Sajjan Kumar and fellow congress leaders lead the riot. Rajeev Gandhi commented ” When a big tree falls earth around it will shake” referring the killings of thousands of Sikhs. What a cruel comment. 1984
Bhopal Gas tragedy: More than 5 Lakh people affected with 8000+ immediate death. Congress helped to escape the Chief of Union Carbide to escape in special escorted flight to US. 1984
Bofors scandal. Rs. 400 Million corruption. Congress government helped the Ottavio Quatrochi, the middleman of this scandal to escape and also released all his frozen bank accounts. Quatrochi is a close associate of Rajeev Gandhi family. 1980
Emergency declared by congress’s Indira Gandhi from 25 June 1975 – 21 March 1977 for 21 months.  Reason: Raj Narain, who had been defeated in parliamentary election by Indira Gandhi, lodged cases of election fraud and use of state machinery for election purposes against Mrs. Indira Gandhi in the Allahabad High Court. On 12 June 1975, Justice Jagmohanlal Sinha of the Allahabad High Court found the Prime Minister guilty on the charge of misuse of government machinery for her election campaign. The court declared her election null and void and unseated her from her seat in the Lok Sabha. The court also banned her from contesting any election for an additional six years. To divert the massive country wide satyagrahas lead by JP Narayan, Indira Gandhi declared state of emergency in India. What a shame.  1975
Nehru’s betrayal of Tibet to please china and gain glory for himself. Inspite of letters from Sardar Patel stating ” Even though we regard ourselves as friends

of China, the Chinese do not regard us as friends.” He wrote a famous

letter in which he expressed deep concern over developments in Tibet,

raising several important points. In particular, he noted that a free

and friendly Tibet was vital for India’s security, and everything

including military measures should be considered to ensure it. On

November 9, 1950, two days after he wrote the letter to Nehru, he

announced in Delhi: “In Kali Yuga, we shall return ahimsa for ahimsa.

If anybody resorts to force against us, we shall meet it with force.”

But Nehru ignored Patel’s letter and Tibet is still a burning issue hurting India resulting in Dalai Lama in exile.
Nehru’s failure to settle boarder issues with China . 10000 sq. km of land was offered to China in a platter by Nehru (the entire eastern Ladakh -Aksai Chin) . There were many occasions for Nehru to solve the issue. Many life’s of our soldiers would have been saved if Nehru had acted then and there. The boarder issue still haunting is even after 60 years of Independence. 1950
Nehru’s blunder in referring Kashmir to UNO and agreeing the present ceasfire line or LOC. Though India was in a position to gain the lost Indian terrain and Patel was ready to lead the fightback, Nehru did a major blunder in referring the issue to UN, allowing Britain to do things as they wish. Patel was sidetracked and hence he offered his resignation on December 23, 1947. The Kashmir issue would have been settled then and there. 1947

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