Indian Muslims are violating Shariat every day!

published on August 29, 2006

P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice. (Email: [email protected])


Zafaryab Jilani, a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), is reported to have said in Lucknow,  “Reciting Vande Mataram is against the tenets of the Shariat (Islamic law). There are some lines in Vande Mataram which go against our religion.”

Whether it is Saraswati Vandana earlier or Vande Mataram now or even Jana Gana Mana, fanatic Muslims make a lot of hue and cry about violation of Shariat. Therefore, I wish to point out some of the un-Islamic acts every Muslim in
India does, almost every day. Since these acts are against the tenets of the Shariat, will he advise all Muslims to leave India, the Darul Harab, and settle in one of the Darul Islams like Pakistan or Bangladesh? Even then, they will have to violate some of the tenets of Shariat for their bare survival.

1. Living in a country where the majority are all Kafirs is against the tenets of the Shariat. Either you have to convert them to Islam or declare jihad on them. While some of the true followers of Shariat are already on the job, what would the enlightened and peace-loving Muslims  like to do?.


2. Haj pilgrimage has to be undertaken spending the hard-earned money of a Muslim. Then how do they accept the Haj subsidy which is offered by the Indian Government? There are nearly 57 Muslim countries and none of them, truly sticking to the tenets of Shariat, offer subsidy to Haj. It is only the Indian government, run mostly by non-Muslims, i.e. Kafirs, that offer Haj subsidy out of the tax money collected from Hindus (Kafirs), which Muslims are enjoying without any compunction. Is accepting Haj subsidy not against the tenets of the Shariat?


3. Every Muslim in India is eating rice and wheat which is produced by Hindu farmers. A Hindu farmer performs Bhoomi Pooja before ploughing his field. He performs pooja of his Plough/tractor and all other implements. He performs pooja of his Bullocks. Once the harvest is made, he is first offering the produce to the Sun God. Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Pedda Panduga in Andhra Pradesh, Onam in Kerala, Lohri and Baishaki in Punjab, Bhogali Bihu in Assam/WB, Til Good in Maharashtra, etc. and Makar Shankaranti all over India are all festivals connoting the harvest of grains/rice/wheat being offered to Sun God. After all these poojas and celebrations, the grain is released in the market. So the rice/wheat we buy from a shop is in a way the Prasad offered to Hindu Gods and Goddesses.  All Indians, including Muslims, buy them. Is eating the Prasad not against the tenets of the Shariat?


4. Islam is against acting, singing, dancing, painting and photography. It is totally against entertainment. So, according to Shariat, our Khans in the film industry  are doing an un-Islamic act. MF Hussain, who derives vicarious pleasure in painting Hindu gods in nude, is doing an un-Islamic act and should be unequivocally told that he has to give up either painting or Islam. He cannot eat the ladoo and have it too. Since all these Khans and Hussains are acting against the tenets of Shariat, will the Maulvis issue a Fatwa against all of them?


5. Islam is against democracy and voting. All Muslims who cast their votes  are violating Quran. Since Islam does not believe in nationalism, democracy and man-made laws, electing Law Makers is un-Islamic. When Muslims are supposed to obey only Shariat laws, how can they vote for electing Law Makers? Is it not contradictory? When Shariat is supreme, what is the purpose of electing MPs and MLAs who will make laws – a man-made one at that – which Muslims are not supposed to obey. Is voting, and for that matter standing for election, not against the tenets of the Shariat?


6. Any Muslim who considers himself an ‘intellectual’ is insulting Quran. Only a free thinker can be an intellectual. A Muslim is prohibited from thinking freely. Prophet Mohammed has thought of everything and has reduced them to writing in Quran. Any Muslim having any doubt about anything has to just look into the Quran for a solution. He has no right to think. The moment he thinks freely, he is violating Quran and insulting Prophet Mohammed. So, is not the word “intellectual Muslim” against the tenets of the Shariat?


7. Islam does not support modern science and development. Quran was revealed nearly 1400 years ago. Muslims claim it to be a complete and perfect code for living, suitable for all occasions and times, and therefore are against any change or reform in it. All the scientific developments, such as computers, mobile phones, information technology, internet, etc. were of recent developments. Since all these could not have been mentioned in Quran revealed nearly 1400 years ago, Muslims should not take advantage of these modern business tools. In fact, in some parts of India, Maulvis have issued Fatwa against viewing Television. Even in Mumbai in some buildings occupied solely by Muslims, there is no TV cable connection. Therefore, the question is: Is the use of modern communication technologies by Muslims not against the tenets of the Shariat?


8. According to Quran, Idol worship is a curse. But what is surprising is that Mullahs and Maulvis with beard and skull cap are saying this. The very fact that they are growing beard and wearing skull cap is proof enough of Idol worship. After all, what is idol. You visualise something in your mind and then give a shape to it. Mullahs and Maulvis visualise Prophet Mohammed in a particular fashion and give a shape to his appearance, by growing beard and wearing skull cap. It is nothing but Murthy pooja.  Are the beard and skull cap, tantamounting to idol worship, not against the tenets of the Shariat?


9. There are many famous Dargarhs in India. Will Mr. Jilani explain what is the sanctity of Dargarh in Quran and Hadith? A worship in a Dargarh is against Islam, although crores of Muslims and Hindus frequent all major Dargarhs in India. Islamic countries do not have Dargarhs. Is worshipping at a Dargarh by a Muslim not against the tenets of the Shariat?


10. Above all, what is Namaaz? Is it not practising Yoga – an ascetic Hindu practice? Moulvis have declared fatwa against Yoga, but they practise it 5 times a day!


In support of each violation of Shariat by Muslims as mentioned above, I can quote many verses from the Quran and Hadith. The point I want to make is that one cannot exist in the 21st century and still claim 100 per cent adherence to Quran and Hadith. Those who claim so are charlatans.

Thus, all Indian Muslims are practically Hindus, since they are peace-loving, Prasad-eating, acting, singing, painting, movie-going, voting, idol-worshipping and TV-viewing, as also are using computers, mobile phones, internet, etc.- all un-Islamic acts. Those who proclaim themselves to be Muslims should be told that either unwittingly or out of sheer necessity they have become Hindus.


Therefore, every Hindu should tell his Muslim brethren that since he is already  acting against the tenets of the Shariat (otherwise, he cannot survive in the 21st century), one more act of violating the Shariat (i.e. singing Vande Mataram) is not going to make much of a difference for them. On the contrary, it will lead to communal harmony and strengthen national integration.


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