Indian Election: Setting Things Straight

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on June 25, 2009

The major political problem in India is that there is a disconnection between the politicians and the nation’s real problems. The real debate about where India should be headed never takes place during election time. The real issue facing the nation including coercive religious conversion, price rise, subversive activities funded, managed and directed by foreign intelligence agencies and their Indian cronies, Jihadi terrorism, need for common civil laws, murder mayhem of terrorist groups like Kashmir Jihadis, Naga Christian Revolutionaries, Peoples War Group, Maoists and Naxalites, looting of public funds, corruption, political nepotism, dynasty rule, infiltration of Bangladesh Muslims into India, etc are never discussed nationally. The anti national politicians try to steer the election away from national issues and focus instead of appeasing Muslims, Christians and power groups. They work hard to provide more pork to organized Muslims and Christians. Political leaders have become so good at dragging more goodies for Muslims, Christians and caste based organizations.
Instead of electing Nationalists with a mission and vision, the voters elect ant-national political thugs based on their caste identification. Bogus secular leaders are also busy persuading gullible Hindus to endorse politicians from Islamic and Christian evangelist groups. These phony, utopian bogus secularists smirk smugly when reminded on national issues. They refuse to confront real issues and are comfortable with the points of views of Jihadis and missionaries, subversive social misfits and anti national regional groups. Such dangerous alliance is having devastating results for the country. Elected officials are expected to debate national and pertinent issues at Parliament. Instead they are eager to enjoy their perks and shout meaningless slogans. More than 40 percent of the Indian Parliament members have criminal background. They have done their best to impede the actions of every parliament leader with a nationalist agenda. Most of the elected members have ignored the majority will of the Hindus on countless occasions and dismiss the fact that India is secular because the majority is Hindus.
India is the only country in the world with special privileges for Muslims and Christians. India is the only country with no common civil laws. Muslims can practice polygamy, run their own institutions with government subsidy, and get tax payer funding to go to Hajj where they can practice beheading of animals in the name of their desert deity Allah. Hindu temple funds are looted and managed by atheists and anti Hindus.
Solidarity with the Muslim League and the Christian Congress is an abiding feature of the Congress Party. But the roots of Islam and Christianity have hardly been very hostile to Hindus and India. The religious dogmas from the desert are not a reliable source for special privileges, status and favoritism. Muslims and Christians have invaded our country, looted our wealth, and colonized us for centuries. They have waged brutal wars against India and Hindus in the past and also been the primary perpetuators of violent anti Hindu agitation throughout India and around the world. Christians still regard the conversion of Hindus as an important evangelical objective. 
The political affinity, favoritism, appeasement, extra privileges, and constitutional rights afforded to Muslims and Christians is unwarranted and unjustified. It will undermine our cultural integrity, cohesiveness, ethical values, and tear apart our social fabric and reduce our safety and security.
The parliament members have insulated themselves from the majority Hindus. Because the politicians and parliament members have gotten away with so much for so long, many of them must believe that unorganized Hindus are stupid. But it is not entirely the fault of Hindus. The Indian media is controlled, managed and directed by foreign agents, Muslims, missionaries and vested interest groups. The media has covered up Politician’s crimes, follies and sins for a long time. The TV and print journalists are busy serving India’s enemies and they live off the goodies and chicken soups handed out to them by anti Hindu elements.

They love praising Jihadi terrorists, Maoists, Naxalites, subversive groups and promote social crisis created by these subversive groups as social reconstruction. Political corruption, Jihadi terrorism, coercive religious conversion, Hindu Temple looting and special quota for Muslims and Christians go unreported in the media.

The general public is brainwashed, indoctrinated, and misdirected by the government, media and bogus secular elites. Hindus are subliminally seduced and too willing to accept all of the propaganda that is showered on them by the media and selfish politicians. They seldom think for the country, or join together for the rights and welfare the majority Hindus. By blindly accepting policies and programs enacted by political parties to appease Muslims, Christians and subversive groups, the gullible majority also becomes part of the problem and not the solution. They blindly accept all they are spoon-fed by the anti national media and the corrupt political parties.


There is a sense of urgency; it is because the past few years are offering a glimpse of what a savage future awaits for Hindus and India. India needs a new vision based on the systematic, eclectic, all inclusive and affirmative Hindutva.

Hindus must demand a more open and candid discussion on issues affecting our existence as a nation. Hindus need to be more active and critical of political parties, their leaders, goals and objectives and should take a hard-nosed approach to dealing with political parties. It is in the best national interest to do so.

Hindus must also use positive violence and display a tough minded approach to dealing with those pro Muslim-Christian political groups and the media. It is time for the majority Hindus to unite and get rid of their unreasonable guilt, apathy, indifference and pacifism. Hindus should join together and actively participate to weaken the corrupt politicians. They should develop strategies to reduce and remove avenues of Muslim, Christian and phony secular influence. Hindus should also try to counter journalists serving their slave masters and their influence over elected officials and the policy making process, thereby shifting to a more pro Hindu position.

The obvious way to reduce or eliminate those anti national politicians is active Hindu political participation. If not now, when?

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